My Loving Sister by tom231002


What a fucking view! MY SISTER! Who knew it would be so incredible?

Growing up in a single parent household, was just a way of life for my sister and I.

Having a divorced mom raising two kids, was good and bad. Mom worked all the

time, and we had a lot of unsupervised free time.

I have always enjoyed the female body. I can’t remember a time that I wasn’t looking at their tits, ass or crotch. My mom had huge tits, and it looked like my sisters were going to be almost as big. I would sneak a look at their tits as often as I could. I would lay in bed and slowly stroke my cock thinking about their tits. This was a great way to cum. As much as I would like to tell you that I have a big swinging cock….. The answer is no. Just average.

Audrey is my sister. We would spend all summer down at the pool. We had the best tans around. She would wear a one piece swimsuit, I’m not sure why, but she filled it out nicely. Her tits would push the top away from her body. Her nipples would stick out from the cool water. The bottom of the suit was cut high on the thighs and would ride up the crack of her ass. Seeing the hint of her pussy in that suit was almost too much for me.

I spent a LOT of time in the water waiting for my erection to go down. The other guys were fond of her as well. They would sit around her, waiting for the chance to strut their stuff, hoping to impress her. I heard the occasional rumor, that she had fucked her boyfriend, while he was driving. What a sight that must have been. She didn’t stay with any guy for long. Not sure why though.

This is where the interesting stuff begins. One night I was at home with just our mom.

After dinner, Audrey went to the movies, and mom went to have a bath. I was in my room

listening to some records, I needed some rubbing alcohol to clean a record. I went into

moms room to get it. When I passed the bathroom door, I got a quick glimpse of my mom on her knees, washing her hair under the faucet.

I grabbed the bottle of alcohol and started back to my room. The urge to look through the gap at my mom was too much to resist. When I looked, I could see EVERYTHING!!! The shampoo in her hair made it impossible for her to look behind her. Her hair was filled with shampoo. Her tits hung strait down and her nipples were hard from the cool air on them. Her ass was in the air, right in front of my face!

I could see her pussy just below her ass. Her legs were as far apart as the tub would allow. My cock got so fucking hard, so fucking fast! She was starting to rinse her hair. I could not waste time thinking. I pulled out my cock and started to stroke it. I must have been turned on, because I came in seconds! From that day on, I never looked at bath time the same. Every time my mom or sister said they were going to take a bath, all I could think about, was how to get in and watch.

My sister almost never went without a bra, but when she did, watching her tits sway beneath her shirt was great. When our mom was at work, and the weather sucked, we would lay around and listen to the radio. One day, to my surprise, she asked me if I had ever had sex. I told her I had been doing it for a while. Are you any good, she asked. I’m not sure.

How do you know if you’re good or not? I said. She shocked me by saying, If they cum, I guess you are. I had heard the rumor about her in the car, but was there more? I asked, can you make them cum? She smiled with a little embarrassment and said, In seconds…… Holy shit! I was getting hard thinking about Audrey having sex. She almost sent be over the edge telling me that she mostly gives head.

I asked why and she replied it was about being in control. It was time for a bathroom break! I got the door closed and my cock out in record time. I had my eyes closed thinking about my sister giving head, when I heard a noise by the door. By the time I looked over at it, a movement down at the floor caught my eye. It looked like a mirror! My sister was watching me jerk off?! The thought of it made me cum. By the time I cleaned up, she had left.

It was officially summer! School was out and I could sleep late. Mom work long hours and

Audrey and I had time on our hands. Watching my sister during the day and our mom

at night, was whipping me into a frenzy. Things got a little different one night when I thought Audrey was asleep. My mom said she was going to her room and turn in after a bath. After a quick goodnight, she was off to her room.

I waited, my pulse pounding in my head. Will I get a chance to see mom tonight? I heard the water, I heard the sloshing, I heard the water going out the drain. Then I heard the water turn back on! She was going to wash her hair. I reached for the doorknob to her room, my hand was shaking. I eased the door open. The room was dark, except for the light coming from the bathroom.

