One sister blackmails another by tom8899


“I want to do this at home, lock my bedroom door, get naked and fuck.”

Shelly walked up the steps of the bus ahead of me, and as agreed she took a seat in the very back. The bus was never crowded anyway, and today it was practically empty. She sat down and scooted over to the window, an angry pout on her face. I sidled in beside her and set my pack on the seat across from us. When the bus reentered traffic I turned to her, studying her face. She wouldn’t meet my eyes.

“Okay,” I said, “Let’s see it.” Now, she looked at me, anger turning to rage, turning to shame.

“Isn’t there something else I can do?” She pleaded. “Anything?”

“We had a deal,” I said casually, “If you don’t want to uphold your end then I will let Mom and Dad know what you did.” I smiled sadistically, “Either way, no difference to me.”

“This is sick!” She looked at me with a horrified expression. “What kind of freak are you? Ever since you turned 18, you’ve been acting like a fucking weirdo.”

“Look, it sounds like you have made up your mind, and that is fine with me.” I stood, reaching for my pack, intending to take a seat forward in the bus. She grabbed my skirt.

“Karma, wait,” her shaky hand released my skirt when she saw I was listening. “Okay, okay, I’ll do it. But why here, on a bus?”

“To add to the excitement, to show you how bad you fucked up and how much power a few pictures I took can give me over you. And, I guess as payback for all the times you narced on me.” I sat back down and turned to her. “Now, let’s see it.”

Closing her eyes, and with shaky hands, she lifted her skirt, shifting from one butt cheek to the other so it was over her hips. Her shiny, twenty year old, beautifully waxed pussy sparkled in the dingy light pouring through the window, she wasn’t supposed to wear panties.

“Spread ’em wider,” I commanded. She did. “Play with it, get it real wet.” Mortified, eyes still closed, she moved an unsteady hand down and started to play with her pussy. I looked around, no one would ever suspect what was happening back here. I watched her fiddle around with herself, teasing her clit. I could feel my own pussy getting excited, starting to moisten up. I turned and reached for my pack, setting it in my lap. Shelly opened her eyes to see what I was doing but quickly shut them again when she saw me smile at her, blood rushing to her already rosy cheeks. I retrieved my camera from a side pocket and stashed it next to me on the seat, putting my pack on the floor. I watched Shelly for a few more minutes, getting hornier and hornier. The bus plodded along, making occasional stops, but mostly it was the few passengers getting off. Soon, there would be no stops for about thirty minutes as we traveled from one suburb to the next.

“How’s it going? You wet yet,” I asked.

Shelly slid her finger up her crack, “Not yet,” She sounded disgusted with herself. We rode along a few more minutes and I sat there watching her play with herself. She slid her finger again, testing her wetness, and the tip easily poked inside a little bit, “Now I am,” she said.

“Let me see that finger.” She held it up for me and I took her wrist pulling the finger to my mouth sucking on it. “Mmmm, big sis, you taste good.” I ran my own finger along her crack, dipping the tip inside. Shelly squirmed, but didn’t protest. I stuck it in my mouth.

“Is that enough?” She asked, starting to pull her skirt down.

“No, no, my sweet. You keep doing what you were doing. We have a ways to go yet.”

She made a disgusted sound and returned to her ministrations. I watched her masturbate, getting so aroused that it was impossible for me not to move a hand under my skirt. My dripping pussy sighed when my fingers started rubbing. In less than a minute I felt an orgasm rushing at me, my eyes glued to my big sister as she rubbed herself. I came, going rigid and slack at the same time, shoving a finger in my pussy so I could feel it contract around it. The rush slowly ebbed and I withdrew my finger, savoring the taste of my come and dipped two fingers in again to taste some more. Shelly was staring at me.

“Did you just come?” she asked, disbelief written on her face.

“I sure did, sis,” I answered, breathing heavy.

“How did you do that so fast?”

“You, my dear, are a sexy bitch and watching you play with yourself is incredibly erotic.” I took another taste of my come.

“But, I am your sister. How can that turn you on?” She sounded truly baffled.

“Honestly, it doesn’t bother me at all, it heightens it. We are sisters, we’re not going to breed. I’m not going to tell any one about this, I’m positive you won’t.” I smiled at her, “It’s just sex. Pure and simple. Naked flesh, fingers, tongues and orgasms. That’s it.”

“Well, I find it completely anticlimactic, immoral and disturbing. There is no way I could orgasm from this, and that you can says to me that you are fucked up in the head.” She said all this, but her fingers never quit giving her pussy attention. I didn’t point that out.

“Oh, I bet you could, if you weren’t such a prude. You wax your pussy, obviously you have some sexual desire.”

“I have plenty of sexual desire, just not with my extortionist sister,” she blurted, defensively.

