Mom plans a special party for son’s 18th. by tonysex23


I let Mark’s cock lay on my tongue as I went up and down slowly on his flesh pole.

My son was groaning again. He had been doing it for the better part of a month now. In addition, he would be doing it for the rest of the week. Of course, by the end of the weekend there would be a lot more groaning.

Call it old fashioned, but some things shouldn’t go by unnoticed. My son, Mark, was the last in his group of friends to turn 18 and I thought there should be a party. Notice it says, ‘I thought’ not ‘Mark thought.’ Mark thought I should leave things alone. However, I knew there had to be some rite of passage into formal adulthood and not knowing or having a clue, I decided a party would be in order.

The problem was, without any adult male influence, I had no idea what was socially acceptable. My husband, Mark’s Dad, had been killed several years earlier by a drunk driver. It was a difficult time for Mark and I, but over time, we adjusted to the situation. The hard part was me having a teen son and no husband or father to guide him. Fortunately, my sister and her husband, Ginny and Stan, were very helpful and lived in town. It was not uncommon for me to ask, or have them offer advice in what was in the best interest of their nephew. Fortunately for Mark, Stan interceded on this occasion as well.

“You know, 18 year old boys aren’t really into parties. At least not the kind you are telling me about,” I heard Stan say over the phone.

“But I want to do something,” I whined.

“How about a compromise?” he offered.

“Like what?”

“Well maybe something a little more adult oriented. I mean you are talking about marking the so-called passage from child to adult right?” he asked.


“Well maybe it’s just me, but if I were 18 and had to have a party, I would want it to be something cool. A guy type thing. And something they would all remember for the rest of their lives,” my brother-in-law told me.

“I’m not sure I understand.”

“Well, “he started, “I’m not sure how to explain it delicately.”

“Just tell me what you think,” I practically begged. I had no idea that what I had offered to Mark as a good will gesture was about to do more harm than good, but I was beginning to understand

“Most boys, young men if you will, have a set idea of what a guy party should be. A male bonding sort of thing. I would just think that something like that might go over better with Mark,” Stan tried to explain.

“Stan, I love you and Ginny and appreciate all the help and advice, but I honestly have no idea what you are trying to tell me,” I said into the phone. I could feel the awkwardness in Stan’s voice and I didn’t understand. “I’m not a prude, just tell me what you are thinking.”

“Try this. Offer to take Mark and his friends to our cabin up at the lake. Get some beer and then stay out of their way. They will do the rest on their own.”

“Oh, I see,” I said as the bright light finally came on.

“I’m sorry, I know how you must feel about people drinking, but you asked and that’s one of the things a young guy equates into becoming a man,” Stan said, as if to explain.

“Stan, I have no problem with people drinking. In fact, I like the idea because it will allow me to show Mark and his friends how to drink responsibly. Yeah, I know I got on the bandwagon about drunk driving, but that was driving, not sitting in one place drinking. I like it. I like it a lot,” I told my brother-in-law.

“There is just one other thing. Something maybe I could provide to help, but again, I’m not sure how you would feel about it.”


“Well young guys and hormones and… Aw, shit, they’ll find it anyway, Mary. In the back of one of the entertainment center cabinets is a rather extensive selection of adult DVDs. I wouldn’t be too surprised if they ended up watching them too.”

“Oh, really?”

“Yeah. Well guys are guys, and sometimes when me and the guys go up, we don’t actually go fishing. We tend to sit around the cabin drinking and watch, well, that stuff,” Stan told me.

“And does Ginny know about this?” I asked teasing now.

“Uh. No, she doesn’t. She thinks that when we come back empty handed that the fish weren’t biting. I’d appreciate it if you didn’t mention it to her.”

“Empty handed, huh? Stan, you must think I’m an old spinster for God’s sake. Don’t mention alcohol. Don’t mention porn or sex. Poor old Mary,” I laughed.

Stan had a nervous laugh of his own. “Well I just wasn’t sure is all.”

“Well for your information, sir, I’m a lot more open minded than you give me credit for. Maybe a bit out of practice and not up on things, but not a spinster or a prude,” I informed Stan, thinking that if anyone was a prude it was his wife Ginny.

“Sorry, just my conditioning you know.”

“No, I don’t,” I teased.

