Mom needs to fuck by tom231002


I felt the heat of his cream hitting my pussy walls.

A lot of strange thoughts have been going through my mind lately. Since I broke up with my husband, I have been so horny. It wasn’t like he was giving me sex towards the end, so that was part of the problem. Joe walked out on me and now it is just my son Justin and myself in our apartment together. I have been looking at my son and thinking about his cock.

I know how wrong it is to have those thoughts but I see Justin walking around and I can clearly see his cock bulge in the shorts he wears. I often go back to my bed and get naked. I pull out one of my dildos and I go to work on my pussy. I push my plastic cock all the way inside me and dream it is Justin fucking me. I must have gone crazy one day. I think I called out Justin’s name he and must have heard me.

He came running into my bedroom and there I was naked with my artificial dick inside me. You should have seen his face. He turned to rush out of my room but I asked him to stay.

“Please Justin, don’t go!”

He turned around and walked over to where I was.

“I need you baby, please?” I called out to him.

I guess I was mildly shocked when my son began to strip out of his clothes. It was just like I had thought. Justin’s bone was long and thick. I sat up on the side of the bed. I reached out and took Justin’s cock in my hand and I stroked it.

“Suck on it Mom, I’ve been thinking about this,” he told me.

It was if we both needed each other and now we were acting on it. I took Justin into my mouth and his cock slid deep down my throat. Justin placed a hand on the back of my head and urged me to take every inch of his dick. I have to admit to gagging some as I sucked right down to the root. When I finally pulled away I was staring at an eight inch erect cock.

“Fuck me Justin,” I begged him.

I got onto my back and Justin climbed in between my thighs. He guided his long prick into place and he entered me. I let out this whimper as my son pushed all the way into me and then held his cock in place. My pussy muscles were twitching as I was squeezing Justin’s dick. I brought my legs up around his back and I locked them into place. Justin began to fuck me like I was his whore.

All those months I was thinking of this moment and here was my son pounding my wet hole. The beauty of having a young man as your lover is that he has so much stamina. Justin was twenty at the time. It seemed like he could fuck for hours. That first time we did it, my pussy was so sore for the next few days. Justin circled his cock around inside me. He was hitting so many spots that I had multiple orgasms.

My pussy was soaked from all the juices my son stirred up. Justin also worked on my tits. I am a ‘C’ cup and my nipples are light brown and shaped like silver dollars. Justin lowered his face and he started biting on the tips of my nipples. I lost control of myself. I was screaming as Justin worked my body over with his mouth and cock together.

“I’m going to seed you Mom,” Justin kept repeating to me.

I was on the pill but I began thinking about my son coating my eggs with his sticky cum. What if he made me pregnant? It sent chills up and down my spine. Photos I told Justin I needed his love cream inside me. I wanted him to explode in me and give me his hot juices. That must have been just what Justin needed to hear. He started to speed up and bury his cock as deep as he could. A few hard strokes like that and then Justin blasted me with his cum.

I felt the heat of his cream hitting my pussy walls. My body began to shake and I placed my hands on Justin’s hips and I held on as he continued to fuck me hard. I had more orgasms as my son filled my hole with his liquids. Photos When Justin finally went soft, he pulled out and I could feel his load escaping from my pussy. His cum was running out and down my ass crack.

Hold me,” I begged Justin to wrap his arms around me to contain my body convulsions. He took me in his arms and we held onto each other after the hot sex we had just experienced.

“I’m going to fuck you Mom, as much as I want,” he told me.

He was right about that. This wouldn’t be a one time mistake on our parts. Each night Justin would be in my bed. I would get him hard with my mouth most times. Justin liked to get onto his back. I would climb over top and then guide his erect rod to my opening. I lowered myself as Justin brought his ass up and fill me with cock. He also liked to get me on all fours. He would make me crazy by rubbing his cock across my ass crack.

A few minutes of that and I would do anything he told me. I would feel his mushroom at my slit and he would drive into me as hard as he could. You could say I was crazy for my son’s cock. He would use my body and fill me with loads of his man sauce. It got me so worked up once that I told him that I wanted him to impregnate me.

“You want me to give you my baby seed for real?” He asked.

I told him yes, I would get off the pill and he could seed me until be gave me a big belly. That is what we are doing now. I just quit taking my birth control. You could say we are now practicing up for what is about to happen. The sex is more intense these days. I know one day soon Justin is going to give me his baby.

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