What good reason could cause a young woman to fall in love very quickly.

No one under the age of fourteen has any sex in this story.


I am just rounding the corner at the mall on my third time weekly walk of the week. I am not a power walker, just a flat land pacer at about three miles per hour. It is enough to get my blood pumping and burn off a few of the calories that I should do without. Also, I get a real kick out of the people that I pass by on my walk down the hallways. I especially like seeing the fathers with their young children alone without the wives, who probably are grateful for at least a part of the day alone each week. It seems to me that especially the little girls act considerably different with their dad’s on these ventures than with their mothers. ‘Daddy Aura’ I guess.

As I am ambling down the starting straightaway on the second lap, a young girl comes in my direction. I notice her, but don’t plan to react to her, since many of the people in the mall walk against the grain, as it were, with no interest in interacting with me. But, she veers towards me and so I have to stop to not walk over the top of her. She is of indeterminate age, the way these girls/young women dress this day it is hard to tell their ages. But, she is definitely beyond sixteen in my estimation.

In her healthy looking slim angular look, she approaches me and asks, “Mr. could you spare me a dollar for bus fare? I seem to have overspent my allowance today and need to get home.”

I am in my middle years and have been around and recognize a petition for drug money before. So, I look at the inside of her arms in her short sleeved shirt and see no needle tracks as she reaches out to me. And she isn’t covering over her legs, either. So, the chances are that she is legit. So, I reach into my pocket and pull out my little leather coin purse and hand over four quarters of my bus change to her. She looked me over and then asked me if I would like to share a latte with her. I replied that I still had three quarters of the final lap of my walk to finish, but handed over enough to buy two of them and said that I would look for her when I finished my walk in the Food Court.

As I walked off, I was sure that she would take the money and scramble away to further adventures for the day. I am not totally ill-favored in looks or manners, but am not used to females coming on to me, either. But, wouldn’t you know it, there she was at an isolated table near the windows, sitting and looking for me with her feet on the floor, her knees spread and her upper thighs in sight below her very short skirt. I didn’t waste much time in moving to sit with her then.

As I sat down, she began to start a conversation, “Thank you for coming back. I hope that your latte is still fresh. (I had tasted it and it was fine, so I nodded to her.) I am new in town, only been here for three months, but have seen you here walking several times while I have visited here. I have classes just down the street at the Community College and prefer to spend my time enjoying the ambiance here rather in the college lunchroom or grounds. I have already met a number of really nice people here in a short time.”

As she paused for a couple of moments to get my reactions, I thought that she would surely have met quite a few guys who would be nice to her. She in her slim and agile youth was very cute and friendly.

I answered, “I have only lived up here for about two years and have found this town to be very friendly of nature. It being a college town with the community college and the university has a lot of young people, to ensure a high degree of attractiveness and energy, too. However, I have made very few friends here. Not sure why, but enjoy it here anyway.”

She looked questioningly at me and offered, “I am surprised that you don’t have a lot of friends by now!”

“Well, I don’t hang out at the bars, since I don’t drink. And I stay away from the churches, too. So the two best ways of meeting people are closed to me. And I am not as openly friendly as you are, either. I very much admire that about you.”

“I guess I come by it naturally, and my mother was quite the chatter-box and my sister Jilly and our cousins are quite the social butterflies, too.”

“I tried social media, but that didn’t work out either. Just too many scammers to sort through to find the real interest on it. So, I just deal with things as they happen.”

“Sounds like a good plan to me.”

At this point I had no idea of where this was going, or if it was going anywhere at all. So, I mentioned that I was about to leave to return to home. She looked into my eyes and asked where I lived, so I mentioned my neighborhood, and she said that she lived on the way and asked if I could drop her off during my trip home. I thought about it for a minute. She said that she would return my quarters, if I did. I said for her to keep them and asked that she meet me at my Suburban in a few minutes. I described it for her.