“I just think Ginny would have a cow if she knew what me and the guys were doing up there. In fact she’ll have a cow about you letting the boys party there too,” he said.

“Maybe we just shouldn’t tell her then. She can’t fret about what she doesn’t know about.”

“That’s true.”

Mark was feeling a bit better about the party plans. I didn’t tell him everything, but I told him he should find friends that would be able to spend the weekend at his Uncle’s cabin at the lake.

I drove out Friday morning with some supplies, being the ever prepared person that I am. Another conversation with Stan about beer produced the idea of a keg, albeit convenient since Stan told me there was a can cut to hold one at the cabin. I made a mental note to ask Stan more about his activities at the lake. I had a feeling him and his friends very seldom caught any fish.

While waiting for the keg to be delivered, I sat about cleaning up a bit. You could tell it was a guy place and I actually realized that my influence on Mark had been off. In an effort to guide and shelter him, I was basically stripping away his maleness. Looking around I found nothing but the essence of men. Just the basic necessities. Worn furniture, chipped and stained tables, and not a mirror in any room except the bathroom. In fact, other than some antlers and a couple of “signs” on the wall, there was no decoration or theme whatsoever.

I actually laughed when I first looked at the room, all dressed in male shabbiness, except for one item. That being a big screen TV. It was obviously the focal point of the room. There was a satellite box hook-up and finding the remote between too cushions on the sofa I turned it on.

Yeah. This was a guy hang out. With no one expecting me, or any other female, to turn the TV on to find it on a satellite porn channel. Empty handed. It was funnier now than when Stan had said it the week earlier. DVDs. Stan mentioned that too. Being the nosy woman that I am, I began to open doors to the entertainment center. At first, all I saw were typical guy movies. Lots of violence and such. Looking in the back, I found the more interesting ones. Not very well hidden, obviously prim Ginny didn’t spend much time at the lake.

I pulled the disc out of the case and stuck it in the player. Unlike the fairly softcore stuff on the satellite dish, the scenes (or at least previews) were down and dirty, hardcore porn. I watched with mild amusement at the scene that began. I was immediately amazed at how far porn movies had come since the early ones I had watches a few times with my husband. No, still not Hollywood quality s, but the clarity and detail were amazing.

Contrary to my brother-in-laws belief, I’m not a prude. The only reason I didn’t date or remarry after my husband’s death was to keep from trying to fit a new person into Mark’s life. Yes, I still thought about sex, and didn’t stray too far from the trusty toys well hidden in my nightstand. However, the sudden, blatant images of carnal lust on the screen were beginning to takes it’s toll on me. I could feel myself becoming aroused and suddenly wishing I were the porn actress on the screen being thoroughly fucked by the impressive stud servicing her. I had watched the progression from momentary foreplay (must be where men get the idea not much is needed), to oral and then to the required various positions of fucking. I knew that the cumshot would be soon and for some reason, I was transfixed waiting for it to happen. I watched and waited and… Shit, the delivery truck.

I quickly turned off the TV and went to the door. I directed the man to put the keg on the back porch, where Stan had the tub ready (apparently he DID spend a lot of time at the lake). Looking at my watch I finished straightening the cabin and then made my way back to the city. Unfortunately as hard as I tried, I couldn’t get the lusty scenes from the movie out of my mind. I found myself so horny that I did something I hadn’t in years.

I stopped at the convenience store and bought a carton of cigarettes. I was only going to buy one pack, but the smart shopper in me kicked in when the clerk told me they were cheaper by the carton. I hadn’t smoked much since my husband had died. He actually had a smoking fetish and after our years together, I equated smoking to sex and vice versa. Thinking the smoke would calm me down, I found that the old quivering feeling came back on the first drag. I was light-headed and horny as a teenaged boy…. Crap, the boys.

I rushed home to find Mark and his friends waiting. I knew all or Mark’s friends that were going to the lake that weekend. All seemed to be nice guys that had been to the house many times before. In all, there would be seven boys, excuse me, young men. I just hoped I had enough supplies.

The guys loaded up in the van and I turned around and headed back to the lake. I was a ”cool” Mom and the guys made small talk and kidded each other on the way, listening to their favorite station on the radio. I decided on the way I had better set some ground rules for the weekend.

