Amelia by behindabigrock


This is a scene from the story that I’ve been working on. I wanted to write out this one first because of the sex involve and the main character reaction to it all. Hope you enjoy it 😀

A wooden crate shattered when Amelia fell hard on it. The two daggers, one made of red translucent metal and the other of purest white, in her hands slipped free and disappeared into black shadow of the dark alley. Noise echoed through the narrow walkway as broken planks flew in all directions and bounced off the walls and cobblestone. She rolled reflexively back into a crouch and planted one hand on cold stone floor for support. The wetness of the stone, hair and back made her want to pull her hand back. It could just be the dew from chill night air but, judging from the stench of waste and decay surrounding her, she was pretty certain it was piss. Pain reverberated through her back and abdominal. She glared at her assailant, trying her best to hide the pain. Amelia cursed herself for stupidly taking a direct punch in the stomach. The attack was slow and easy to evade. Amelia saw it coming and would normal be able to came up with a dozen ways to counter it before the fist even came her way. The attacker would lay face down in piss without a chance to react but tonight was not her normal night. Ever since Dremot ‘corrupted’ her, a lustful yearning had plagued her mind. A lingering need that clouded her thoughts. it grew stronger each day and the only way, she knew, to sate her need was ‘male seed’. The murky white secretion, pungent and bitter. The demonic leader of terrorbornes sure picked an excellent condition for his ‘corruption’. It had been over a week since she tasted the grotesque fluid and her body screamed with intense craving. Moments of sexual pleasure from her past would bubble up to remind her of the pleasant sensations of cocks. That was how her mind persuaded her to sate her body of its need. Fighting back was out of the question when her own mind kept reminding her how good a penis felt inside her. Furrow on her brows deepened as a massive figure came into the alley, blocking the only shaft of light from the street. She hated this damn town.

Nevadae was a town Amelia never want to visit if she did not absolutely have to. This over populated town housed the largest black market in all of human land, Anthros. Lost treasure, drugs, poison of all kinds, illegal seals, stolen goods and even terrorborne could be bought here. Shady business attracted shady people so it was no surprise that the streets were filled with unpleasant sorts. Prostitutes and brothels lined dark corners of the town as Nevadae visitors tended to have heavy purses and usually in need of someone to keep them warm at night. Nevadae used to be a small village, located far south from the capital of Rondel. The small community was slaughtered terrorborne and the houses were abandoned. Smugglers and thieves used the vacant location to make business dealing soon after. Then a treasure smuggler named Salbeth Almund saw an opportunity. Since this village was only a day detour when travelling from east to west across Anthros, he could smuggle goods everywhere without the need to pass through the capital where there were strict checkpoints. Through this abandoned village, he merely had to bribe inspecting officers instead of spending weeks and a lot more gold to carry out a successful operation. The village grew bigger over time as muscles under his command, criminals who tried to escape arrest and even people who wanted to start a new life moved in. Salbeth seized control of the blooming town with thugs and assassins. He changed its name to Nevadae and demanded a cut from all illegal dealings within his playground. This crowded mess of a town expanded with no plan or layout design. Buildings would line up in jagged rolls along the streets with uneven gaps between them. Amelia walked into one of these gaps, thinking it was a street, only to find the back of another build at the end. Shops, taverns and brothels were erected without proper zoning. Resulting in a tavern standing next to a blacksmith or brothel next to seal carver. The unavailability of road signs only made matter worse. Finding a particular place in this town as like trudging through a maze. Salbeth employed the service of hunter occasionally when his muscles failed to take care of terrorborne threat and Amelia was unfortunate enough to take the job a few years ago. The young hunter spent over two hours on the street just to locate the tavern that the hunter’s guild had prepared her lodging. On top of all these mess, Nevadae was a graveyard of garbage. Sanitation was a myth here. People opted to pile their waste and trash at the end of alleys and left it there to rot. Reek of fault odor blanketed the town like never fading fog. The young hunter could never get use to the stench even after staying there for a week on her previous mission.