She nodded and wandered off for a few minutes to bide her time, evidently. But, I saw her conversing with a Mall security Guard and the concern about her being part of some kind of setup of me rose in my mind and so I moved purposely to get to my ‘sub’ to leave the premises. But, she saw me rushing out and moved fast enough to beat me to the vehicle. And with her a bit breathless, she looked at me through the far tinted window and I relaxed and let her in. She recognized why I had reacted that way and informed me that the guard was her cousin, who was just showing some concern for her.

I remembered that I was going to check the oil before I left for home, so I got back out and with the hood opened checked the oil level. It was still within limits so I got back in. As I settled down, I noticed that a couple more buttons on her shirt were opened and that her smallish tits were in open view. I wondered about that, but you know, girls will have their fun, so I didn’t react to it visibly.

It was about six miles to my condo complex and from her indecisive directions, I guessed it to be about five to her home. As we moved out of the parking lot, she asked me as a matter of fact, if I knew what a B.J.O.T.G. was and reflectively, I agreed that I did. So, when we moved up to the stop light, with my tinted windows and elevated height to the traffic, she moved over and asked me to move the seat backwards, raise the steering wheel and lower my pants. I didn’t feel like arguing with that kind of enthusiasm, so did so and she immediately mounted her mouth over and then on to my soft dick. It didn’t stay soft for long, though.

She had things slicked up rather quickly and when she paused to take a breath asked me to reach down the back of her skirt and panties and play with her ass as she played with my dick. So, I did so, and soon two of my fingers were easily up her ass. She moaned at that, but didn’t slow down at all in her sucking of me off. As I was getting really elevated on the side roads, I asked if her name was HOOVER and she snickered while slobbering over my rod and then when I shot up my load, she made sure that all of it was kept in her mouth and throat. She looked up at me from my lap, showed my gift to her and then she swallowed it. I had to pull over to calm down after that, and she continued to moan over my fingers up her ass.

When we got to her neighborhood, not far from mine, she pointed out her house and asked that I come in for a few minutes. When we entered, there was a middle-aged lady sitting watching T.V. Clemmy introduced me as Stuart, and we moved to her bedroom with no comment from her mom.

In her bedroom, she moved to lock the door and then guided me to the side of the bed and had me sit down with my pants off. She moved to my dick again and began to work it up. I was feeling really concerned about all of this, especially since she was working me up and she hadn’t gotten her ‘cookies’ yet. But, she continued until I was very hard and straight and then she moved up onto the bed with her skirt off and her shirt totally open. She positioned herself with being cuddled up to me spoon-wise and reached back and pulled my dick up to inside of her panties and then up into her ass.

At this time I was so worked up that she could have done anything at all with me, but what she did was to begin to power back on me and then I felt her body begin to shake and shiver with her climax and I then shot up her ass for my second emptying. And then we laid on to each other and napped for a bit.

When I woke up, Clemmy was gathered up into my arms and kissing me lightly about the face. I joined into the fun and then told her that I did really need to get home. She smiled and asked that she see me again, I was quite enthusiastic about that, and so she gathered me up and led me past her again smiling mom to the door to send me off for the time being.

When I got home, I sat in the ladies’ favorite over-stuffed chair with a glass of ice water in my hand trying to make sense of all of this. And darned if I could. I guessed that I couldn’t pass up an opportunity like this. She might be my first real friend in this city of friends. And she seemed to not only want me, but liked me though I was about twenty years older than her, or maybe because I was twenty years older.

On Wednesday when I was walking again she saw me and waved. As I rounded the turn at the end of my first lap, she walked along side of me and pointed at the table that we had shared the last time. I reached into my wallet and as I continued walking handed over a ten and she broke off to evidently get our lattes again. When I came around to finish my second lap, there she was again at the same table.

As we shared out drinks together, she was quiet this time, evidently trying to think of how to bring up a sensitive subject to me. Finally, she braced up and asked me, “Stuart, could I come over to your place and fix dinner for you this Friday night? You could pick me up after school here.”