“Okay, guys. Here’s the deal. Once we get to the lake, you’re on your own. The only thing I ask is if you leave the area or anything, you let me know. And if you’ve been drinking, you stay at the cabin.”

“What?” Mark asked, more than confused.

“I just don’t want you wandering off drunk or anything. And if you make a mess, clean it up. I’m not the maid. I’m the chauffeur,” I laughed.

“How would we get drunk?” Mark asked. It was so quite in the van now.

“From the beer,” I replied nonchalantly.

“What beer?”

“Oh, didn’t I tell you? It’s a present from Uncle Stan,” I lied, “There’s a full keg chilling on the back porch as we speak.”

“But Mom…” Mark started. I knew what he was thinking. It was the same thing Stan thought.

“Mark, you and your friends will eventually drink alcohol. In and of itself, that’s not a bad thing. But unlike the man that killed your father, I want you to learn to drink responsibly. That means you drink at home, and don’t do anything, and I mean anything, that will put you or someone else at risk. Clear?” I asked.

“Yeah, I understand,” Mark replied.

“And that means if you get drunk and throw up on the floor this weekend or do something crazy, you clean it up and you live with the hangover. But the key is live with it, okay?”

“Sure, Mom.”

Mark had never been to the cabin, and he along with his friends were fairly impressed with the place. I had already staked out the large bedroom as mine and told the boys they would have to figure out their own arrangements.

After settling in, I found the boys all wandering around to the back of the cabin. Yes, Stan was right. Nevertheless, I needed to show them that responsibility thing.

“In a bit. First we eat. Trust me, you don’t want to get drunk on an empty stomach,” I advised. “Okay, you can have beer with your meal I guess.” A round of ‘cool” was all I heard. I suddenly liked my newfound popularity with my son and his friends.

I had a couple of the boys start a fire on the built in brick grill and brought out some steaks. I fixed a simple steak and potato meal that I hoped would buy some time before they all got drunk.

It actually was fun being there. For a moment, I felt like one of the ‘guys’ instead of one of the Moms. They were having fun and when one of the boys spilled something on his shirt and let out a quick and authoritative “fuck”, the pin-drop silence from the van came back as almost every eye shot to me and then all looked down.

I couldn’t help it and started laughing. This only brought the eyes back up as they looked at me. Maybe it was my own serving of alcohol (yes, I drink…responsibly) or just the general mood of the late afternoon.

“Okay boys…” I started and then stopped, looking at the combined group of fearful faces. “Anyone here under 18?” I asked. Of course not and I knew that, but I had a point to make.

“Regardless of the laws in this state on the drinking age, every one of you is now old enough, by law, to join the military and fight for our countries freedom. In my book, if you can die for your country, you should be able to drink, okay? In my book you are all adults now and with it comes certain privileges.” There was a mumbled understanding of what I was saying, but they still didn’t get it. I obviously had to be a bit more blunt.

“Any of you ever heard of George Carlin? Shit, piss, fuck, cunt, cocksucker, motherfucker and tits,” I said from memory. All seven faces went pale before I explained. “It’s from a comedy thing George Carlin did about words you can’t say on TV. You boys, no you men, sorry, have all heard these words and said these words, and you know what, so have I. So for the rest of this weekend, or for that matter whenever I’m around, please don’t make me feel like the outsider because you are afraid of offending me or something. If it weren’t for fucking, none of you would be here anyway.”

I thought it was all over then. I blew my coolness on them, trying to fit in and treat these boys as men. Maybe they weren’t ready for it. I looked down at my plate and was on the verge of some sort of nervous, mental, emotional, traumatic episode when a voice from the group saved me.

“Fucking A!”

The instant burst of laughter from the others and me instantly broke the tension, and as quickly as I thought all was lost, all was once again well. I did make a mental note at the smile on Mark’s face and gave him a wink.

After dinner, and being a woman and a mom, I forced the guys to help me clean up. As I said, I was trying to fit in and while sitting on the back porch I reached into my purse and pulled out my smokes. All these boys knew me, and knew, or thought I didn’t smoke. They watched as I took a drag and smoothly blew the smoke back out.

Without thinking I commented, “A cigarette is best after a meal or sex.” I took another gulp of my beer and another drag. “And beer always tastes better with a smoke,” I added.

“Uh, Mrs. J?” Mark’s friend Tony asked. I looked up at him in response.