Amelia stumbled onto a whore sucking off a man in an narrow alley. She should have left them but lustful desire coaxed her to hide in shadow of crates and watch. The distasteful bitterness with a hint of salt rose to her tongue. The gooey texture that made her skin crawl. Then nauseating pungent odor filled her senses. Wetness began to seep between her legs and she swallowed the overflowing drool. The man stood with his back against the wall with his pants pooled around his ankles and his fat cock stood erected. The woman knelt before him with the top of her dress dangled around her waist, heavy breasts exposed in dim light. With one hand on his shaft, she kissed at the mushroom head of his throbbing cock. Precum strung on her red lips when she pulled back to lick oozing gland. She swallowed the droplet of clear fluid with a savoring smile and Amelia swallowed with her. She could taste the bitter salt in her mind. The woman proceeded to devour the succulent head and probably did something with her tongue because the man stiffened and moaned hungrily. Then inch by inch, she took in the thick shaft that seemed too large and long for her mouth in until her face planted in his crotch. She did not struggle, merely slid gracefully forward. Amelia swallowed again as she wondered how it felt to have a cock pushed down her throat. Her tongue lashed out to lick his testicles before the man combed his fingers through her black hair as he groaned with satisfaction. She began to bob her head slowly coaxing another stiffening and louder moans. Glee sparkled in her eyes as she started into his shuddering gaze. The woman took his hand from her head to her swaying breast and, without a word, the man started to knead her large mound which spilled between his fingers. She purred in her throat before quickening her pace. The man grunted then pulled against the opposite wall for support with his free hand. Amelia could hear delicious slurps echoing in the tight space and licked her lips in a daze. The woman had made a penis, of all things, look tasty. The young hunter could not deny the urge to have a taste herself. She swallowed again feeling her body burned with growing desire. In the fog of lust, her legs took a meandering step toward the pair without her consent and she let it. A loud groan startled her back to senses before second step came and she saw the woman gobbled down something with the entire cock in her mouth. Streaks of white fluid gushed out of her nose and corners of her lips but she continued to drink. Her eyes smiled with enjoyment. Once the man ceased to quiver, she released his now limped cock and stood up. The woman wiped cum off her face with the sleeve of her dress then took coins from his shaking hand. Amelia slipped back into the shadow just before the woman brush passed her out of the alley as if she just finished a little chat with a friend and now decided to head home. Her gaze darted back to the man after the woman disappeared into the crowd. His softened cock still wet with drool and cum when he fumbled to put it back in his pants with unsteady hands. The young hunter ducked back behind the crates as the man shuffled her way and left. She chastised herself thoroughly for nearly losing to desire before leaving the treacherous alley.

Men stole glances at her as she passed. Amelia was an attractive woman. Her bright red hair drew gazes every time entered taverns or any public places. She had not met anyone with the same color hair. Red yes but none as bright and shiny as hers. Being a hunter also had its benefit, she needed to train everyday and that gave her well-toned physique. Agility was her strength so she chose to wear snug fit clothing which, in turn, emphasized her dainty breasts, curvy waist and round butt. The only reason men did not approach her was the two daggers strapped to the small of her back. Mementos of her late mother. One of the strongest hunter and the only person she knew who could use magic without a seal. Her mother was the reason Amelia became efficient with daggers and wind magic. She wanted to become the best hunter and made her mother proud. Sadly, her mother would never see that day. She sacrificed her life to drive back Dremot’s army in a world two years ago. Her father gave her these precious blades after hers were lost in her own failed attempt to stop the Dremot’s army as the terrorborne prepared to invade Anthros again. One of the blades were made with a strange translucent metal and almost looked like glass. The other purest of white which glowed with brilliant aura. They were her invaluable treasure. She would kill anything thing or anyone who tried to take them from her. Now, the young hunter was thankful that they acted as ward against men approaching her. Leather breastplate, boots and bracers could have play a part too but she was pretty certain the daggers were the cause. People who were afraid to get cut would not play with knives. Under normal circumstances, she would not mind some that took their chances and approach her. Amelia enjoyed socializing and a chance was the least she could offer them. However, most of those were overconfident men who thought they could overpower her or attract her with their masculinity and achievements. They were beaten bloody or rejected then beaten bloody after they tried to force their way. A hand full made good impression and those were the ones she chose to spend time with. It could just be long conversation about life and, occasionally, escalated into intense mind blowing sex. At this moment, she did not have time or energy to socialize and weaved through the mass of people with unfriendly scowl on her face. Focusing was already an exhausting task with all the lust and yearning storming her conscience, the last thing she need was a man trying to get in her pants.