“So your desire might then be limited to the bedroom, and your clumsy boyfriend, with the lights off in the Missionary position?” I was goading her, but it was fun. I knew my argument was ludicrous, but I enjoyed getting her worked up.

“Are you serious?” she asked , incredulously, “You think because I won’t come on the back of a city bus while my incestuous, blackmailing sister watches means I am a prude?” She was getting fired up now.

I tried to diffuse the situation a little, “All I’m saying is, you could enjoy the situation for what it is, and get as much out of it as you can.” That was weak too.

“I feel like this is a sort of rape.”

“You are free to go at any time,” I countered.

“And then you show off your pictures,” she parried.

“Well, true, but it’s not like I don’t have legitimate grievances as well.”

“Agreed, but why not ask for money, or clothes or…anything else. Why this?” She looked down, indicating her fingers, still rubbing her clit and, I noticed, one had slipped inside her.

Time for a skeleton to come out of the closet, “Shelly,” I said, “I have always had a crush on you, always thought you were so beautiful. I always dreamed of being your ‘husband’ and living happily ever after.” I looked away, emotion threatening to choke me up.

Shelly studied me, I think trying to decide if I was being genuine or not. “Well, that’s sweet, and what a way to express your love, by forcing me into a sexual situation I would never, ever agree to if I had a choice.” I studied the floor of the bus, not wanting to look at her, suddenly feeling a slight tug on my conscience. “Karma, look at me,” I did, “I love you too, but not like this, not so dirty, so immoral.”

“Then pretend I’m not your sister, just for today, and play along.” I wasn’t going to let this opportunity slip so easily away. “Just do what I ask, let me live out my ‘sick’ fantasy and we will never speak of it again.” I looked at her, “Fair?”

Her eyes squinted, pursed lips, suggesting she didn’t exactly believe me, and her finger still intruded into her pussy. She sighed and her shoulders slumped, “Goddamnit, Karma, let’s get it over with.” Her eyes were blazing into mine. “What do you want me to do now?”

I smiled brightly, patting her knee, “That’s a good girl,” I said, adjusting myself so my knee was against the back of the seat and the other leg on the floor, my pussy gleaming and fully exposed. I used a finger to agitate my clit. “Have you ever been with a girl?”

“No,” she said, watching my finger, even though her expression said she wanted to look away.

“Have you ever thought about it?”

“No,” she said.

“Be honest with me, Shelly. I told you something I swore I never would, so you have that on me. Tell me the truth.”

She looked at me, her fingers idly rubbing over her clit and one slowly sliding in and out of her gash. I noticed that it was quite wet under her ass, a dark stain on the seat. “I…,” she hesitated, squinting her eyes again, suspiciously. “I have thought about it,” she said, reluctantly, “But never acted on it.” She turned and looked out the window, her finger plowing into her pussy sped up a little as she shifted her hips. “Are you satisfied with that answer?” she asked, speaking to the window.

“Yes, Shelly,” I said, “Now, let me suck on that finger of yours. It’s probably all pruned up for as long as you have had it in your pussy.” She offered it to me without looking at me and I closed my mouth over it, sucking and washing her savory digit clean. The fingers on her clit sped up as my tongue started to wind around her finger in my mouth. I wondered if she was even aware of this. I pulled my mouth back with a wet ‘popping’ sound and she mechanically returned the finger to her pussy, easily sliding it in and resuming her motion.

I looked around the bus, no one for ten seats. “Unbutton your top, I want to see your tits.”

She spun around and glared at me, started to protest, but changed her mind. Scanning the empty seats, she seemed to come to the same conclusion that no one could ever see. She reached behind herself, under her top and unsnapped her bra, pulling her arms inside her blouse one at a time and slid the loops off of them. She handed me her bra, “Put this in your pack,” she said, unbuttoning her top. She undid four buttons and opened it up exposing her shapely tits. She leaned down a little more in the seat, thereby guarantying no prying eyes could see her. I was instantly elevated to the next level of arousal, my pussy demanding more than casual clitoral stimulation. I placed a finger at my opening and slowly slid my middle finger in as far as it would go. I simply gawked at her tits, a c-cup, a 34-36, somewhere in there, silky-white and capped with two pert little nipples. I wanted to squeeze her tits, suck on those little nubs, cover her whole body with my saliva.

“Play with them,” I commanded, absolutely no question that I was serious.

Her hand almost instantly pulled away from her pussy and cupped her left tit, lifting it, massaging. She pulled on her nipple twisting it in her fingers until it snapped free. She gave the right one the same attention only this time she cupped it again and lifted her tit up as she bent her head down and swabbed her tongue across the entire top of it, her nipple glistening in it’s path.