“What you said about cussing and stuff and us dying for our country and all?” he stumbled.

I smiled at Tony. “Honey, if you want a smoke, help yourself. I got no problems with that either. And from now on I’m not Mrs. J, I’m Mary.”

This time the tension was broke with “Shit, I wish my mom was half that cool.” It was a high that no drug could ever induce. I looked at Mark as about three of the boys lit up. He was looking at me too, in that sort of unsure way boys do around their moms. When the pack was passed to him, he looked up at me again. I simply winked to give him the okay. Truth is I knew Mark had smoked before.

I don’t know how many cups of beer I had, or them for that matter, but I was feeling less pain than I had in a long time. I mostly listened as the boys talked about school, their plans, and girls. The talk wasn’t graphic, but the underlying tones were still enough to make me wish I was an 18 year old cheerleader again.

I decided a walk might be nice and moved down towards the dock and the water. The sun was just starting to set, the orange glow still reflecting off the water. The sudden influence of youth took hold of me as I decided what I wanted to do next. I walked back to the porch and noticed the guys watching my approach.

“Remember how I was telling you to drink responsibly?” I asked. Nods and mumbles were exchanged. “I want to go swimming but I can’t go alone since I’ve been drinking. Anyone want to come with?”

Looks were exchanged at my question and then Sam gave the expected response. “Mrs. J, Mary, I don’t think anyone brought a swimsuit.”

“Neither did I,” I said walking away. And in turning, I began to unbutton my blouse. By the time I got to the dock, my bra was off too and I quickly slid my pants and panties down before jumping in the cool water.

I floated myself on the water at the point where my nipples (oh they were so hard) were just poking up. I looked at the boys all standing on the dock staring at me. “Well?” I asked.

Six boys quickly stripped down and jumped in, probably relieved that their lower body parts were now under water. One was still a bit shy about being naked in front of me and didn’t pull his pants down and jump in until my back was turned.

We cavorted about, me acting like an 18 year old teenager, splashing water and showing off. When the sun finally set, darkness quickly overtook the water. I suggested that it might be time to get out, and of course, they all waited until I took the lead, but who could blame them.

I climbed out of the water and got the naughtiest of thoughts. I quickly picked up all the clothes, all the guys’ stuff and mine, and ran towards the cabin amidst much commotion in the water. I dropped everything on the porch and went to search for some towels. Drying off I returned to the porch, expecting to find the boys. I didn’t. I put on a halter and shorts from my room and with towels in hand went back to the dock.

“Okay, what’s it going to be. Boys or men. All the men climb on out. All the boys will have to wait and I’ll leave a towel for you,” I taunted.

A couple of the boys climbed out, but the others stayed in. “Well?” I asked, and two more boys popped out, and when I mean popped, their masts were at full staff, evident even in the darkened conditions. A bit shocked, surprised and embarrassed, I quickly dropped the towels and went back to the porch where I immediately grabbed another cup of beer and lit another smoke.

The boys finally returned and wandered into the cabin to put dry clothes on. I stayed on the porch, enjoying the ‘unnatural’ quietness. An added reward was being able to hear clearly inside the cabin as well.

“Sorry dude, I know she’s your Mom and all, but shit, I’d love to bang her,” one said, apparently to Mark.

“Yeah, you bang her and I’ll let her suck my cock. Man I’d love to have those lips around my pole,” another one said.

My shock, surprise and embarrassment quickly turned to raging lust. It had been too long since I had heard a man, albeit it young ones, speak about me that way. Suddenly feeling more than naughty, I reached down, tied the knot in my halter tight, and unbuttoned another button to show some more cleavage in the yellow light shining above the porch. I was more than aroused, and the last thing I thought about as the boys started filing out was the fact I hadn’t bothered to put any panties on under my shorts.

Beer was poured, cigarettes were lit, and a general awkward silence fell as I saw six and a half pair of eyes still glued to me. One only had one eye on me.

“So did everyone enjoy their swim?” I asked.

“Yeah it was great” and “sure” were the semi-combined response.

“I was thinking of watching a movie, anyone want to do it too?” I asked in a voice that was closer to slutty than sultry. A general groan and a few “oh yeahs” were the response I was hoping for.