I slowly moved forward until I could see that she was on her knees in the tub. My cock sprang to life. She was there in front of me. Asking me to enter her from behind. I lay down on the floor, pants down, up on one elbow. Hard as a rock and ready to cum. I slowly, and I do mean slowly, rubbed my cock. I was so close to cumming, my cock was soaked with my pre-cum.

Just when I was going to enjoy the sweet release of orgasm, My sister tripped over me as she walked in the room! She spun around on the floor and looked at me with wide eyes. I put a finger to my lips to tell her to be quiet. She looked down and saw my deflating cock in my hand. She turned her head and looked in the bathroom to see what I was looking at.

There was mom washing her hair and none the wiser to what was going on in her room. By the time Audrey looked back at me. I had my cock back in my shorts and was trying to get off the floor. She jumped up and grabbed me by the arm and led me to my room. Once behind the door, she asked what the fuck I was doing! I was embarrassed from being caught and needed to find an excuse.

I had na-da… Why were you playing with yourself while looking at mom? Again, na-da… How long have you been doing this? A little while I said. So you get horny and you go play with yourself while watching mom wash her hair. Yes. Why. Because you always close the door….. Mouth open, speechless. she just looked at me. So, you would watch me if I was in the shower?

Maybe, I don’t know. Aud, I am just a guy and this is what guys do. Now get out of my room. She looked at my growing cock in my shorts and left. I needed to cum and Aud interupted it. Mom should be in bed, so I was going to jump in the shower and cum there. As soon as I left my room I realized Aud was already in the shower, Fuck! Before I turned around, I noticed the door cracked open, Fuck!

My face got warm, my heart started pounding. I eased up to the door, and put my eye up to the crack. The huge mirror at the sink showed my sister in the shower. The shower doors are glass and gave me a great view. She had the soap in her hand and was rubbing it all over her body with her hand. Now this is way better than mom! Cock hard and in hand, I could not resist the beauty I was seeing wash herself.

The water has stopped! My brain told me. I bumped my way into my room, threw myself on my bed and stoked myself. I am going to cum. My eyes closed, vision of my sister in my head. It was the best orgasm I ever had. The cum was dripping off my hand onto my stomach when I opened my eyes and saw Audrey standing in the door. I was numb from cumming so I could do nothing. She smirked and said, I’m glad you enjoyed the show. Then she closed the door and went back to her room. I fell asleep with thoughts of my sister running through my head.

The following week passed with me always having to hide my hard-on. Sis seams to be on a mission to make me insane. When we are at home, I swear she wears as little as possible. She wears a t-shirt to bed and I have started sneaking into her room after she has gone to sleep. Her breathing is slow. I watch her chest move up and down. Her skin is smooth and her lips look full and soft. I kneel next to her bed and stroke my cock while watching her. I slide my hand beneath the sheet and slowly lift it so I can look at her.

Tonight when I come in the room, she is not under the sheet. She is on her back, with her legs open. I can hear her slow breathing. She is asleep. I crawl up the foot of the bed. I slowly get between her legs. I want to smell her. Heart pounding, cock hard as steel. I lower my nose to her pussy and breath deeply. The scent is intoxicating. I find that my feelings for Audrey are more than brother and sister. It’s not lust….. I am in love with my sister!

My head is buzzing and I can’t wait to be with her. I lay on my chest and slide my arms under her legs and up to her waist. She is starting to stir. I cover her pussy with my mouth and start to lick her and flick my tongue over her clit. Her breath almost pulls the air out of the room. She tries to sit up, but my hands on her belly hold her back. She is now on her elbows looking at me with her mouth open while she is gyrating her hips and pushing herself onto my mouth. Her moans and breathing are exploding out of her. I pull one hand down so I can slide a couple of fingers into her while I taste her.

