My Daughter by tom8899


“Yeah, okay,” I say. “I just feel like maybe we should talk a bit more

A naked teenager on her knees is surely the secret dream of many fathers, even if they wouldn’t admit to it. I am currently looking at one right now, more precisely my daughter Diana. Her eyes are closed, so I dare look at her small pointy breasts, and how her nipples are erect.

I warn her when I’m about to come, but she keeps on sucking. That feels good, and not just physically. She flinches a bit when it happens, but she just swallows it and keeps going all the way.

I’m not going to lie, it was a good orgasm.

Diana is looking at my cock and how it’s now hanging soft after having done its work.

“Thanks, baby, that was really good,” I say to her, at the same time wondering if this really was what she had been expecting herself.

“Okay, dad,” she just says and gets up. My eyes still linger on her lithe and youthful form.

She’s called Diana, but to her friends she’s “Dia”. I guess the youth of today don’t think old-fashioned names like that are cool enough, even if I’ve tried to explain she wasn’t named for the princess but for the goddess. Not that it made much difference. Some of those kids probably had never heard of either. Diana is now eighteen and that makes eager for new experiences, as I had recently noticed.

This had been the first time she had made me come, it had just been fantasy for her before. Some people don’t understand that “dad and daughter” fantasies go both ways. Girls think about this stuff a lot too, as Diana had explained to me. She had even read studies about this, which had given her the courage to talk to me.

Diana is now busy with her bra, putting an arm through one loop and then another. As I watch her fingers working on the latch, it still surprises me at this age how easily girls manage to open and close those things behind their back. She picks up her shirt and then asks: “You want to do it again?”

“Sure, if you want to. It was nice,” I answer honestly.

“I’m gonna go hang out at the mall and then movies. Tomorrow?” she asks while she is slipping into her shirt.

“Sure,” I say. She brushes her hair a bit with her fingers before she leaves, although I didn’t touch it at any point, so it wasn’t really messy. Perhaps she had wanted me to?

Sure enough, Diana knocks on my door the same time the next day. “You busy, dad?” she asks, although she steps right in before I can answer.

“Not really,” I say, moving the folder I am holding into a drawer.

This time I touch her hair as she sucks, letting the honey-colored locks lightly drift through my fingers. That makes her glance at me, but she swiftly closes her eyes again. I move my hand to her shoulder, making sure I’m at least caressing her a little all the way through.

“Here it comes again,” I say, and she again keeps sucking, but suddenly I also feel how her fingers start to rapidly stroke my testicles.

Her lashes flutter a little when the ejaculation happens, but she doesn’t react in any other way except by deep swallows. I come even better than yesterday, but despite that I realize something is bothering me.

“Dia, I think we should talk a bit…” I say when she gets up.

“About what?” she wonders, frowning curiously.

“Get dressed first,” I say.

She shrugs and starts picking up her clothes. She sits down on the couch and puts one leg over the other, leans back and asks: “So what is it, dad?”

“Just about this thing, you know. You don’t really express your feelings much…” I try to choose my words carefully, but Diana understands immediately.

“Don’t worry, dad. I wouldn’t do this if I didn’t like it,” she says. “I just want it to be good for you. That’s what I like about it.”

“Yeah, okay,” I say. “I just feel like maybe we should talk a bit more.”

“Well, sure, if that’s what you want,” she says, “but I gotta catch the new Tom Cruise flick, so laters.”

“Fine, whenever you have time,” I agree and let her leave to fulfill her daily quota of popcorn entertainment.

We don’t start the next day with a blowjob. Not because she wouldn’t have wanted to, she is already opening her jeans when I remind her about the talking, so she sits down on the couch instead and crosses her arms.

“This is what I’ve been thinking about for years, dad. I already told you that,” she says. “It was a big deal for me when you agreed to it.”

“Yeah, but fantasies aren’t the same thing as reality, and you’re always so busy. Are you sure you don’t at least want to cuddle a bit more or something?”

“Hey, I’m not stupid, dad. I know everything can’t always be wonderful. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s better,” Diana says.

“We’ve only done it twice,” I remind her about her lack of experience, “Is there anything I could do to actually make it wonderful for you?”

Diana bites her lip, reminiscent of her mother. “Well, I mean, maybe…”

“This is what I meant,” I point out. “If you don’t talk to me, I can’t know what you want. You already shared your most secret dream with me and it’s become reality. There’s no reason why you can’t tell me how we could make it perfect for you.”

“This is kind of stupid…” she mumbles silently.

“You can tell me anything, dearie, whatever it is,” I say again.

“I mean, it’s just a little thing and it’s more about me than you, dad…” She pauses to glance at the ceiling until she continues. “I’d want to look you in the eyes when you come, dad, but I’m just so nervous.”

That did seem like a little thing, like she had said, but I could see this was really important for her, so I knew had to help her overcome her problem. “See, this is why we should talk,” I say. “Let’s try that today.”

Diana blinks and nods and then starts unbuttoning her shirt.

Then she is naked and on her knees again, her small breasts just as perky as before and her cute pussy in full view for me to look at. She sucks emotionally, but I agree with her that something is missing.

“Please look at me, Dia,” I softly whisper, caressing her hair and shoulders.

Me asking for her to do it is enough for her to open her eyes, and we retain eye contact during the orgasm so she can see me blinking and breathing heavily at the same time as she can feel my semen shooting into her mouth.

We both agree that this was the best experience so far and Dia hugs me afterwards, making me directly feel the perkiness of her teeny nipples rather than just looking at them.

“Wow, dad,” she says, looking at me with big blinking eyes. “Wow,” she says again, and I can practically see little hearts in her eyes.

“That was really good, sweetie,” I say, caressing her cheek.

“I think maybe I shouldn’t go to the mall today,” she says. “We could try this a few more times instead.”

We cuddle on the couch until I feel I’m ready again. When I give her the signal by touching her ass, she does a funny little spin which makes her end up on the floor and between my legs.

Her head is bobbing and her eyes are blinking, and I know this is good for both of us. Her heart-filled eyes are staring into mine as I come, and it’s better than ever before. Her eyes widen when she realizes how much sperm is actually shooting into her mouth. I can even see her cheeks bulging a little before the load goes down. Afterwards I remind her that’s how she knows she has been good for me, and she nods understandingly.

We both hope I’m good for one more go, and I assure her I am, if we just wait for a while. My hand is caressing her hips and her head is against my chest. She asks me to stand this time, so she can sit on the couch and open her legs to give me a better look at absolutely all of her teenage cuteness.

Because I have already come several times it takes more effort this time, and Diana has to pause a few times to kiss and lick my balls.

“Oh G-God…!” I shout when I shoot absolutely everything I have left and Diana swallows it all while constantly and attentively stroking my balls the whole time.

I can only softly caress her hair and whisper: “No more for today, sweetie…”

Diana smiles, she certainly is not disappointed, because this has been the wonderful experience she had dreamed about for ages.

“Wow, wow, wow, dad!” she exclaims and bounces happily on the sofa.

“Tomorrow,” I say and smile back at her.

“Oh yeah!” she chitters with her eyes blinking. She is so dizzy with joy she forgets to put her bra on before her shirt. She just tosses it to me and says: “I’ll come get it tomorrow!”

“It’s here,” I say, dropping it into my desk drawer. Diana gives me one more smile before she leaves, and I can only feel happy for her as I get back to my work while waiting for tomorrow’s exciting experiences.

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