Mother is attracted to Son by tom8899

For the next ten days, May and Tom had sex three times a day in every position imaginable. They were both very fond of each other. The problem was that when Dot came home, then Tom would have to stay at home for the next six weeks until the University started. Weekends would be no problem but on weekdays, when May was working, were not so good. Weekday evenings were a possibility, but Dot liked to cook Tom’s meals in the evening.

Dot had bought a lot of Ralph Lauren clothes and Timberland shoes for Tom as they were so much cheaper in America. Dot had sent pictures, and everything looked excellent. Tom easily saw from what Dot wrote that she was not enjoying herself. He had a message an hour ago saying that she had arrived in London and would stay in London overnight and would arrive home at five tomorrow afternoon. Tom replied asking what he should get for the house as the fridge was empty apart from some wine and Champagne.

She replied asking him to bring a shopping basket and they would go into a Supermarket on the way home. She also suggested that instead of her cooking that they would go to the French restaurants for dinner. His reply to her said that he was doing nothing all day and to give him a list of essentials and he would get them in, and that would save them going to the Supermarket on the drive home. She messaged him a shopping list. Tom had then messaged May, who was at the Clinic that tomorrow morning he would get the shopping for the house and check that everything in the house was good.

In the morning they had a marvellous session. Over breakfast, May was sad that she didn’t know when she would see him again. They kissed then May left for the Clinic. Tom went to the Supermarket and got everything that Dot had asked him to get. He then went home. Mary, the housekeeper, was there. He filled the fridge with the shopping. He then put an additional two bottles of Champagne into the refrigerator. He had never drunk before, but he enjoyed the Champagne. He made an omelette for lunch with cheese and tomato. Around one he got a message from Dot, it read, “Darling, I have a new flight and will arrive at two-ten, can you be there for me?”

He replied, “No problem, I will be there. All the shopping is in the fridge. Since you’ve been away, I have started to drink Champagne with gran. I have put a couple of extra bottles in the fridge. Is that OK with you?”

She replied, “I had a liquid lunch of Champagne, I love the stuff. We buy it from an excellent Wine Merchant. I think that there’s plenty in the cellar, but I will check when I get home. I am a little tipsy, they give free Champagne in Business Class so that I won’t be driving tonight. See you at two-ten, hopefully, love Mum.”

He replied, “I will be there. I would like to walk to the French restaurant tonight; then I can have a drink with you. Love Tom.”

At two-twenty-five Dot came out of the Arrival Gate. She looked stunning she was wearing a blouse and trousers. She seemed happy as she pushed her trolley. He went to her, and they hugged and kissed. After a minute of reciprocal tongue kissing Tom realised that they had been tongue kissing. It was because he was so used to it with May. He didn’t know what to do or say. He was embarrassed. Dot said, “I love how you kiss, it’s been years since I have been kissed like that. When we get home, let’s have a glass of Champagne and lots more kissing like that.”

The tongue kissed again for a more extended period; he felt the weight of her breasts on his chest. He also sensed her pussy pushing against his leg with a circular motion. He then pushed the trolley to the car and loaded the luggage into the boot. They drove home. Dot talked freely, she hadn’t enjoyed the American trip, and she wouldn’t go on another trip with her husband who was going to retire from the hospital in two months time when he was sixty-five. Dot was fifteen years younger than him.

They arrived home. Tom carried her cases to her bedroom. She then showed him all the Ralph Lauren clothing and the four pairs of Timberland shoes that she had got him. He was impressed. He took her in his arms, and they kissed again with tenderness and affection. His hand touched her massive left breast, he squeezed and played with it. He felt her hard nipple. He undid the buttons of her blouse as she undid his trouser belt. A minute later they were both naked. When she saw his hard cock, she said, “That’s gigantic, I have never seen one as big.”

They cleared the suitcases off the bed, and she went down on him. He then positioned her on the bed which enabled them to sixty-nine. He spread her cunt lips open, and out popped a gigantic clitoris, it was bigger than May’s. The then went to work on each other. Dot had a very gentle touch, and she knew how to suck cock. She had quickly taken his full length. As Tom sucked Dot’s large clit, he thought that this was unbelievable, her he was having a sixty-nine, with his mum and on her bed and they were both loving it.

