Taming Those Disruptive Students (edited) by stifflittlepoints


Join Jamie and her boyfriend teach two guys and one girl about terms from her reproductive health class.

“Taming Those Disruptive Students”

By Stifflittlepoints

Episode I

Jaime had just finished her final year at the University of Florida and the 22-year-old had been rewarded with a teaching position just outside of Orlando. The very attractive coed had long brown hair and deep blue eyes and could easily have elected a career in modeling instead of teaching. Her breasts were small for her age . . . only 34 A but her boyfriend Mark loved playing with her “cones” as he loved to call them, just the same. She had just moved into a condominium and started her first year teaching. The students all seemed to love her pep and energy but two boys in particular, who were lazy, failed to pay attention and were often times disruptive. She knew high school students were tough, but something had to be done to correct these two student’s behavior.

Jaime had just finished licking Mark’s (her boyfriend) long cock clean after an hour of lovemaking when she stated she was not looking forward to going to school the next day.

“Why not . . . what’s going on?” he asked, loving the oral attention he had just received and her naked body that was still perched in between his legs. He especially liked her clean-shaved pussy that made her look like a teenager, since he secretly craved young women.

“I have these two jerks in my health class that keep bothering everyone. They’re older than the other kids . . . in fact they should be juniors . . . and they just are acting stupid no matter what I do.”

“Well, you should give them some head, like I just received and they would do whatever you want. Or, let them look at your tits every once and a while and they’ll do whatever you ask,” he joked.

“You would let these two teenagers see my body, and let me suck them off . . . like I love sucking off this huge cock of yours?” she teased, grabbing his 8″ rod and licking the head again.

“Sure, if I can watch! I’d love to see their hot cum sprayed all over your body and up your pussy. Maybe I could even get in on the action and you could have three cocks ramming you at the same time!”

It was that sensuous thought that remained with her as she drove to school and throughout the day. Things went fine until her health class met last hour and then Joe and Martin acted up again and she stepped out of the classroom for a few minutes and had to call their parents on her cell phone. Surprisingly, the boy’s parents agreed to her suggestion that they stay after school and/or receive extra tutoring on the weekend. She hung up the phone and went back into her classroom to explain the situation to the boys privately as the class was ending.

“I just talked to both of your parents and you will be spending time here with me after school today and at my condominium on the weekend for tutoring until you guys wise up.”

“No way! We got people to see after school and my weekends are my own!” whined Joe as Martin nodded in agreement.

“Well, as soon as you two digest this reproductive health unit, maybe I can give you some slack.”

“We already know about that STUFF! Hey . . . we’re guys, aren’t we?” said Martin trying to impress her. The dismissal bell sounded in the hallway and the other students quickly left.

“Alright, I’ll make you a deal. You pass the most recent quiz and you can go. Your parents already know you are staying with me today, so don’t even think about going until I have checked it, fair?” she asked. The boys grumbled but finally agreed to her terms. She found two extra copies of the quiz on the male and female anatomy and gave it to the guys and then sat back and watched them navigate through the quiz.

Since the classroom was empty, she got up, fumbled with the lock to her classroom door, and pulled it shut. The boys were sitting in the first row and thinking about what her boyfriend had said, she suddenly looked at them with different eyes. Both boys were 16-years-old, very handsome and probably “nice guys” to the girls outside the classroom. Both had on shorts and as Joe absent-mindedly opened his legs while working on the quiz, she saw his surprisingly long flaccid cock hanging in between his legs and the nylon fabric of his shorts.

Her pussy began to quiver with the thought of seeing his stallion out and ready for action. She placed her fingers in her crotch and began to rub her clit as she looked over at Martin and his sexual equipment. His legs were closed and it was unfortunately difficult to check him out. As she glanced back at Joe, she was sure he wasn’t wearing any underwear as she continued to stare at his young cock. What a nice toy he was carrying around in his pants she thought. Jaime wondered whether he had taken out his organ yet on a date and thought about some of the girls in class that would be very surprised by the length of that cock.