I was speechless, my sisters ad-lib ratcheted up my tension, my arousal. “I didn’t know you could do that?” I croaked, clearing my throat.

“You never asked,” she said, dropping her mouth over the nipple of her other breast and sucking on it, holding it in her teeth and pulling it free. She blew on the nipple for a moment then sucked on it again. I could tell she was furiously tongue lashing her little bud, and I happened to notice that her other hand was grasping her pussy, the palm on the clit and a couple fingers stuffing in and out.

“Well, I like it,” I said, a little petulantly.

“Do you want to lick one?” she asked, a demur look in her eyes, her hand tweaking one nipple then the other, as she waited for my answer.

“What’s got into you,” I asked, suspicious.

“I figure as soon as I come, this is fucking over!” She spat the last two words. “Right?”

I didn’t know what to say. I know I didn’t like how she was trying to take control. I could see her angle now: just get it over with, come and be gone. The premise was flawed though. It didn’t have anything to do with her coming once and we were even, no, it was going to involve more than that.

“That is 50% correct. As soon as you come and,” dramatic pause, “I come.”


“That’s fair,” I said in my best affronted voice.

“Then, you better hurry up, because I’m almost there.”

“Can I still suck on your titty?” my best contrite voice.

“Yes, if it will help you,” she said, pulling her blouse open for me, turning her head away, looking out the window, her other hand working harder than ever on her pussy.

Nervous, intimidated, hell, scared, I bent down and gently placed my mouth on her tit. I closed my eyes and moaned as the soft, warm flesh, touched my lips and my tongue tentatively began to lap against her nipple. I heard her moan, low and controlled, but I heard it. My passion was almost at critical level and my timidity quickly fled as ravenous lust took control. I sucked hard, grasping it with my hand, flicking the nipple and then biting it. Shelly cried out and arched her chest, sucking air through her clenched teeth.

“Suck on the other one,” she told me.

I leaned over and took control of her other tit, my head half in her blouse, her scent strong and sexy in my nostrils. The top of my head was touching the inside of the arm she was masturbating with and I could feel her rhythm. She was frequently moaning now, my titty sucking obviously getting her worked up.

“That feels really good Karma,” she admitted, in a hoarse whisper.

“What? Are you some incestuous lezbo, now?” I asked, around a mouthful of breast.

“No, this is…,” she let out a little squeak as I bit her, “This is gross, but it feels fucking good.”

Her head was back against the seat turned to the side, I stuck my mouth on the side of her exposed neck, like a vampire, and French-kissed it, my tongue slathering the soft flesh from her earlobe to her collar bone. My hands moved up and played with her tits.

“I’m going to come, Karma,” she groaned and turned her head so her mouth found mine. We kissed, wildly, passionately, lustfully as her orgasm overtook her. She cried out into my mouth, her sweet breath filling my lungs as I breathed it in. I could hear her hand slapping against her pussy, even over the roar of the bus engine. She stiffened as her climax arrived, letting out a huge groaning sigh, twitching, her tongue frozen in her mouth as mine licked her lips and chin and throat. Slowly she regained her composure and gently pushed me away.

“Let me rest for a second,” she said, shaking her head and smiling. Her eyes met mine, “You little bitch, what did you do to me?”

I looked at her, disheveled, flushed, blouse half open and one beautiful tit hanging out, fingers just now coming to a finish, “You did that to yourself, I just encouraged you some.”

“I have never came like that, that hard.” She shook her head again, “I didn’t think it was possible.”

“Shelly,” I said, like I was talking to a child, “You can have three or four just like that, one right after the other.”

Chuckling, she said, “I think that might make me pass out.”

“Well, let’s see. Put your back against the window and this leg up against the seats,” I patted her left leg.

“No way, Karma. I came,” she resisted. “We had a deal.”

“This is part of the deal, I need to come now and this will help.” I was being partially truthful.

“What are you going to do?”

“Don’t worry about it. I won’t hurt you,” I smiled at her but she only stared.

“Now, put your leg up here, and leave the other one on the floor, yes, good. Now scoot your butt down a little. There we go.” Her pussy was now fully exposed to me, the puffy, brownish lips were slightly parted, revealing the inner pink. It was glistening and a slippery patch covered her butt cheeks and asshole. I scooted my own ass towards the aisle, sliding my legs under the seat in front, then leaned down so I could put my mouth on her pussy.

She realized what I was intending and covered her pussy with her hands, “No way, you little freak, are you going to do that to me.”

I rested my cheek on her hands, looking up at her, the smell of her pussy like an aphrodisiac. “Shelly, what’s the difference? You already let me suck on your tits, this is just a different place I want to suck.” I batted my eyelashes at her. My arms were folded underneath me with hands by my chin, I started to softly stroke her inner thighs with my fingertips. “If you want this to end then move your hands and let me have my way.”