I looked her in the eyes and quietly told her, “Clemmy, I would like to do that soon, but we haven’t known each other long enough for me to feel comfortable over that yet.”

She was a bit down cast with this temporary rejection, but then brightened up and asked if she could fix it as her home instead. I thought it over for a bit and decided that since her mother was already accepting of me visiting and spending time with her in her bedroom that it would be okay and so we made plans to meet at the mall on Friday and proceed from there.

When I showed up, she was nowhere to be seen. I waited for an hour and then drove home. I knew that there were a lot of plausible reasons why this could have happened with no blame to her, and also she didn’t have a cell number for me yet. So, I just marked it up to missed connections.

When I showed up on Saturday morning for my walk before my shopping, she was waiting for me at the doors and took me up into her arms and was sobbing at the missing of me. I took her in to the table and told her that I understood and held no blame to her. She looked up into my eyes and said that she had a family crisis and just couldn’t make it and had no way to tell me of it. I then took an index card that I regularly carry some of which with me and wrote down my name Stuart and my security cell number. On it, it says: TEXTS ONLY.

She then said that her mother and siblings wouldn’t be home that night because of the family drama, but that she would be and would like to do the dinner that night, if I was agreeable. I nodded my word yes and said that I would meet her there after I finished my shopping and then she walked with me for my two full laps till I left for my weekly shopping trip.

When I arrived at her home, she welcomed me into the living room and handed the controller to me while she finished up preparations for our meal. As she bustled around I noted that she was especially dressed to please me. She had on a very short skirt with the front of her panties showing and her butt bare in the back. And the bra that she had on with no shirt barely tried to cover some of her titties. I smiled to myself as I watched her and when she looked my way, she smiled back as I admired her.

After we ate the wonderful meal and she had cleaned up the residue while I watched something meaningless on the T.V., she moved in and sat right down on my lap and began kissing me sweetly and deeply with her hands around my head and her body clutched up to mine. Again, I just lost myself in the emotions of the moment and she then took me up to the bedroom to continue our lovemaking. It had been sex the first time that I came here, but this was lovemaking this time.

She doffed her few and minuscule clothing and beat me to bed while I was struggling to take mine off too. So, when I moved under the covers, she was already there with her head braced up by her hands with her elbow on the pillow. I moved in to cuddle up with her and she simply melted into my arms right then. We just cuddled and caressed each other for several minutes. When I got down to her pussy region, she froze up for a bit and then I noticed why. Her ‘clit’ was enormous for one and was of obvious structure. I didn’t want her to be hurt, so I just passed it off by saying, “You have a magnificently large clit there Clemmy. I wonder how it tastes?” And with that I moved down to try it out.

At this point I could have done almost anything to her and she would have been happy at my not refusing her over her divergent pussy from her otherwise feminine body. And when I came up for air, she took me into her arms and teared up on my cheeks with her happiness with me. After this I went down on her and she came profusely into my mouth. We hugged and kissed for a bit after that.

Then she moved her butt up onto a firm pillow and raised her legs high into the air for me to enter her only portal available between her legs. I moved up into it with some thick lube available to us and powered up into her anal vault to get my cum planting into her. After my success, she took me into her arms and settled down to sleep the night away. While we were dozing off, we could hear her mother and siblings come back into the house earlier than we expected, but they made no move to disturb us as we were welded together in our quiet loving time.

The next morning, her mother just nodded at me as I moved to leave to go to my home for the day. Clemmy kissed me fervently right in front of her mother, as I moved out the door.

The next week, Clemmy stayed with me in my condo and I drove her to school and she walked with me at the mall. We had our lattes too, and the conversations got really interesting.

She told me that she had been in the process of transformation since the age of eight. Her parents knew almost immediately of her wrong physical body assignment to her obviously feminine personality. Not just a gentle male one that is often mistaken for a feminine one, but a full on female one. But, the medical community was slow to pick up on these things, and they made Clem wait for several years before receiving the transformative drugs. But, Clementine (Clemmy) lived the feminine part right from the cradle.

