King Kevin by Mikellybok


Kevin is a teenage boy. He doesn’t like being picked on but he has no choice in the matter… until…

Kevin walked home from school that day, with a wad of gum on the back of his pants, and missing one shoe. He was a 17 year old, fat, short, with messy brown hair, outrageous acne, and some messed up teeth. He was a senior in high school but he still had bullies pick on him every day. He held his other shoe in his hand while holding the last strap on his book bag. This was a Friday, but that didn’t make things any better. His step mom would be on his case all weekend to clean the house, and walk around the park for a few hours while she entertained her new boyfriend. He wished his father hadn’t died, and he knew his biological mother so that he could go far, far away from all this. He looked up at the autumn sky and sighed, “I wish I could just… change this all… with the snap of my fingers.” At that instant he was knocked unconscious by something hard and metal hitting his head.

Whenever he woke back up, a few seconds later, he looked at a small metal sphere that had hit him. He rolled into a sitting position and picked up the sphere. It had lots of cool lines on it and a large seam across the middle. He shook it a little and it didn’t seem to have anything in it. After looking around to see if he could spot who threw it, he pocketed the sphere and went back to his house. He unlocked the front door and went inside. His stepmother wasn’t home, nor was his step sister or her stupid friends. He went up to his room and set his stuff on the bed. He sat in his computer chair and booted up his computer. He sat the sphere down on his desk and spun it around. He didn’t pay attention to it until he spun it and it nicked his finger. It drew blood and he licked his finger. “Damn… what the hell.”

The sphere glowed green and opened up, flying up into the air. It scanned him and then started beeping. Soon it spoke to him in a few different languages before landing on English. “Hello user. I am here to grant you anything you desire,” it said this as Kevin looked on in amazement. Kevin slowly got out of his seat and stared at the sphere, “What… are you?” The sphere buzzed around him for a moment, “I am an advanced computer AI with the ability to manipulate matter and energy at a subatomic level. I am also able to control thoughts of various beings and whole races if need be.” Kevin looked confused, “Wait… so… I could say… I wish I had my other shoe back.” The sphere glowed for a second and his shoe appeared. It was wet and had a frog in it. Kevin sighed, “They threw it in the river again. I wish it was clean.” The shoe was instantly clean and the frog had vanished. Kevin smiled, “Wow… it’s like magic.” The sphere glowed, “Magic is probably the closest you can come to comprehending the power held within my matrix. Do you need anything else?” Kevin thought for a moment and then looked in the mirror.

“I want to be handsome.” The sphere didn’t glow and nothing happened. “Uh… is there something wrong.” The sphere stayed there for a moment then spoke. “Handsome is a subjective term with a near infinite number of possibilities. I could transform you into something that I find handsome, but then you would be a featureless metal cube.” Kevin thought on this, “You’re right. I need to think this through some more.” He paced back and forth then went to his computer. He pulled up images of celebrities and male models, “I want to look like that.” He pointed at the screen and was instantly transformed into a computer monitor, “No… no… the… images on… change me back please.” He was his normal self again, “Okay… see the images of the men here?”
“I want to have similar body features that they have. Eight pack abs, big toned muscles, flawless skin, and…” He paused and smiled, “A dick that hangs down to my knees.” The sphere glowed and he was suddenly transformed into a gorgeous man, the envy of every male model and A-list movie star, and between his legs was an 18 inch dick that was about one inch around. He laughed a little, “Okay… I need to be a little more specific. That looks kind of funny.” After some careful explaining he then had what he wanted, a huge dick hanging between his legs that was outlandishly large. He was flexing and looking at his new body in the mirror. “Hey sphere, make my dick erect.” His dick got hard and he suddenly passed out. After a few seconds he woke back up but still felt a little groggy, “What… what happened?” The sphere met him at eye level, “You wished for your penis to be erect and in doing so all the blood rushed to your now enlarged member.” He looked at his penis, which was still erect and just a few inches from his chin. He nodded, “Okay… maybe a smaller penis. One that’s still really big, but won’t make me pass out when I get a boner.” The sphere glowed and it shrunk down until it was a healthy, yet still record breaking 14 inches long. He got up but still felt woozy. “Also, I’d like my body to be able to handle all this new dick. I want to be able to fuck for hours on end without tiring, and cum buckets of semen so I can impregnate any girl I fuck!”