After twenty minutes of intense foreplay, Dot was ready. For the last five minutes, he had been fingering Dot’s ass with three fingers. She loved it; she was pushing her ass against his fingers. He now decided to jump in with both feet. May was addicted to his ass fucking, and he felt sure that Dot would become addicted too. He made her stand then bend over an armchair in the bedroom. He went behind her then centred the bulbous crown of his cock on her ass hole. With a gentle thrust, his cock vanished inside her ass. She moaned with pleasure.

He then started to pound her ass. He was rubbing her massive clit as he pounded her. She said, “I’ve never been ass fucked with a cock before, this is fucking amazing, harder and deeper, mummy loves it.”

He did as he was told and five minutes later Dot had her first vaginal orgasm from being ass fucked. She trembled, Tom felt the warmth of her cum on his fingers which were playing with her clit. Tom said, “Mum, I am going to keep fucking your beautiful ass, in approximately five minutes, you will have a more intense orgasm. After that, I will concentrate on your hot cunt.”

He continued to pound her ass. Dot said, “I love what you’re doing. Mummy has given you her ass virginity; you can have anything that you want. Fuck my cunt doggy style after you are finished with my ass. Please fuck me hard and deep in my cunt too.”

Five minutes later she had her second vaginal orgasm; she shook this time. He felt the warmth of her cum on his fingers again. He then pulled out and then slid his cock easily into her hot wet cunt. He soon had an impressive rhythm going. It was impressive in two ways, from the power of it and the muscular movement that he was making. She was gripping each thrust at the base and at the crown of his cock. She was gripping him tightly with her strong cunt muscles. Dot said, “Your cock is amazing, you’re getting my clit then my G-spot with every thrust you make. Why have we never done this before? I should divorce your father, buy a nice apartment then we would have so much fun.”

He continued to pound her then said, “I wish we had done it before but now we have, we will have a lot of fun together. I love how you’re gripping me I love how you’re doing everything. Have you never been ass fucked before?”

As she pushed against his hard cock, she said, “No never, your father is an in and out selfish lover. The only good thing to come out of our marriage is you, though now I have discovered another wonderful thing which will get better every day that we do it. I am so close, fuck me harder, mummy wants to feel your spunk squirt in her cunt.”

Five minutes later they both had massive orgasms simultaneously, he exploded inside her pussy. She felt his squirt. She gripped his cock so tightly that she was holding him inside her hot cunt. A minute later she released him, and he pulled out. They kissed passionately with affection for two minutes. Dot then went to the ensuite bathroom and came back with a large bath towel which she spread on the bed. Dot said, “There’s so much cum flowing out of my pussy. That was, without a doubt, the best fuck of my life. Darling, I want you to know that I haven’t even had a kiss from your father for over twelve years.”

“We have our bedrooms, that’s the way that I have wanted it. He drinks and smokes too much. America was dreadful for me. Luckily for me that we had Suites. He had the bedroom, and I slept in the lounge. He is going to retire from the hospital in two months time then he is going on tour with his medical equipment. I believe that he has got plenty planned, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, India, China and Europe. It’s a very lucrative business, and he has the patents on all his instruments. I am looking forward to dinner. After we shower, let me dress alone as I want to surprise you with my outfit.”

They then showered, they both washed each other. Tom took the clothes that he would wear tonight and went to his room. He took his time dressing then went down to the kitchen and got himself a glass of Champagne. Ten minutes later he heard Dot coming down the stairs. He shouted, “I’m in the kitchen. Would you like me to pour you a glass?”

She replied, “Yes please, but look away from the door and only look when I tell you to.”

He poured her glass then looked away. Thirty seconds later she said, “You can look now.”

He turned around, and she looked stunning. She was wearing a very risqué outfit which showed her voluptuous body to perfection. She had a fantastic figure. He said, “Mum, you look gorgeous. I love this outfit. It shows your excellent figure perfectly. When we are out of the house, then I am going to call you Dot. In bed, I will call you mum, because I think that arouses you.”

She replied, “That’s a good idea. We will do that. Call me Dot in public and mum when we are fucking. On the way to the French restaurant, we must stop at the cash dispenser at the bank so that I can get cash for this evening’s meal. I want you to pay for it at the restaurant as that will look better than using one of my credit cards. You are looking great tonight; those colours suit you. I am so looking forward to this evening; I feel as though I am going on a date.”

They kissed very gently and tenderly. He squeezed her left breast, her nipple was hard. Dot said, “Let’s go for the meal then we have all evening to have fun.”