I don’t want this to stop and from her reaction, neither does she. She has cum a few times now while my mouth and fingers try to pleasure her. She is lying here now, eyes almost closed. She looks incredible. I move up and hover over her, looking at her. I lower myself to to face and kiss her on the lips, over and over. Making the kiss last longer each time. Then our tongues meet…..electric! I cover her mouth with mine and our tongues dance the dance of love and lust.

My cock head is just brushing her very wet pussy. I look into her eyes and she gives me a knowing smile. I ease forward and let my cock part her lips and enter her. I don’t stop until I am all the way inside my sister. I have to uncross my eyes before I can look at her clearly. I stare, she say’s what? I said, I love you. She knows exactly what I am saying and in what way. She hugs me tight and tells me she feels the same way. I slowly start sliding my cock in and out as we kiss. I can feel the cum building. I told her I need to pull out. She said cum on my shirt. I did seconds later. I didn’t want to leave, but I went back to my room thinking about how tonight, everything changed.

It’s Friday night and time for fun. A movie sounds good. Mom went to the VFW after work and Audrey was in her room. I jumped in the shower. After a few minutes, Audrey comes in bathroom to ask, where are you going? Going to the movies. Wanna go? Sure! To my surprise, she got in the shower with me. We washed every inch of each other’s body to great arousal. We agreed to only touch and to not make each other cum. We dressed and left the house in my truck. We can’t sit next to each other when we ride around, someone might see us and get shit started. My sis does sit close enough to ride with her hand in my lap. She loves rubbing my crotch. The feeling of my cock getting hard drives her nuts.

We get to the theater, choose a movie, get snacks and get to our seats. Having Audrey with is a huge distraction. My attention is more on her than the movie. Lights down, movie on, and Audrey’s hand is busy making me hard. She is sitting Indian style in the seat. It is the first time she has worn a skirt since we became more than sibling’s. She whispers for me to unbutton my pants. I maneuver my cock free once my pants are unbuttoned. Her hand wraps around it. She slowly and softly strokes it. I reach over and place my hand on her thigh and lightly run my fingers up and down. She becomes impatient and raises the armrest and puts her hand right back.

A slow stream of pre-cum was coming out of my cock. Her skirt was short and my hand was making it shorter. My hand reached her pussy. Photos She is soaked. When my finger brushes her clit, she just about jumps out of the seat. She gets tired of this and pushes my hand out of the way. She spins around in the seat, face backwards now. She leans over and gives me a passionate kiss. After a few minutes, she made my toes curl. She lay down while still facing me and put all of my cock in her mouth. MF’er! All the way in and out, then just the head, stroking it while sucking. Girl got skills! She puts her left foot flat on the seat which spreads her legs nicely.

My right hand has full access to have my fun. I run my hand over her ample breasts. They feel fantastic! I can feels her nipples getting hard. I work my hand down her body and between her legs. Fuck! She is wet! I run my middle finger down the slit of her pussy, then back up to her clit. I start making circles with my finger around her clit. She is really enjoying this. Her soft moans are more felt than heard through my cock. She really seems to enjoy sucking me, and let me tell you, so am I. I now slide 2 fingers down her pussy getting them nice and wet. They slide in without much effort. I love a wet pussy! While working my 2 fingers in and out of her, I use my thumb to rub her clit. She is having another orgasm, she has not released my cock from her hot mouth. I don’t know if I can hold out much longer.

I tell her to sit up and turn back around facing the front of the seat. I look down and nobody is close to us. I get on my knees in front of her and hold her legs apart. I said to her, keep a look out. I lower my face to her pussy. I love the smell coming from her. Her pussy is hairless and smooth as silk on my tongue. The taste is intoxicating, there is nothing like it. I make big circles with my tongue in and around her pussy. Her legs jerk every time I run across her clit. I suck her clit into my mouth and flick it with my tongue. Using just my tongue, I run it up and down her as lightly as I can. She likes this. I slide a couple of fingers into her while I work over her clit. I pull my fingers out and hold them up to her mouth.