The air grew warmer and more humid during summer nights in the south. Smell of sweat and musk made it thick and heavy. Every breath was like potent acid that corrode her resolve. Her gaze darted to men crotches as she moved against the flow of people. She fought to keep her eyes forward but they would flick down once men came into her view. Amelia would curse after catching herself then started the fight all over again. The man she had to meet was an information dealer. One of the most credible. Any information could be available but for a price. Once she learned about Braghom whereabout, then maybe she could let the lust free. Lust was not a foreign desire to her. Amelia lost herself in lust before and enjoyed it more that she dare to admit. Sex was not her problem. It was the choice. She chose who and when it happen. Dignity separated her from animal in heat and she intended to keep it that way. Her mission took priority. However, the determination only lasted a short distance down the street. That was where the brute of a man attacked her. Amelia was able to block his first club strike to her head with her daggers but it blew her guard open and the follow up fist connected with her stomach before sending her flying.

“Yer like that!” Raspy voice rumbled as the assailant strolled toward her with swagger. A wooden club in one hand and a tight fist in the other. His massive frame darken in shadow, backlit by street lights. An escape route was wide open behind her. The other end of the alley led out to another street. The men were large and rather fat. They would never catch her if she ran. If she could run. The reason she had not stand up was because her legs were trembling. The need had zapped her strength and being in close proximity of these men had escalated it to the point where begging them to fuck her crossed her mind. The brute of a man stood over her before his thick lips stretched out into a grin. Even poorly illuminated, Amelia could see a hollow space between rolls of his deep yellow teeth. “Not so brave now, aren’t ya?”

“Y-you’re breath stinks…” Was all she could manage before his musk brought an onslaught of desire. The lust had grew so intense that even male scent made her salivate. Amelia fought down a shudder before adding “get a—” The man slapped her across the face before she could finish. Her small body carried off the ground by the tremendous force and crashed into the wall before crumpling on hard stone. The world spun around her as she groaned with burning pain on her cheek. Consciousness fading.

The man reached for her slender neck and squeezed before pulling her up to face him again. “Don’t yer dare mock me, bitch!” He growled through gritted teeth, bits of saliva spattered on her face but she was not coherent enough to notice.

Amelia came awake an uncomfortable weight on top of her. Hot and humid, she felt her body slick with sweat. Her eyes fluttered and flickering yellow balls faded into her blurry vision. The world spun when she tried to focus and she closed her eyes again. Large hand cupped her chin then roughly shook her head. The young hunter groaned in frustration and tried to push the hand away, only to realize that her wrists were bound together behind her back. Panic set in and she forced herself awake. A massive figure loomed over her when she managed to see clearly again. Beads of sweat rolled off his brown bald head as it glittered in candle light. Black bushy brows casted shadows over his dark eyes adding animosity to his hungry gaze. His large pig-liked nose bent unnaturally. Most likely from being set properly after it was broken. A smile tugged at the corners of his thick chapped lips when he saw fear in her expression. Two crooked rolls of yellow teeth, with a hole in the top roll, revealed themselves to her as the smile turned into a broad grin. A shiver ran through her when his name bubbled to the surface. Dex. He was one of Salbeth’s thugs. This detestable being was the one who handled her payment. He tried to re-negotiate the mission after she had taken care of the terrorborne threat. Aside from purging monsters, the new mission would include having sex with him for the same amount of payment. Amelia voiced her disgust and firmly refused. The thug became violent as she expected so she had to forcefully refuse him again. The missing tooth and the broken nose could have been her doing but she could not be sure since he was face down on his office’s floor when she left with her payment.

“Wake up.” Dex muttered. His callus fingers dug into her flush cheeks, making her wince in pain. He leaned in. Hot breath blew over her face and she shuddered his musky odor filled her mind. Lustful yearning exploded and her head swam in whirlpool of desire. “Imma fuck yer up real good.” He whispered in her ear, making her convulsed with uncontrollable quiver.

Amelia bit her lower lip to stop herself from begging. The vulgar words sounded like sweet melody to her ears. Wetness oozed between her legs as thoughts of being penetrated filled her mind. The need, the lust, the desire overwhelmed her. She swallowed, trying to suppress a force beyond her control. There was no winning insight, only how long she could keep from losing.