I refilled my cup and picked up my smokes, and was becoming custom, led the way to the main room of the cabin. I picked a spot and picked up the remote, right where I had dropped it when the delivery guy had shown up earlier. I played a bit stupid with the remote, turning the large screen TV on but not the dish or DVD player.

“You have to turn on the dish,” Tony said.

I couldn’t resist myself and let loose with, “She might be more turned on than you know,” as I pressed the control activating the satellite receiver and wondered if they had ever heard a woman called a dish.

Of course the last channel viewed popped up, which was the soft core porn channel, which at the moment was showing two hot looking ladies enjoying each other’s company, if you know what I mean. I left it there for a moment, just to make sure the boys got a good eyeful. That all to familiar pin drop silence in the room was punctuated by the oohs and aahs from the surround sound speakers in the room.

“Mark, I guess we know now why Uncle Stan visits the lake so much,” I quipped.

The boys replied with nervous laughter of their own.

“Maybe we should try a DVD,” I offered, noting that no one had the nerve to tell me to leave it where it was. Of course I knew what was on the DVD player too, since I was the one who left this particular DVD in the machine. I punched play and was rewarded with it starting right where I had left it.

The busty porn star was slurping on her co-stars ample and talented cock. He reached up and pushed her head back a bit and we all watched as he began to stroke his cock. The porn slut was literally begging “give it to me, cum on my face, baby.” A request her stud seemed more than happy to oblige. With his left hand entwined in her hair, his right hand blurred until he almost stopped; at which point he began painting the young slut’s face with cum.

He shot what seemed like an endless supply of cum on her face, in her hair, and into her open mouth. When he slowed to a dribble, he used his hand to guide his cock over the slut’s mouth, wiping off the last drops of his cum before shoving it in and telling her to “lick it clean bitch.”

It reminded me of some things me and my husband had played early on in our marriage. It only happened when I had too much to drink and I would get somewhat submissive. It was a mutually enjoying game we played every so often.

“Someone want to get me a refill I asked. I’m suddenly very….thirsty,” I said.

Seven boys looked at me, but only one got up.

“You didn’t miss anything Mark,” I told my son as he came back in, “just the preliminary story line bullshit.”

“Cool,” he said to me with a wink.

Okay at this point I know some of you are wondering about my son and me. I would be lying to you if I didn’t think about my son sexually, but not as you think. I had thought about him being with girls, having sex, and wondering if there was anything I should say or try to explain to him about sex. Being a single Mom with a teenage boy wasn’t how I had planned on raising him. I told him the facts of life and the basics of sex, but I always wondered if he had ever, well, you know, done it.

“Sure you don’t mind if I smoke?” he asked me.

“No. Not at all, baby,” I replied with a drunken smile. “Get me one too.”

He handed me the cigarette and held my hand as he helped me cup the lighter’s flame. For a moment, at that instant, Mark was no longer my son. He was just another young man. And I also knew right then that before the night was over, I would never wonder again if he had done it.

The movie continued as predicted with the porn starlet soon naked, much to the amusement of the gathered male hormones in the room. It was just her on the screen, probably part of her contract to be admired for her beauty rather than just her ability to take a good fucking. The boys were plenty loose at this point.

“You think they are fake?” one of them asked to no one in particular. The actress on the screen had a very developed chest, probably along the lines of 40DD or so.

“Almost have to be,” I decided to reply. “And if they aren’t she isn’t into this. Her nipples aren’t even hard. I know if I was doing that in front of a camera, knowing probably thousands of guys were going to be jerking off looking at me, my nipples would be hard. Hell, my nipples are hard right now and no one is looking at me.”

That changed in an instant. And when it did, it made the fabric of my halter top stretch even more as my nipples seemed to be suffocating and were searching for fresh air.

“Besides, better to have a woman with smaller tits like mine with responsive nipples. Trust me, you play these babies right and you can have anything you want.” I flushed with embarrassment as I realized what I was thinking I said out loud.

“You got great tits, Mrs. J. I mean Mary,” Tom commented.

“You think so?”

“Fuck yes. I’d rather have yours than hers any day.”

Knowing I was crossing an unseen boundary, I pulled at the knot on my halter top and pulled it away exposing my bare chest, complete with half inch hard nipples.

“I always thought it would be nice to be bigger, but I suppose I never had any complaints,” I told the staring boys before covering my own 36Ds back up.