The kids at school were clueless about this, and just took it for granted that she was female. No indications that they would notice to indicate differently. When she got older and the boys starting taking an interest in this lively and very affectionate young girl, she hid her alternative body assignment by not allowing the body caressing to move to her loins area. The boys just thought of her as being especially shy about sex, though she really wasn’t. They didn’t think anything about it at all.

When she got to high school and P.E. classes, she got a letter from her parents asking for private showers due to extreme shyness about her body and for religious issues. So, the school allowed her to use the teacher’s shower and a few of them got to know what the real issue was, but none of them mentioned this to anyone, not even each other. So, her secret was safe.

After high school, she began college right away with several scholarships and help from her absent father. She began dating and met several really nice guys along the way, but when they found out about her dick they backed off. None of them held it against her, but they were just not interested in her in a romantic way anymore. Stayed great friends, though.

So, Clemmy got a lot more aggressive about meeting guys that seemed likely to be good to her. And after several met, some at the mall, she met Stuart, me. She didn’t want to delay herself and that is why she moved in on me so quickly. And her mother knew what was going on and approved of me at first sight. In fact she evidently decided that an older man of about twenty years older would probably be better for her anyway. I sure hope that that will turn out to be true.

The thing about the bus change was to see if I would be a sympathetic person, and the thing about the in-car blow job was to see if I was repressed or adventuresome with sex. I guess I passed in both cases and now we find ourselves where we are at. With a blooming relationship that isn’t hampered by her having a dick bigger than mine for the present.

She loved my six inch and modest in girth penis, because it made anal sex much easier and it would be plenty big enough to fill her planned vagina, too. Nice sized for her mouth also.

So, after our conversation, I took her home for a few days with her planning on moving in with me permanently in the near future.

Then without warning, she simply disappeared out of my life. No notice, no cell call, nothing. I thought about going to her parent’s house, but decided that I wouldn’t because I didn’t know them well enough. So, I just suffered in silence for days, weeks and months; just not knowing what had happened. I didn’t date at all, because I was so totally in love with Clemmy and hoped that someday she would be with me again.

I did go through a few weeks of anger at this cruel joke that I thought that had been played on me, but eventually got over that and just settled down to see what would happen.

Then on my forty-second birthday, as I was walking on my mall program, now three full laps thrice a week, there she was with a funny grin on her face sitting at our table. I was just finishing up my laps and ran over to her and lifted her up in my arms to hold her very tightly and kiss her very sweetly. A lot of applause broke out in the Food Court over this, though none of them knew the real story. They were just happy to see demonstrated love in a world gone mad in violence.

To me she felt somewhat rounder than before, though still tall, now at five foot eight inches and still lanky, too. But, there was an aura about her that was very new.

After I calmed down a bit, she sat right next to me and caressed me as I shed a few tears in the finding of her again. She apologized for the abruptness of her disappearance and then explained what had happened.

She had been on a waiting list for sex reassignment surgery for several years and evidently had several more to wait on. When all of a sudden an opening came from an unexpected source. There was a local retired surgeon who was world famous as an abdominal and thoracic surgeon who had opened up a practice at a reconditioned old farm house in the countryside of the county. It was rumored that he did experimental surgeries there of scandalous natures, but no one doubted his basic skills. He would certainly be capable of taking care of her transformation needs.

When she went to meet with him in an interview on the day after she last saw Stuart, he notified her that he not only did sex reassignment surgeries but also some very experimental ones to augment a woman’s ability to sexually enjoy intimate play and to even more so entertain and please her man. Some of these procedures were very recent advances, and that he had a network of surgeons and other support staff to enable these procedures. She would be given a list of augmentations in addition to her transformation surgery and if she selected at least three, he would do all of her surgeries for free as he was building a backlog of successes for his further offering them to the general public.