The sphere glowed and now he felt a rush of vigor and energy. He shot up and started thrusting into the air with his new meat pole. That was when his step mother walked in. She was a middle aged woman, with long auburn hair, pretty blue eyes, and a body most women would kill for to have at any age. She liked to work out a lot and keep fit, which is why she was currently wearing only a sports bra and her workout pants. She started screaming at the sight of the strange, naked, young man in her step son’s room. “WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?! WHY ARE YOU IN MY HOUSE?! WHY ARE YOU NAKED?!” Kevin panicked, “Uh… sphere… freeze her.” The sphere glowed and she was instantly frozen solid in place. Frost covered her whole body. “No… not like that! Just… like… suspended animation.”
“You mean, without reducing her temperature to 0 degrees kelvin?”
The sphere glowed and she was not frozen solid, but she was frozen in place. Kevin relaxed, “You said you can manipulate minds?”
“Then change it so that anyone who knows me, knows that I’ve looked like this for a few years now. That I got this hot after puberty. Also change all my government records to reflect that as well.” The sphere glowed, but there was no noticeable change, except the picture on the wall of him with his dad from last year was different. He then looked at his hot step mom. He always thought she was hot, but because she treated him like a roommate and not a son, he never really had any sort of deep feelings for her. Now though, he had all the power in the world. “Sphere… I want you to make my step mom think that she wants to fuck me, but the idea is still taboo. I want to try to seduce her. Also, I want all her clothes to be just a little bit tighter, oh and her boobs bigger.” The sphere glowed and she grew beach ball sized tits that dropped her to the floor. Kevin sighed again, “Okay… I’ll be more specific.” After some tinkering his step mother was now a full G cup and wearing really tight pants and a sports bra that was not doing a very good job. He smiled, “Now un-freeze her.” The sphere glowed and she was released mid scream.

“AHhh… oh hey Kevin… uh… did… did you get your homework done…”

She stared at his nude form, and gigantic penis. Kevin wrapped a towel around his waist.

“Uh… yeah. Stephanie, I did. It wasn’t all that hard.”

“Hard… yeah… uh… come downstairs in a half hour. I’m having your step sister bring home some Chinese food.”

“Okay… hey. Stephanie. Do you want to… talk for a minute?”

“Uh… sure.” Stephaine, his step mother sat down on his bed and he sat down beside her.

“It’s been hard for me since dad died, and I’m happy you let me stay here.”

“You… uh… you remind me of your father… sometimes.” She wasn’t staring at his face now, she was looking him up and down, taking in every inch of his cut body. Her breasts heaved as she took in a deep breath and bit her lip.

“Well I’ve always liked you. I can see why dad married you. I can even see why dad fucked you.”

Kevin got closer to her now, and whispered that last part into her ear. She shuddered and tried to scoot away from him. He wrapped an arm around her and brought her closer to him. “What do you think about me?”

“God… I want to fuck you… but you’re my son.”

“Step son.”

“Still, what if my daughter found out…”

“Then she’ll have a new dad to appreciate as well.”

He kissed her on the mouth, then started kissing down her neck. She moaned in pleasure and leaned into his kisses. He ripped off her sports bra with barely any effort and her massive tits sprung free. She gasped and moaned as he stared kissing and nibbling on her wonderful breasts. He then started working his way down until he reached her pants. She pulled them down immediately and he saw she wasn’t wearing any panties. He didn’t wish for that, but he laughed.

“No panties?”

“I like watching you stare at my camel toe.”

He now thought back and she was right. He was always fascinated by the cleft of her pussy in those tight pants, and that was before this magical sphere entered his life. She was such a naughty step mom. He looked at her pussy and thought, “I wish I knew how to expertly eat out a pussy.” Suddenly he knew exactly what to do. “Wait… sphere? Can you hear my thoughts?”

“Yes I can, and I have given you all the knowledge of cunnilingus.”

“Sweet!” He had said that out loud. His step mom looked down at him confused, “What was that.”

“Uh…” Before he could really answer he just started eating her out and she stopped worrying about anything. His lips and tongue brought her to orgasm within minutes and she screamed in ecstasy. While she was coming down from her high, he got up to her face, made out with her and then started to line up his massive cock with her hole. The sphere interrupted him, “Your increased member size will likely cause her immense pain and possibly even tear her vaginal wall.”

“Well that’s a mood killer. Make her pussy… extra stretchy.”

The sphere glowed and as Kevin pushed his dick in slowly. It was the best feeling he had ever felt before. The hot, slick, tight pussy he had wanted for so long was now his and he was tearing it up with his gargantuan tool. She came from him entering her and after a few minutes of fucking she came again. Kevin was pounding her as hard and as fast as he could and enjoying every second of it. He sped up towards the end and his step mother just cried out at the same time as him as they both came together. She fell back on his bed, sweaty and spent, but Kevin was still ready to go for more. That was when he heard the front door open.

“Hey mom! Kev! I’m home! I got dinner!”


Meanwhile, up in orbit two glowing balls of energy watched the world below.

“Oh boo, boring human. He’s only using this power for sexual intercourse.”

“I told you, that’s what would happen. You owe me seven star systems.”

“I know, I know… I’ll pay up. I was at least hoping for something charitable.”

“I guess increasing the female’s mammaries was good. She didn’t seem to notice though…”

“Hey… you don’t think this will get out of hand do you?”

“Nah, the kid lacks imagination. He’ll just mate until he’s bored then play video games. It’ll be fine.


Two weeks later…

Kevin sat on a throne, made of ornate gold and jewels, he was now almost ten feet tall, sporting a 30 foot cock that was constantly being attended by gorgeous men and women, rubbing their bodies against his massive member. It was constantly cumming and running out the front door of an immense palace and cascading to a lake of cum below where men and women of all ages, races, and creeds were busy making constant love. This was world now of pure pleasure and ecstasy and they were ruled over by King Kevin.

But that’s the end of the story, for the juicy middle parts stay tuned.

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