“Nothing there to complain about,” another boy, Chas, said. “Unless they are just for show,” he added boldly.

I remember Chas from the lake. He was one of the first ones out of the water, not shy about standing naked next to me. He exuded self confidence and there was no doubt in my mind he was coming on to me. I decided to tease him a bit to see what would happen.

“Chas, you must be a breast man.”

“Nope. I’m a ladies man. It’s all good,” he replied with a smile.

I smiled too at his response. I looked at the screen and saw that the porn bimbo wasn’t alone anymore. I had just about lost all inhibitions at this point.

“Looks like it’s time for the big cock stud to do his business,” I generally commented.

Chas was still trying and for some reason, I took immense pleasure in busting his ego.

“I’d give that slut my big cock,” Chas commented.

“Come on now, Chas. I saw you down by the lake. Trust me, your imagination is the biggest thing you have.”

That brought a roar of laughter from the rest of the boys. I realized I was on the verge of hurting Chas’ feelings so I decided I had better smooth things over quickly.

“Seriously, you know they say the average cock is six inches. And we all know class,” I mocked in a teacher type voice, “that this means anywhere from five inches to seven inches is normal. And by the way Chas.. from what I’ve seen, you may be an above average student.

You could see the shredded ego of the young man fall back into place. I just wanted to kid him, not humiliate him or embarrass him. As it was, he retreated to refill his beer and sat back down to watch the movie without another word.

Mark had taken a place on the couch next to me, obviously the only one not afraid to sit next to his Mom. I had assumed it was so he could grab a smoke from me, but I noticed he kept looking over at my chest, a sensation that really turned me on. However, what really got me going was seeing the bulge in his pants. He wasn’t tenting, but I could clearly see the outline.

“So with six being average and a C grade,” I started again, “ who has a C?”

They all looked at me with this ‘you’ve got to be kidding’ look. Maybe I should try a different approach.

“Boys, I’m here to tell you that size doesn’t matter that much. It has more to do with what you do with what you’ve got than how far it goes in,” I said beginning my class in Penis Size 101. “So who besides Chas is above average here?”

There were a lot of smiles, but none of the guys wanted to say anything. The silence was disconcerting. It was like a joke that everyone knew but me.

“What, you mean to tell me none of you have bothered to see with a ruler?” I asked.

Silence again and a few muffled giggles.

“What?” I demanded.

Chas was apparently the only one with enough courage, or maybe horny enough, to speak up. “I think we have a good idea of who is above average,” he told me.

I thought he was implying he was the big man of the room and told him so. “So you think you’re the stud of the group, Chas?”

“No, ma’am. That’s not it at all. I said we know who is, but it ain’t me,” Chas said with a grin.

“Then who is it?” I wanted to know, but no one would speak. Then it dawned on me, and I looked over at my son, Mark. Could it be true? I knew his Dad was fairly well endowed and I had also seen some major bulge in his pants before. I decided to make a game of it. A very naughty one at that.

“Well I’ve shown you guys my goods, now it’s your turn. I want to see who has the biggest one here. Or we can call it a night and spend the rest of the weekend wondering,” I teased in more ways than one. “And to sweeten the pot,” I giggled, “I’ll take my halter back off to assist with proper motivation.”

I untied the knot again and pulled the halter all the way off, tossing it aside. I then stood and went from boy to boy, pulling each one’s shorts down until they were exposed to my gaze. Most were semi to fully erect and it took all my willpower not to succumb to the first one I saw. I made comments as I went, about size and girth.

“Chas,” I said, “I was right you are above average. How long is it?”

Chas smiled as he held his cock in his hand. “About seven inches give or take a bit,” he said.

That was about what I guessed, but noted that while he was lengthy, he wasn’t very thick.

I purposely made Mark my last stop. If what I suspected was right, it would be worth the wait.

“You okay with this?” I asked him huskily.

“I am if you are,” he replied with downcast eyes.

I worked the shorts out and over him and noted that he was only semi-hard, unlike some of the other boys whose own cocks were already beginning to drool pre-cum. As it were, even not fully erect he was as big as Chas, but much thicker.

“Does it get any bigger,” I asked my son, not taking my eyes off his tool.

“If you want to know, you find out for yourself,” he told me.