“You are an evil little thing,” she spat and removed her hands.

I was staring at her pussy, moving my head so my nose brushed across her clit, which was swollen and popped out of its hood. I kissed her smooth mons, and either side of her vulva, before dragging my tongue up her slippery little crack to her clit.

“Oh, fuck, Karma, she whispered. I couldn’t tell if she was angry or aroused.

I licked again, reaching my tongue as far down as it could go, my chin on the dirty bus seat, finding her butt hole and letting my tongue wander around it for a few seconds before poking at the center. I licked up and shoved it in her pussy, then flicked her clit a few times. I looked up to see she was watching me, her eyes half closed, her hands playing with her tits.

“This is so wrong,” she breathed, but she pinched her nipples anyway.

I sucked and licked her pussy, moving up every few seconds to give her clit a good flurry of lashings. I was sold on the pussy licking. This being my first time I could never fully understand what all the fuss was about, other than the intimacy of it. I know I liked it when it was done to me, but doing the actual licking was a pleasure factor in its own right. I could never sleep with a man again, at least not solely. I would forever be wanting the distinct privilege of lapping the nectar from such a secretive flower.

I felt her hand rest lightly on my head, petting me, then pushing down so I applied more pressure to her clit. The action was so erotic it made me cream myself and I could feel my juice flowing down my thigh.

“Karma, Karma, oh fuck….” She absolutely convulsed, thrusting her hips into my face, making it almost impossible to keep my mouth on her clit. Everyone on the bus had to hear her cry out, might even be coming back to make sure everything was okay. I started to sit up and make sure the coast was still clear but her hand tightened in my hair, “No! keep going.” I immediately continued my mouth-work, surprised by her sudden use of force. I licked her clit exclusively, giving it as much attention as I could, flicking it from all sides and directions.Photos She quit bucking and lay still for a moment, but I kept going, glancing up at her. She was staring at me but I don’t think she could see me. Her eyes seemed glazed, distant, her mouth slightly ajar. All at once, her vision cleared and her eyes were staring deep into mine, “I am coming again,” she said in utter disbelief. I followed her through the motions of her hips, the thrusts and dodges, the squeals of erotic bliss. I followed her around until she relaxed and let go of my hair. I gave her pussy a final sloppy kiss and sat up. None of the three people on the bus were looking except maybe the driver, but she could always see in her mirror.

Shelly lay there, blouse completely unbuttoned, the top of her tits and chest blushed, her breaths coming in rapid succession. She was looking at me, “That was fucking incredible, Karma. Sick and wrong or not, I cannot believe the intensity of my orgasm,” she corrected herself, “Orgasms.”Photos She sat up and pulled me to her, kissing me deeply, cleaning her come off my face, licking me clean. When she was finished she sat back in her seat and rested. “We’re almost there,” she said, looking out the window. She moved her hand over and put it on my knee, squeezing it and then rubbing back and forth, slowly working her way up my thigh. I stared at her naked form, thinking about the sex I just performed on her, loving the memory of her texture on my tongue and her smell still strong in my nose. Her hand crept its way up until it ducked beneath my skirt and I felt her delicate fingers glide across my pussy. She turned and looked at me, “You are soaked,” she said, dipping a finger into my snatch. I moaned, pulling up my skirt and spreading a little wider. She stuffed a finger in me and used the flat of her hand to gyrate over my clit. After all the sexual tension building in me, my orgasm arrived swiftly and with force. I grabbed the edge of the seat and straightened my legs as the wave of pure pleasure swept me away. Shelly adjusted herself so she could maintain the finger and clit rubbing while locking her mouth to mine. I rode the tumultuous wave trying to focus on my sisters hand on my pussy and her tongue in my mouth, but the two blurred together in erotic confusion. Slowly, the wave receded, depositing me in some paradise where it feels like I’m floating and the horizon is filled with the beautiful panorama of my sisters face. When she saw that I was done, she withdrew her finger and stuck it in her mouth.

Mmmm, little sis tastes good,” she said, smiling a lovely smile.

“Thank you,” I managed, still dizzy.

“Let’s get the fuck off this bus. I want you at home, showered and in my bed.”

I was certain I missed something, “What?”

“I want to do this at home, lock my bedroom door, get naked and fuck.”

“You mean that?” I asked, praying she wasn’t messing with me.

In answer, she stood and squeezed passed me into the aisle, her shirt fanning behind her, tits out for all to see. She pushed me down in the seat and spread my legs, kneeling between them and stuck her tongue straight into my pussy. She sucked on it for a few seconds, getting me hot again, then stood. I lay there watching her button up her shirt, swaying with the motion of the bus. “Do you believe me?”

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