She was becoming so horny looking at his rod that she decided to try Mark’s suggestion and began by pretending to tie her shoe. Instead, she unsnapped her bra in the front, under her blouse and performed a trick she had perfected during dates . . . she shed her bra out of the sleeve of her blouse and placed it in her bottom desk drawer. Next, she pulled her shoulders back and watched the boys finish their test. Just the thought of seeing their cocks either today or over the weekend was enough to make her stiff nipples poke out the front of her white cotton top.

With a bra on, there was nothing particularly revealing about her outfit, but now that she had taken her bra off, her dark pink nipples and areolas were almost visible through the translucent material. Her breasts had stayed in almost perfect shape since they developed as a teenager and her cones were pointed outwards towards the boys. She knew she had to be careful at how she played the game, but it would be interesting to see if they took the bait that she was willing to offer. Soon both boys had placed their pencils down and were looking at her, indicating they were finished.

“All set?” she asked, getting up and collecting the quizzes. Both boys were talking quietly and looking at the clock. She quickly checked the quiz and was happy to discover they had both failed AGAIN . . . which meant more tutoring would need to take place.

“Sorry guys . . . neither one of you passed. So it’s time to get back to the basics. Neither one of you seem to know anything about the female body . . . which seems a mystery to me, since you are always flirting instead of listening to my lectures. For instance, (reading from the quiz) #5 What female organ is used after childbirth to nurture a baby? Come on guys . . . you check these out every day. In fact, instead of looking at girl’s faces, you look at their what?” Both boys turned red, being afraid to say what they were thinking, so she stood up and walked directly over in front of them.

“Guys. What am I pointing at,” said Jaime as she had both fingers pointing at her tits. Again there was silence, so she deliberately placed her fingers on her extended nipples that were now very aroused knowing the boys were concentrating on them.

“What are these called?” she demanded, as she began to rub her buds almost in their faces.

“Uh . . .tits?” offered Joe, suddenly aware of the fact his teacher was not wearing a bra.

“Close. The technical word is “breasts”. And the next time you have that on an exam, please write in breasts, b-r-e-a-s-t-s, okay?” They both nodded suddenly much more interested in her instruction. Under the desk, Joe’s cock was becoming a full-blown hard-on and Martin’s wasn’t much further behind. By the look in their eyes, she knew she had them and this was going to be very uplifting.

“Next . . . (looking at her paper) #18 What is the tip on the end of a breast called?” Both boys’ eyes were now staring at her titties, and they were becoming more and more aroused at the excited condition of her stiff nipples.

“Oh come on now . . . what are these things that are rubbing up against my blouse?”

“Uh your, stiffies?” offered Joe.

“No . . . that’s what boys get in their pants . . . am I right?” she asked, knowing the condition they were probably both in right now. “Stand up and look carefully . . . come on, or I’ll call your parents back!” Without thinking both boys vaulted upwards and for the briefest second he gazed at their big boners, but elected to wait until she was done with her present demonstration before honoring their presence.

“These are my nipples. All girls have them and just like your penis they get hard like they are right now. Tell you what, since I know you will keep this to yourself, since you don’t want me telling all the girls in the class that you don’t know this stuff . . . let me show you a pair of nipples!” Without waiting for their response, she began with the top button of her white blouse and quickly unbuttoned it and just as quickly pulled it out from inside her pleaded skirt, that was part of the school uniform for female teachers. Once she had the blouse free, she pulled it open and displayed her 34A bare titties for the boys to see. Pretending to not care about what she was doing, she continued:

“See how both my nipples are all stiff? That usually happens for one of two reasons . . .first if a girl or woman is sexually aroused or down right horny like I am right now, and second, if she is cold. That’s why when you are in the grocery store and you see a girl by the freezer section, you can usually see her nipples stiff, like these,” said Jaime, this time tweaking her buds for the boys to further examine. All the while both boys’ eyes were popping out of their heads as they surveyed the young teacher’s chest. Joe couldn’t belief she had such small titties and they came out just like cones. He also couldn’t help being somewhat embarrassed about the huge erection he had developed inside his shorts looking at her tits either.

“Now, I want both of you to take your fingers, wet them in your mouth and touch the tips of my breasts . . . don’t be afraid . . . I’m trying to make a point,” she said in a normal “teacher tone” of voice. Her pussy was on fire as she watched the mystified students following her instructions and wetting the tips of their fingers. She almost began to shiver with arousal anticipating the young boys touching her this way.

