Night before the Game Part 2 by alexanderunderwood

This is my second story on here so any comments, good or bad, are appreciated.

I woke up to the alarm buzzing hysterically. I noticed Lacy had already left and tried to recall last night’s encounter before getting out of bed. Today was my first football game of my senior year and I really couldn’t afford any distractions if I wanted to play college ball somewhere good. And that especially meant cheerleaders. I walked over to my closet and started to grab things for a shower. I needed one badly before heading off to the school but with all the girls standing in my bathroom, I would just have to use my parents. I threw on my boxers from last night and a pair of baggy sweat pants, grabbed some clean clothes and headed downstairs.

When I exited my room, most of the girls that were still in the open area stopped talking just to stare at me. I won’t lie and say I didn’t want them to stare at me. I knew I looked good without my shirt and just wanted a little ego boost. I walked down the stairs and paused at the bottom to see if I could hear what they were saying but they made sure to keep their voices down.

I went into my parent’s room and started the shower to warm it up before I stripped down and climbed in. I stood motionlessly just letting the water pour down over me as I started to mentally prepare for my game. I closed my eyes to try to imagine going through my reads but all I could see was Lacy’s body on top of me last night. The way her breasts swayed above my face, the feeling of her mouth stroking me, the feeling of my orgasm in her ass as it pulsated.

I turned around to wash my face. I grabbed the soap and washed my hair, as soon as I began to put soap over my face, I heard the shower curtain slide open and someone step in. Quickly rinsing my face and turning around, I was surprised to see Tara standing in front of me. I thought she was stunning with clothes on but even her tightest clothes couldn’t do justice to the angel standing in front of me. Her long blonde hair fell to the top of her perky tits. My eyes slowly wandered down her body, over her tight stomach, her shaved cunt, her long legs, down to here tiny feet.

“Can I join you? There are too many girls waiting for your shower upstairs” she finally said breaking what seemed to be an hour’s worth of silence. Until yesterday I hadn’t seen any girl my age naked in my life and now I’ve seen two girls willingly show me in less than 12 hours.

“Sure” I responded with a little more confidence than I am used to having. Since my parents shower was wider than most, I stepped to the side to allow her to get in the water. As she slid past me, she made sure her nipples grazed my chest. She looked me straight in the eyes and handed me a loofa.

“Help me” she said as she turned around to grab the body wash. As she bent over, she made sure her ass pressed into my leg. She turned back around and squirted the body wash over the loofa and kneaded it to lather it up and turned around to show her back to me. I tentatively pressed it to her body and started to move it around her upper back in circles. With every stroke, I was getting more and more confident and went lower and lower. I stopped my migration lower when I reached the top of her ass, not wanting her to get mad.
“You need to wash me completely” she said just as forceful as ever. I became kind of memorized as I watched the water cascade down her back and on to her ass. I went lower and lower and couldn’t believe how nice her ass felt as I reached my off hand to grab her left cheek as I washed the right. I felt my body go primal again as I pulled her closer with me and rubbed my already hard penis between her cheeks. I wanted her badly but I didn’t want to without her permission. She spun around and dropped to her knees, taking my cock fully into her mouth in one quick motion. She kept it completely in for as long as she could and started to gag.

“Wow that was bigger than I thought it would be.”

Kind of puzzled on that comment thinking how big she thought I would be, I asked her, “How big did you think I would be?”

“Just smaller. I knew you were big because your football pants never hide it but I couldn’t imagine it being this big,” she quickly said before swallowing my cock back into her mouth. She started pumping her head quickly, this felt way better than Lacy’s blowjob the night before. She used her left hand and started stroking my balls and used her right hand on my cock as she played the tip with her tongue. I could feel my orgasm building quickly and knew I wouldn’t last much longer. She could tell this and went throat deep on my again. I couldn’t take this one last show of urgency and placed both hands on her head and pulled her as close as I could while shooting my semen deep into her. She pulled back and opened her mouth to show me that she swallowed it all.

“I want that thing to fuck me next time” she said as she got off her knees and grabbed the shampoo.
“Do you want me to wash you?” she asked as she turned around to rinse her hair. With the way she was standing, her breasts were sticking straight out at me.

“If you would be kind enough to do so” I replied. This girl that the only thing she talked to me before was to ask questions in calculus was now talking to me like I was her best friend since she moved here. I turned around as she started to wash my back. She paid special attention to the back of my upper legs and on her way up, she moved to the front of them. She stopped washing at the top and dropped the loofa. Her hands wrapped around me and both grabbed my semi-hard cock with a firm grip. It quickly sprang back to life and she almost squealed with delight.

“Turn around for me. I need you now” she said and I happily obeyed. I turned around and was instantly met with a very passionate kiss. I knew she had to be on her tippy-toes so I reached around and grabbed her ass to lift her up to my level. She wrapped her legs around me and her arms around my shoulders. She rocked her hips and was stroking my trapped cock with her crotch.

She broke our embrace and lowered herself back to the floor and turned around propping one of her feet on the side. I closed the gap between us and she reached back to guide my cock into her pussy. It wasn’t as tight as Lacy’s ass but I didn’t think it would be. I started pumping into her slowly making sure I wouldn’t knock her over with the thrusts. I started picking up the pace and added extra power by grabbing her hips and pulling her to me with each thrust. I noticed one of her hands made its way between her legs to play with her clit as I was dominating her pussy. She was soon overcome with an orgasm and I let up a little so she wouldn’t collapse in her pleasure. Once it subsided, I picked up the pace once again.

When she finally came down from her second orgasm, she pushed me out of her and turned off the water. She left the shower and climbed onto my parents’ bed with me not following far behind. She laid on her back and spread her legs showing off her bald pussy and I clamored on top of her.

I tried to thrust into her vagina with no help but kept missing. She snaked her hand between our bodies and guided me into her wet hole. As I started thrusting, I placed my right hand on her left breast and gave it a strong squeeze. She moaned and I went in for another passionate kiss. I was surprised I was lasting this long but figured it was just because of the sex sessions I have had the past couple of hours.

After breaking our kiss, I sat back while still fucking her and lifted her legs up and squeezed them together causing her pussy to become even tighter around my cock. A third orgasm started ripping through her body and her pussy was constricting my cock. I couldn’t last any longer and thrust one more time deep into her vagina as my seed shot deep into her.

Her last orgasm subsided and she pulled me out of her so she could go grab a towel. I followed her to grab a towel myself. I turned around to see a wet spot on the bed where she was laying. I figured it wouldn’t dry before my parents got home but I didn’t have time to dry it as I was running late for pregame. While I was drying off, Tara went back upstairs to finish getting ready. As I walked out the front door, I saw Lacy and Tara both talking and giggling. They stopped to wave and wish me luck at the same time.

As I drove to school, I kept replaying the last 24 hours in my head and wondering how I would wipe the smile off of my face before I got to school.

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