His hand released her jaw and slid down her neck to her bare chest. Chills prickled her skin when she realized that she could feel humid air on every inch of her body. Panic gaze darted down to where his hairy hand cupped her pert breast. Pink tip of a mound not quite full enough to fill his grip erected between thick fingers. Light tan of her skin contrasted with his sun-burned hand as it kneaded on her soft flesh. Pleasure coursed through her as he rolled her hard nipple and she tried to kick but his massive body laid on top of her, forcing her legs to spread. Wet tongue licked on her other nipple, causing the skin behind her neck to prickle with goosebumps. Loud slurps filled the room as endless storm of pleasure wrecked her. Resolve crumbled. Mind in disarray. Amelia was on the verge of giving in to lust when he stopped and pushed away. She blinked and stared at the man before her through watery eyes.

Dex smirked. Lustful hunger in his dark eyes. An opening to escape had appeared. The thug took his heavy body off her and just knelt between her legs, with an overconfident smile on his ugly face. Amelia could pull her feet back and launch a forceful kick up his chin. He could pass out from that attack or at least give her a chance to get into a less defenseless position. She knew what would happen if she did not react and yet she wavered. The tingles on her aching nipple reminded of the sweet taste of pleasure. Her body screamed to be released from this dreadful craving. She felt it. Heat radiating from a stiff cock only inches away from her drenched pussy. Amelia swallowed before dropping her gaze past his fat belly to find the thing that could set her free. It was enormous, like an oversized black snake but covered in pulsing veins instead of scales. It bobbed its drooling head with every heavy breath he took. She swallowed again then panted. The hot bulbous tip pressed against her slick entrance and she gasped. Amelia was about to let a grotesque man fucked her. A man that could be mistaken for a terrorborne if they were standing side by side. She looked away, unable to accept her defeat.

“Why, aren’t yer just a little whore.” Dex chuckled as he rubbed the massive tip of his cock against her fold, making it slick with overflowing juice. “Acting all high and mighty but just dripping like a bitch in heat waitin to be fuck. Don’t worry Imma make a whore outa ya.” He smirked as he reached a hand to grab her trembling shoulder.

It came in one powerful thrust. There was not going to be gentleness from the beginning. The hand on her shoulder kept her in place when he drove every inch of his oversized snake inside her. Amelia gasped loudly as he eyes darted wide. His massive cock filled her to the brim and she felt her inside stretch out to accommodate his girth. Dex pulled back, exposing the entirety of his slick shaft, just to ram back in again. Loud moan escaped her lips as the bulbous head drove through her cervix and invaded her womb. Every muscle in her body convulsed and pleasure overwhelmed her. He impaled her again and again without restrain, each enunciated with brutish grunt. Amelia screamed in ecstasy when an intense climax shook her, merely seconds after the first thrust.

“Look at that.” Dex hummed, slowing to a stop with his serpent fully buried in her. “Yer just a whore acting like hunter. Did yer let terrorborne fuck ya to kill them?” He laughed at his own joke before reaching for a handful of her red hair and pulled her to face him. Amelia could barely focus as the orgasm robbed of any coherent thoughts. “Imma fuck yer real good then Imma sell yer to one of those whorehouse. That’s where yer belong.”

He pressed his chapped lips against hers and shove his thick tongue in her mouth. Stench of his breath filled her mind. Amelia struggled to pull away from the nauseating scent but his grip held her in place. The thug dropped her seconds later and began thrusting his hips again. Amelia watched her belly swelled each time he hilted her as another climax welled up. The second came as intense as the first and she cried shamelessly when mind numbing pleasure took her. Dex did not stop this time. He kept fucking her harder and harder.

“Oh yes!” He moaned. “F–fuck!” Squirt of hot cum shot into her womb as Dex roared with satisfaction. His body jerked repeated with each slow thrust. He grunted and groaned softly before drawing his limp cock out of her and sat back on his butt. “Yer got tight cunt for a whore.”

Amelia could barely hear anything with two climax wrecking her. Strength left her as she laid spasming on the floor, covered in sweat. A minute or ten past before her body would calm down and she could resume normal breathing again. The warmth remained in her stomach as it bulged slightly to hold the heavy load. The craving seemed to have subside and she could think a little more clearly now. Amelia glanced at Dex who still sat panting on the floor and quickly survey her surrounding for escape route. The room had one entrance and exit with no door. A stair led upward confirmed that this was an underground cellar. Oil lamps hung from hooks on the walls. Probably the reason why it felt very hot and humid in here. She located a pile of clothing in one of the far corners and began to formulate a plan to escape.