“Perfect, now rub your finger back and forth over my nipples and see if you can feel how stiff they are,” she said, pulling her shoulders back and waiting to feel the boy’s touch. Two very nervous and shaking sets of fingers reached up and barely touched her tits.

“Come on now guys . . . girls will think you have no experience at all . . . when you feel them up on a date. Go ahead and rub my titties with your fingers!” Both boys took deep breath and pressed their fingers into her stiff nipples and began to rotate their fingers around and around. Little did they know that she was wildly aroused . . . in fact, her pussy juice was running down her leg. She let them continue for a few minutes and then said, “Fine,” and they let go and began to sit down, still embarrassed about their growing erections.

“Hey, I didn’t say sit down yet. There is another teachable moment here, and I want to take advantage of it. Another term you both missed was ERECTION. Do either of you know what an erection is?” she asked looking at them straight in the eyes, but realizing they were still looking at her naked breasts that she had failed to cover back up with their spit dripping down after making them shiny.

“You probably know it better by a couple of other terms. Have you ever heard of a BONER or HARD-ON or how about a WOODIE? Do you know what those things refer to?” The boy’s faces had suddenly turned to crimson since they realized she must know about what was happening in their pants.

“Come on guys . . .every boy your age gets a boner lots of times during the school day. When I walk around class almost half the guys have their rods pushing out their pants and shorts. What I want you to call it from now on is an “erection” . . . so that you can pass the quiz. So let’s start again . . .Martin, what do you have in your pants right now . . . what is it called?”

“A bone . . . .ah . . . I mean an erection,” he said still very embarrassed.

“That’s right. And Joe, what do YOU have in your pants?”

“An erection . . . and it’s getting very uncomfortable Miss Wine.” She couldn’t have asked for a better response to move things to the next level.

“I can appreciate that guys, and as we continue our review, I certainly don’t want you to be uncomfortable. I want you to pull down your pants and let those “erections” out so that they don’t get all caught up in your shorts. Go on! If I have my blouse open showing you my breasts, I certainly want you to have your pants down. That’s only fair,” she said still amazing herself at how matter of fact she was making this lesson.

“But we could get in trouble Miss Wine!” said Martin, looking a little squeamish.

“No you can’t because I have already talked to your parents and they said you were to follow my instructions and learn these terms, so whip out those COCKS.” Her explanation seemed credible so both boys bashfully pulled down their shorts. Jaime looked down and watched Joe’s cock spring upwards and bobble to life displaying its total length. She couldn’t believe how well-endowed the 16-year-old was . . .in fact, very close to her boyfriend’s cock size. Martin followed, but he had on boxers underneath, but once his shorts cleared his knees she was looking at his stiff organ that was hidden but poking out the front of his shorts.

“Just peal them down Martin, in fact, I want both of you to just step out of your shorts for a few minutes while we continue our review. There are two or three important terms that we still need to practice before you go home and nothing works better than to use real male and female parts.” Jaime placed her hands on her hips and waited for the boys to pull off their pants completely. She had been looking at Joe’s long cock, but when Martin dropped his boxers, it was her turn to stare. Although it only looked to be about 6” in length, its girth was incredible. It was almost like a cucumber it was so thick around. She truly hoped she would get an opportunity to have his cock up her pussy ASAP. She shook off her cravings for a moment and continued, wanting to exhibit more of her body to these young boys.

“Now one word that you both missed . . . you probably know by another name. We both know students use slang a lot in their conversation. The word is vagina. It is an organ found on a girl and women. Joe, do you know where it is?

“Ah . . .maybe inside . . . like when she has a baby or something,” he offered.

“Not exactly . . . How about you Martin? Any ideas?” she said again looking at his thick cock with the huge acorn-like tip on it . . . the kind she loved to suck on the most. She remembered a guy in elementary school once made her take out his cock and suck him off and his cock filled up her entire mouth . . .even stretching it . . . but it was so stimulating she never forgot it . . . or the load of cum that he shot all over her when he ejaculated.

“I think it’s like the hole where a baby comes out,” he said.