They finished their glasses then left. Dot withdrew five hundred pounds at the dispenser and said, “I will arrange a credit card for you and also an allowance so that you always have access to cash. We will be eating out a lot.”

He put the money in his pocket. They arrived at the restaurant and were shown to a table. It wasn’t bustling. Dot wanted Champagne; he ordered a bottle. They both ordered Coq Au Vin. As they waited for their meal to be served, Dot said, “When we get home I must phone May to thank her for having you and also to see what’s happening at the Clinic. I won’t go there tomorrow, I will go on Monday. That means that we have Friday, Saturday and Sunday together. We must invite May out for a meal, but we will wait a couple of weeks as I want to have some quality time with you.”

The meal was excellent. Tom paid for the meal, and they left. They walked home with their arms around each other. His hand was cupping her right breast, and his fingers had been teasing her hard nipple. She said, “Mummy loves it when you play with her tits. Over the weekend would you like to give mummy a titty fuck? Mummy would love you to slap her tits with your hard cock. Darling, I love how you are playing with my tit. My tits are so sensitive, I have had a little orgasm since you started playing with it, so don’t be surprised at how wet mummy’s cunt is when you get home.”

They got home, and they both stripped naked. Tom got some Champagne, and Dot sat on the sofa and phoned May. Dot thanked her for having Tom. Then May started to tell her what had been going on at the Clinic. Tom thought that this could take a while, he spread Dot’s legs wide open, knelt in front of her then went down on her. He started to suck her hard clit, she was pushing her cunt against his mouth. Photos He was fisting her as he sucked her massive clit. She was gripping his fist as he fist fucked her. All the time she carried on her conversation with May. Dot then said, “May, I need to go as I need to ask Tom what he would like to eat tomorrow. We can have a long chat at the clinic on Monday.”

May replied, “That’s amazing, I was thinking tonight that I don’t now need to ask him what he wants to eat. I have missed him tonight around the house. Tell him that I am thinking about him. Have you thought any more about him staying with me when he starts University?”

Dot replied, “I know that that would be the best idea as he wouldn’t have to travel so much. I would miss him so much. George is planning to travel a lot when he retires so I would be alone here. We have six weeks to get things arranged, so we still have plenty of time. We can talk on Monday about it.”

She came off the phone and said, “You made me so hot. May thinks a lot of you; she is missing you a lot. Do you want to stay with her when you start at University? Then I would be all alone here, or we could all stay with May. Do you find May attractive?”

Tom knew where this was going but didn’t know how to reply. He said, “I like May a lot. May and you do so much for me, and I am so grateful for that. Do you think that May is sexually active?”

Dot replied, “I must be honest with you. I am bisexual, and so is May. May is one of my lovers. She gets nothing from her husband. She is very similar to me in so many ways. She also has a powerful sex drive. If May and I shared you then that could be the answer to the problem. We could all live in May’s house. You are closer to the University, and I am closer to the Clinic. I have never discussed you sexually with May, but I am sure that she would be interested. How would you feel about that?”

Tom didn’t know what to say. May had told him that it was their secret and he wasn’t to discuss it with anyone. He knew that May would do it without a problem. He answered, “Why do you think that she could be interested? It would save o a threesome with you both. I think that you should start to message May and flirt with her. I will tell her on Monday that I am getting aroused when I am with you. I will ask her for her advice; she is so open-minded that she will tell me to go for it. You start to compliment her on her body. I can’t just tell her that you are fucking me stupid and would she like to join us. If we work together, then we can do this. You could have so much variety with the two of us.”

He answered, “That’s what we should do if May is like what you say she is then she will go for it. As women get older, does their sex drive decrease or increase? I haven’t much experience of older women.”

Dot replied, “Depends a lot on their circumstances. I have patients in their late seventies that can’t get enough sex. A lot are now into online sex where they masturbate on cam with guys they find on dating and role play sites. That’s the safest option nowadays; we get a lot of women catching STDs after One Night Stands. A lot of older women are in crap relationships, and this leaves them very frustrated. May and I are both very frustrated women, but I think that is about to change.”

They then kissed and touched; their hands were everywhere. For the next hour and a half, they gave each other pleasure. Dot had multiple orgasms. She was well satisfied. Tom had a massive climax within seconds of Dot. They kissed passionately and tenderly. Dot said, “The more that I think about it, the more I am sure that May will soon be joining us.”

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