But, that in the meantime it would all have to be in secret and she would have to effectively disappear from public and family view, with little explanative notices. Under the circumstances she accepted although she grieved for Stuart, who would undoubtedly misunderstand her disappearance. She then checked out the list of augmentations and conversed with a young woman named, Maddie (Madeline.) She was about her same age, strikingly beautiful and had received all of the augmentations herself. She was very open in showing off the results of those surgeries and with the doctor in bed to show off the results of those augmentations in love making. To Clemmy, it appeared that Maddie very much enjoyed the changes made in her and that the doctor enjoyed them too.

So, she had a very long discussion with Maddie about the process of gaining these augmentations and the results of them. And finally she decided on the breast work, the oral work and the anal work. She didn’t really like the belly-button vagina, but thought that it was cute on Maddie. Clemmy didn’t feel the need for a fourth hole, since she only planned on having Stuart in any of them, if he was still available when she got back.

The surgeries started on her second night in residence and over the next eight months, she was comatose more often than she was awake. There were four rounds of surgeries, and even with pain killers, they hurt very profoundly. But, in the last couple of months all of that settled down and she became ready to reenter the outside world again.

On the next to the last week of her continued residence at the doctor’s rural surgery center, he requested that she share herself with him, to make sure that all was well with his very profound workings on her. She would really have wished to save that for Stuart, but saw the wisdom of making sure things were okay at the site that could correct any deficiencies in the treatments.

So, for that night, Maddie saw one of her little friends and Clemmy blessed his bed. Right off he made sure that her breasts were operational and they were very pretty in their larger state and readily supplied woman’s milk when stimulated. Her mouth and teeth were much more workable in giving oral and her uvula worked very well as a simulated clit. Her new vagina was very welcoming to his cock and the stimulations augmentations worked just as designed. The same for her anal entry which was much more amenable to penis penetrations and more receptive of them by the augmentations and enlargement of the rectum (normally less than five inches long, but here increased to seven inches) and lower large bowel area.

Even though it wasn’t her beloved Stuart making love to her, she found a considerable enjoyment in the use of these new features of her now definitely womanly body. And when she came out of the lusty mental state, she couldn’t wait to share these with Stuart.

Her last night in residence was spent in cuddling with Maddy and listening to her tales of what her life was like before she came into the doctor’s influence and treatments and how they were now. There were a lot of inspiration in these stories to Clemmy, but she really just wanted to be with Stuart.

So, here she was and now she walked off with Stuart to spend the evening and see if things could be picked up again. On the way to his condo, she again prevailed on him to allow a blow job on the go. And he moved up the wheel, moved the seat back and lowered his pants again for her ministrations. She also lowered her panties, so that he could reach under her skirt to play with her as she played with him.

He was immediately surprised at how deep she could now comfortably take his dick up into her mouth, and she didn’t even have to pause at all. As things proceeded he reached right to the back of her throat and then dumped his load right there with no hesitation on her part and a quick swallow to move it to her stomach. And when he reached his fingers, three of them right up into her ass, it took them with no resistance at all, and he couldn’t even reach the end of her rectum. When he felt the rhythmic pulsing in her rectum on his fingers, he went nearly mad with lust and had to pull over to finish her off and calm himself down. He then moved her to the driver’s seat and mounted his mouth up to her new pussy for the rest of the trip to his condo. That night he got very acquainted with all of her augmentations and they were again welded together for their coming futures.

After several months of connubial bliss, they decided that they would like to make it official and marry. This would put their relationship on a firm public stand and open the way for them to have a family in the future. But, the main problem was that she was still listed on her birth certificate as a male, and though males marrying was accepted legally now, it would probably get in the way of them adopting, since no augmentations available would allow her to become pregnant and carry a baby to term.

So, they consulted Blossom, the high powered young lady attorney in town and she then added this kind of legal case to her resume, getting the original birth certificate changed from male to female. And then helped them with the legalities of adoption. After about a year, they were permitted to adopt two children: an Asian-American boy of four and an African-American girl of six. Their family was now set up and they were very happy together indeed.

Her mother and father were ecstatic over this turn of events for their now officially daughter. His family was at first reserved, but eventually fell in love with her, too.

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