“You are mostly right! That is one way the vagina is used. But the other way is very exciting for a girl. Here let me pull up my skirt and show you.” Again not missing a beat she pulled up the front of her skirt, held it with her hand and showed off her panties. While she was doing this, she had to stop herself from laughing because both guys had unconsciously placed their fingers around their big cocks and were beginning to jack off in front of her. It appeared she wasn’t the only one truly into this lesson.

“Let me just ease my panties down so that I can show you my vagina . . . (quickly yanking them down to her knees) there . . . much better. See this crinkled up pink skin here on the outside. That’s very sensitive to the touch on girls . . . and up here on the top . . . let me open up my lips for a second (she pulled back her pussy lips so that her clit was showcased for the boys) . . . yes, that’s better. Can you see here?” (she said placing her middle finger on her clit and watching the boys frantically run their hands up and down their cocks as Jaime had brought them almost to orgasm).

“Inside this hole . . . is where boys like YOU stick their BIG COCKS, like the ones you guys are holding right now. When they do that, girls feel extra hot inside and if they keep rubbing themselves like I am right now, they begin to shake with pleasure. It’s almost like when you guys jack off, isn’t it?” The boys were now rubbing their cocks faster and faster. Looking at Miss Wine’s bare titties and pussy was enough to make them shoot, but watching her rub herself off was one step too far.

“I’ll bet you guys are about to shoot your loads right now aren’t you? Don’t you feel that cum filling up your shafts? In fact, I’ll bet you are about to fire your cream all over the place, aren’t you?” The boy’s faces were beet red as she kept urging them to squirt their juice. “Why don’t you guys just “jack off” all over me and make yourselves feel better and I’ll do the same,” and as she said that her body began to shake and quiver and she quickly moved to the edge of their desks . . . just in time to watch Joe’s cock erupt, followed seconds later by Martins and volley after volley of hot sticky cum blasted out of their cocks. It was almost as if Jaime’s body was on fire and their cock hoses were trying to put it out!

“Spray my titties boys! Shoot that cum all over me. I LOVE HOT CUM sprayed ALL OVER my body!” Both boys guided their cocks upwards and quarts or maybe gallons of hot cream ricocheted off her breasts and chest. She even dipped her head just in time to watch the white slimy cum leave the tips of their cocks and begin to spray her face as well . . . somehow finding even more semen to shoot. This continued for four or five minutes until the young teacher was fully drenched with their hot curd-like cum. Both boys finally stopped shooting long enough to watch her rub it into her skin, almost like tanning lotion. She knew it would soon be a sticky mess . . . but she enjoyed every second of the energizing experience.

“Ok guys . . .don’t forget those vocabulary terms . . . and I want you over to my condo this weekend for some additional lessons, ok? I want you to meet my boyfriend”.

“We’ll be there . . . Miss Wine!” they shouted, and then fell over the desk in total exhaustion.

Episode Two

By the time she got home from school, her student’s sticky cum had solidified onto her small frame under her top. She left her damp panties at school along with her bra. She knew the boys wouldn’t say a word and looked forward to her next encounter over the weekend. As she soaped up her firm body in the shower, Jaime relived watching the boys shoot their teen cum all over her titties, face and recently shaved pussy. She was certain the boys had never done anything like that before with a girl, and that truly added to her satisfaction regarding what had happened in the classroom. She couldn’t wait to share her bawdy activities with her boyfriend when he got home.

She was dressed in just a thin cotton robe in her recliner as she heard him enter the front door. Jaime didn’t have to guess what kind of mood he was in . . . as he entered the living room with his 8″ cock already fully exposed and hanging out of his pants.

“Looks like something is WAY up Mark. I am very glad to see you,” she said partially opening up her garment to reveal a quick glimpse of her 34A titties that she knew he truly loved to lick and suck. “Why don’t you pull down your pants for me and grease up that cock while I tell you what happened with my two students. I want you to sit right in front of me while you listen. I love watching you jerk off . . . you naughty little boy,” she teased . . . and with that she handed him a jar of Vaseline.

“You know me too fucking well . . . my little muffin cup. I’ve had a hard-on all day thinking about what might have happened with those guys in your classroom,” he said taking the Vaseline. “Let’s share a joint first before I begin wanking on my big cock . . . right in front of you,” he offered, taking a joint out of his front pocket and lighting it up. For the next several minutes they passed the dubee back and forth, watching their eyes getting more and more bloodshot.