“You done it already!” A deep voice called out with a hint of annoyance in his tone. A white man came down the steps, unbuttoning his shirt in the process. Large and fat with the emphasis on fat. Thinning grey hair on his head and full beard. Thick curls matted his chest and ran a trail down to the underside of his round belly. A stiffening cock slowly rose to stare back at her from the shadow between his thighs. “Guess it’s my turn then.” The man turned to her and grinned ravenously.

Amelia tried to push away with her feet but they were still trembling from the orgasms and refused to obey her. She pulled at the restrain on her wrists, hoping that it would come free. It did not. Dex did a damn fine job of tying her up. Pudgy fingers grabbed her ankle and yanked her toward him. He dropped his soft belly on her stomach and pinned her to the floor. Her petite frame seemed to disappear into his blob-liked body. It was damp, hot and stinky. The slimy man licked her neck then nibbled on her earlobe. She groaned with disgust as shiver rushed up the back of her neck. His hot pants filled her ear and goosebumps prickled her skin. Amelia kicked and flailed in agony, trying vainly to escape. Worst of all, a tinge of arouse began to bloom from the man’s continuous lick and nibble. Wetness mixed with semen oozed between her thighs as her groans turned into soft pants. She would succumb to lust again if this kept up. Soft round head found her pussy and she froze. Her heart raced and flashes of her previous orgasm ran through her mind. Mind-numbingly satisfying. Amelia grimaced at the unexpected yearning. Then he drove in without warning. His hips bucked then pulled back then bucked again and again, leaving her no time to prepare.

“Nnnn…Ahhhh!” Pleasure gushed through her and she could not contain her moans that grew into squeals.

“Fuck her good, Royce. A real whore that one. Stick a cock in her and she scream like a bitch.” Dex chuckled before getting back on his feet. “How ’bout I stick another one in her and see how she like it.” He kicked Royce who was busy pumping his hips back and forth on the floor. “Get her up, you idiot. Imma fuck her ass.”

Amelia thought she heard it wrong as Royce pushed his knees under and lifted her small body off the floor. No one had ever violated her there before. She heard that whores did it if they got pay extra but she was not a whore. Her mind spun and the thought faded in and out between each jolt of pleasure. The pale fat blob of a man laid on his back after arranging her in a straddle position. He grabbed her arms then pulled her into his chest. How would it feel there? Another thought occur, melding into the whirlpool of pleasure. It could be good since people do it. Then she felt a finger pressed against the pucker of her butt. It was slick with cum and the thick finger slipped in easily. Amelia gasped with wide eyes as the new sensation rocked her. Teeth clenched reflexively as the finger pushed deeper and deeper. She planted her face into the forest of hair and panted. The finger drew back slowly as if to let her savor every second of it then another finger was added. The young hunter groaned, hair standing on ends. The sensation was foreign yet familiar. Another long withdrawal came and her body convulsed with what she could only de as pleasure. She found herself focused on the fingers pushing back in and began to moan.

“Nnnn…Ohhh…” The young hunter squirmed helplessly on top of the slippery glob-liked belly.

“She likes it in the ass too? Isn’t it her first time?” Royce chuckled before shoving his hips, coaxing a yelp of surprise from her.

“Who knows. Bitch is a whore I tell ya. What kind of woman get rape and like it? This one belong in a whorehouse.” Dex said and he let his fingers slipped out of her. Amelia sighed as her body relax after the wave of pleasure past. “Don’t worry. Imma rough up yer ass ’til yer can’t walk right.” He held the bind on her wrist with one hand and guided his erection to her loosened anus.

Her heart pounded while fear, disgust and excitement ran through her like raging river. She was about to be degraded to a whore, a horny bitch and powerless to stop it. Would she want him to stop? How would it feel to be fuck in both holes at once? Would even a whore allow it? Countless questions popped into her head in fraction of a second, just before it came. The massive head pushed pass the tight entrance, slow as a snail’s pace. Amelia gritted her teeth and groaned. Amelia could feel the rumbling of chuckles through his hard cock. The man clearly wanted to torture her. He knew it was her first time and he intended to savor it. Her toes curled and her fingers fisted behind her as the enormous serpent crawled its way into her unexplored depth. Breath caught and muscles tensed for the longest time until she felt his crotch pressed against her butt cheeks. The men completely trapped her between their large body and massive cocks.