She grabs my hand a starts sucking my fingers like a cock. My cock is so fucking hard, I might just cum here on my knees. While holding my hand, she pulls to get me off the floor. I thought someone was coming our way. Nope, she had plans of her own. She stands and pushes me down in the seat. These are the kind that recline. She reclines the seat and pulls my pants down far enough that my cock and balls are free. She climbs over the armrest and guides my cock into her delicious wet pussy. She sits on me putting my all the way in her. This is great! I feels the warmth of her. She is squeezing my cock with her pussy! I have never had that experience before. She slowly starts grinding her pussy against me.

Her hands are on my chest and her eyes are closed. She gasps a few times and says she is cumming. I sat there mesmerized by her and what she was experiencing. I run my hands under her shirt up to her tits. She pulls up her shirt and bra. She has gotten comfortable enough with her body, that she lets me look and feel all parts of her. She is perfect. I love tits BTW. I run my hands over her tits and play with her nipples. I lean up and take a nipple in my mouth and suck. It’s nice and hard. She is really start to grind now. She is going to cum weather she likes it or not. She does, and I was a little shocked by the noise she made. I looked around to see if anyone heard us. I didn’t think so. The theater is dark, but I could see someone at the other end of our row.

Looked like some guy watching the movie. I didn’t sense anything, so I didn’t tell Audrey. Besides, she was going for another orgasm. I put my thumb down on her clit and started rubbing. Well that was the way to go. She came two more times almost back to back. Her pussy was so wet, it was running down between my legs. She reach over the side of the seat and hit the button that put it back up straight. As I was moving up with the seat, she leaned over and started kissing me. It was a deep soulful kiss. Her lips soft and wet. Her tongue was hot in my mouth. I love kissing her. I think she could make me cum with that kiss.

To my surprise and mild disappointment, she slowly eased herself off my cock and slid down to the floor. She pushed my legs apart and took her place between my legs. She held the base of my cock in her hand and lowered her mouth onto my cock. She slowly slid it in and out of her mouth. Then she would run her tongue up and down it. Licking it like a Popsicle. She started moving her hand in time with her mouth. She would be at the bottom, hand wrapped around my cock, up against her mouth. She would slide up, pulling me out of her mouth, then using her hand to stroke the head before she put it almost immediately back in her mouth. My breathing became faster. She was looking up at me. What a fucking view! MY SISTER! Who knew it would be so incredible?

A movement caught my eye. It was the guy at the end. He was just a few seats away! His cock was in his hand! I looked back down a Audrey and jerked my head his way. She didn’t miss a stroke. She looked over at him then back up at me and shrugged her shoulders. She stood and pushed me to slide to my right into her seat. She got on her knees in my seat. She started sucking me again. She was also watching him stroke his cock. He was older than us and his cock looked long and thick. You could see him using long slow strokes. He could not take his eyes off her sucking me. She could not take her eyes off him jerking his cock. I reached behind her and ran my finger over her asshole. She pushed against my finger. I sank my middle finger into her pussy to get it wet. Once my finger was nice and wet, I moved back up to her ass. I slowly worked my finger into her asshole.

My cock popped out of her mouth and an OH YES erupted from her mouth. She was rocking back and forth fucking my finger and sucking me. I guess this was too much for both he and I. She moaned loudly while her eyes were locked on his cock. I looked over and he was standing up and shooting loads of cum onto the floor. Audrey didn’t move a muscle while watching this show he was putting on. He tucked his cock into his pants and waved at us, then he was gone. My turn! I told her I was going to cum. She dropped to the floor and said, cum on my face! You got it hot stuff. I stood over her face and stoked my cock and shot my hot cum onto her face and mouth. She stood up and wrapped her arms around me, then kissed me hard and deep. The taste of my cock and cum in her mouth was better than expected.

We adjusted our clothes and got out of there. Whataburger? I said. Sure thing lover! Was her reply. I like this girl!

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