“Alright there . . .Mr. Big Rod . . . butter it up for me and sit back and listen.” Mark stuck his finger deep in the jar and brought out a generous supply of the slippery substance. He then artistically covered every inch of his thick shaft with the Vaseline, placed the jar aside . . . and firmly gripped his greasy cock and readied himself for blast-off. Jaime gave a brief background of the incident and then slowed down with her sexy voice as the erotic tale began to unfold.

“So I opened up my blouse and showed them my bare titties. I doubt if they had seen real ones before because their fucking tongues were hanging out looking at these boobs,” she said, opening up her robe fully exposing her tits for Mark’s benefit. He loved tiny breasts and her cone-like titties always made his cock grow to unheard of lengths. As she continued, she fingered her nipples, with her thumb and first finger . . . twisting and turning them to get him even more aroused.

“I loved doing this in front of them . . . and noticed they were packing huge COCKS inside their pants. I wanted to order them to just strip naked, but I teased them for a few more minutes like I am doing you right now. Then I had them pull down their pants and yank out their teenage equipment and motherfucker . . . if I wasn’t surprised! Joe had a cock almost as long as yours . . . and Martin had the thickest cock I have EVER seen . . . even thicker than those in the porno tapes we watch together.” This image must have truly excited Mark as he stood up right in front of her, with his glistening cock only a few inches away. He moved his hand rapidly up and down, knowing the eventual sperm shower would take place very soon.

“I had them step out of their pants and face me as I flipped up my skirt, pulled down my panties and let them gaze at THIS,” she said quickly untying the sash on her robe and opening it up to fully present her naked body and hairless pussy. She continued teasing Mark as she rubbed her outer lips and blatantly lifted her ass off the chair and waved her pussy in front of his face.

“They almost shot their loads when I pointed to this tight little twat of mine, and I loved it when they grabbed their cocks, just like you’re doing right now and began to jack-off right in front of me. I’m sure they had never done that before in front of a girl and I loved being the first one to watch them get off. And then . . . I opened up my pussy lips, just like this . . . and began to rub on my tingling stiff clit as fast as I could,” she said as she demonstrated, loving how Mark’s face had gradually turned scarlet with excitement.

“And . . . .whaaaaaaaat . . . happened nexxxxxxxxxxt,” he muttered, obviously having difficulty saying anything.

“Well Mark . . .for the next five minutes their cocks shot off trails of hot cum all over my TITTIES, FACE, LIPS and PUSSY . . . just like yours is doing right NOW,” she screamed as she leaned over and captured his greasy cock inside her mouth and almost gagged on the thick stream of hot cum shooting out of the erupting head. She loved watching his body shake . . . as rope after rope of his cum belched against the back of her throat. She grabbed his bare ass with her hands and stuck her fingernails into it, helping guide his load into her sucking mouth.

Episode 3: Showing the Boys How to Relieve that Premature Ejaculation Syndrome

Joe and Martin showed up exactly on time on Saturday afternoon. Jaime went out and thanked their parents for dropping them by and assured them she would drive them home after their tutoring session . . . sometime in the evening. As they entered the condo, she informed the guys they would be working with her boyfriend first, receiving a male’s point of view prior to her lessons. She introduced the boys to Mark and then told them she would be in the basement correcting papers for the next hour or so . . . but assured them that he was an excellent teacher and to follow all of his instructions just like they did her the other day. They seemed somewhat disappointed as she went downstairs.

He took them into the living room where he had set up a new digital two way camera, which was already recording prior to them entering the room and sending a picture to Jaime in the basement. She loved being a nymphomaniac-like voyeur and the thought of observing three cocks at the same time, was a show that would certainly bring her off prior to the main event. The exciting part about the new camera was that she could actually control what she saw in the basement with a remote, allowing her boyfriend to move around freely upstairs. As she came downstairs, she could hear Mark talking to her students and couldn’t wait to see what he would make them do.

“Let’s see . . . you are Joe and you’re Martin . . . right?” he asked sizing up the guys and sitting down in the same recliner Jaime had been on yesterday when she wrapped her wet lips around his big cock and swallowed several pints of his semen.