I did want to know. I had to know, and took his cock in my hands. I began by lifting it, feeling how heavy it was in my hands, then stroking it softly up and down. I was on my knees staring straight at it.

“You want to see it get real hard, try sucking on it,” Mark suggested.

I hesitated for a moment. Yes it was my son, and I was his mother. However, I was also a woman. A woman that hadn’t had a hard cock in years. And maybe never had one as big as this one. I had to know, and I knew what I had to do.

I eased my face forward, hefted his cock in my hand and kissed the head. Mark’s hand immediately sought out the back of my head and urged me on. I opened my mouth and felt my pussy begin to churn with the excitement.

I let Mark’s cock lay on my tongue as I went up and down slowly on his flesh pole. I would pull off the head and lick it with my tongue and then ease back down. One of the many things my husband had enjoyed was me deep throating his cock. It was something that I enjoyed doing for him and we had spent many nights practicing until I was able to do it.

I wanted to do it now, but was unsure if I could since it had been so long. I was determined to try and let my throat relax as I descended down my son’s shaft. Both of his hands were on my head now as I went lower and lower, his cock going deeper and deeper. I did gag a bit and backed off, and then started again.

This time, Mark’s hands left my head and went down my shoulders until the were on my breasts. He touched and toyed with them slowly as I continued to suck on him. When his fingers touched my erect nipples, I let out a moan around his cock. When he began to pinch and pull at them, my mouth responded by pushing down on him, literally burying my nose in his curly hair.

Now it was Mark’s turn to groan. I held him for as long as I could before I went back to slurping at the head and sucking the shaft. It suddenly dawned on me that I was apparently not the first to do this with Mark, but I wanted to be the best.

When I would slide off Mark’s cock, he would pinch and pull on my nipples until I went back down on him. The harder and faster he pulled on my tits, the harder and faster I worked my mouth on him.

“That’s it bitch,” my son said, “ suck my cock. Show me what a slut you are.”

It was then that I knew what Mark knew. Photos Those were the exact words my husband used to say to me when I was sucking his cock. My son had obviously known for some time about the things me and his father did. I was wondering what else he knew about me too.

“Such a good slut. Suck my cock, bitch! Fuck me with your slutty mouth,” my son commanded, again repeating the words he had apparently heard before being told to me.

His words, and his tone, set me off. I wanted to make him cum, to give it to me, like the pron actress. I could think of nothing else at the moment. My own body was on fire, but I had the desire, the need to please this man in front of me. To make him happy with me. To show him how much I loved him and what I was willing to do to please him.

Mark’s hand’s left my tits and went back to my head. It was as if his Dad was possessing him somehow as he grabbed hold of my hair and started fucking my mouth. I submissively placed both my hands behind my back and allowed my son, my new Master to do as he wanted with me.

“You like that, slut? You like me fucking your mouth?” he asked. I could only mumble a reply and I hoped he knew that I did like it.

“You’re my slut now. You understand? Mine to use anytime I want,” Mark told me.

The tears rolling down my cheek were a mixture of the joy and the activity. How I had longed to find another man that understood my needs and desires. Only to find he had been in the same house with me all along.

“And now you will get what all good sluts get, bitch!” my son told me as he pulled almost out of my mouth and with his hand stroking his cock, began to fill my mouth with his hot cum.

I swallowed as fast as I could, but Mark was shooting so much I couldn’t keep it from dripping out of my mouth, no matter how tight I tried to keep my lips. When a drop of his cum left my chin and landed on my heaving tits, I experienced something I never had before; an orgasm without being touched.

I moaned and wailed around Mark’s cum shooting cock as I felt my pussy contract and relax again and again. I almost passed out, and may have if Mark hadn’t pulled his cock out of my mouth, allowing me to get a large does of fresh air.

I looked up into my son’s eyes. He had a smile on his face. His hand moved and I felt his cock wipe up his seed that had escaped from my mouth, only to have him place it back to my lips. I eagerly opened my mouth, sucking and licking his cock clean.

When I looked back up, Mark was lighting a cigarette. He took a drag and then handed it to me.

“You might want to take a little break now,” my son said to me. “I’m not sure these guys are going to let you have one until they all get off two or three times.”

I took a drag and blew the smoke out my cum stained lips before replying. “Yes, sir.”

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