“Nnnn…” Amelia grunted as the feeling of incredible fullness robbed her of any coherent thought. Tears rolled down her cheeks and she panted. She knew the rutting would begin soon and her body tingled with yearning. Rhythmic pulsing of penis reverberated through her and she found herself drowning in an unrelenting whirlpool of lust. The two serpents did not move for the longest time as if enjoying the snug coziness of her holes. A desire for them to began their rutting came over her. She fought back the urge but her defenses shattered when second wave of yearning came hardly a second later.

“F–fuck me…” Amelia croaked.

“Huh?” Royce and Dex blurted out in unison.

“Fuck me.”

“Now that’s not how you as a favor, does it?” The fat man below her replied.

“Yes. Yer better do it properly…like a whore that is.” A hand grabbed her hair from behind and turned her face side way. A snarling yellow teeth appeared through her watery vision. “Beg me, whore. Say, please fuck me like a whore.” The stench of his breath struck her but she found it pleasant this time around. A shudder ran through her as he licked her flushed cheek before dropping her back on the fur of grey.

“P–please…” Amelia sputtered as the last remnant of her dignity flared before extinguishing into oblivion. “Please…f–fuck me like a w–whore.” She muttered the words, feeling knots in her stomach.

“Can’t here yer! Speak louder.”

“…PLEASE FUCK ME LIKE A WHORE!” The young hunter nearly shouted after barely a brief reluctance. The word ‘whore’ echoed endlessly in her ears. That would probably be how she live out the less of her life. Spreading her legs for a few coins.

“Told ya this one’s a whore. Horny little bitch!” Dex spat before both man exploded with laughter.

Sun-burned fingers gripped her slim waist and Amelia felt her insides being pulled out by two oversized cocks. Her over stuffed holes clenched down tight as if unwilling to let them go. She let out long and soft moans with her cheek buried in dampening chest hair. Pleasure had drown out all thoughts and she had forgotten the repulsion toward these grotesque men. They rammed back in before wet slap of flesh boomed, blending with her cry of ecstasy. It was awkward the first few thrusts then the men found rhythm in their movement and began to pummel her at a gruesome pace. An orgasm wrecked her almost immediately. The young hunter wailed in delight as the wall of her insides milked their cocks. Grunts of pleasure melded with her cries as she squeezed them but they did not slow down. The men continued their unrelenting rut through her cry of ecstasy and the pleasure peaked before the first orgasm past and she was forced into a full body spasm.

“AHHHH!!!” Amelia wailed from the most powerful climax in her life. Hot cum sprayed from her stretched out pussy, wetting Royce and the floor in the process. The thrusting went on even when her eyes rolled back in her head as she whimpered and squirmed. Another mind-blowing burst of pleasure hit during the throes of her orgasm and her mind went blank. Lust, pleasure and cocks were all she need now. Everything else could be forgotten.

Minutes or hours might have past, Amelia could not tell since climax after climax shook her in intervals of mere seconds, when the men tensed up. Their grips tightened and Dex grunted while Royce squealed. Hot seed flooded her inside as their cocks jerked and swelled. Thick murky cum bubbled out the side of her stuffed pussy after her womb could no longer expand to accommodate unending flood. The men held still for a few moment until the last of their loads had been deposited. Their softened cock slipped out of her before Royce pushed her to the floor. They left her panting for breaths as blobs of gooey fluid oozed from her gaping holes and pooled beneath her. Tears streaked her blushed cheeks as crooked smile formed on her lips. Knots formed in her stomach and she could not understand why. She was doing something important before these grotesque men violated her. A mission she must carry out but what could be more important than lust, pleasure and cocks when she was a whore. Probably her imagination. The way her mind tried to convince her that she had more purpose in life than she was. More tears spilled down her face before a shudder of aftershock reminded of the sweet pleasure. A large shadow came over her and her gaze went the man standing over her. His large fingers combed through her hair before closing into a fist and pulled. She winced but obediently followed as he forced her onto her knees. The black serpent greeted her, fully erected and dripping delicious cum. Amelia salivated as her heart thrummed and the dread in her thought faded. The men were not done yet.

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