“Miss Wine tells me you pretty much have down the male and female anatomy but still need some help with premature ejaculation, fellatio, cunnilingus and intercourse . . . am I right?” he asked watching their reaction. After a few seconds, Joe said:

“Yeah . . . I think that’s right. All those technical terms get us all messed up.”

“Well . . . by the time you leave today . . .I promise you will know how everything works. Jaime . . . I mean Miss Wine, wanted me to tell you some stuff from a guy’s point of view since I know from experience, okay? Let’s start with premature ejaculation . . . and here’s the deal before we start . . . I am going to be straight-up with you guys and use words you already know. I am also going to show you how to do things and I want you to just follow me . . . no questions asked. Okay?” They both nodded their heads.

“Alright . . . back to premature ejaculation. When a guy is your age . . . there’s nothing worse than being with a girl and when she touches your COCK, or sucks that big organ in your pants, or maybe you watch something . . . and you shoot your stuff out . . . long before you want to. The girl has her own needs and if you cum too quickly, that will get her pissed off. When you shoot too quickly, it’s called premature ejaculation. Got it?” Again they nodded, somewhat surprised at some of his examples and street terms.

“Alright, now that you know what it is . . . we are going to practice ways that keep it from happening. I am going to put on a DVD and I want you to watch it and then follow my instructions.” Jaime was not aware that he was going to show them anything on TV so she manipulated the remote so that she could watch what they were watching and them at the same time. The clip had been set up ahead of time and as the action on the screen began, two boys about their ages were standing up facing each other with a topless teen girl kneeling in between . . . looking up at them. She was a very pretty girl and her titties were very small.

“Am I doing this right,” asked the girl in the movie as Joe and Martin’s cocks began to grow with excitement. Jaime had never seen this tape before, but unzipped her jeans and nestled her fingers over her panty-covered pussy in anticipation of what might cum next.

“Uh huh,” said one of the boys. “Now unzip our pants, reach inside and take out our COCKS”. The girl giggled as she nervously pulled down the first boy’s zipper. The camera watched her face carefully as she concentrated on doing things correctly with her little tongue out. It also zoomed in on her breasts, showcasing her tiny stiff nipples that had sprung to attention. Jaime began to rub her fingers across her clit knowing that the girl’s tongue would soon be wrapped around the boy’s cocks in a few minutes. The camera panned back and watched the girl’s small fingers enter the opening in the one boy’s pants and with some difficulty pull out his erect cock.

“Holy cow! Your wienie is gigantic,” she said staring at the 6″ organ. “Let me see how big this one is,” she said turning slightly sideways and following the same procedure with the second boy’s cock. Soon a similar uncircumcised organ was pulled out of the boy’s pants and the inexperienced girl looked back and forth comparing both of them.

“Now, you are going to lick our COCKS for us and make us shoot our cream all over you,” said the blonde boy, winking at his friend.

“How do I do that?” asked the horny girl innocently, staring up at both boys.

“Stay on your knees, but stretch up a little so that your mouth can touch our cocks,” he said holding onto his cock at the base. His friend did the same thing as the boys moved in closer. The first boy waved his cock across the girl’s face painting his precum all over her cheeks and then moved it against her lips. The second boy watched and then said, “Hold on to my cock the way he’s doing.” The girl raised her hand and attempted to wrap her fingers around it, but it was too big. The picture suddenly froze and Mark spoke to the boys:

“Ok guys . . . two things. First, what she is about to do is called FELLATIO. You might know it as just a plain ole blowjob. Have either of you had this done to you before?” The self-conscious guys shook their heads embarrassed that the movie had given them hard-ons. Mark knew this was the case, in fact his cock was standing tall at the moment as well.

“Alright . . . the good news is that before you leave today, you will know what a blowjob FEELS like. The second thing . . . getting back to your first set of words “premature ejaculation” . . . I am going to show you a way of stopping that from happening so take out your cocks right now and let’s watch more of the movie. Don’t worry, I’ll yank out mine as well so you don’t feel weird.” He stood up and pulled off his shorts and his 8″ cock sprang to attention as he kicked the shorts aside. The boys were very surprised but remembered he had told them to follow his instructions so they followed suit.

Joe unsnapped his jeans and let them fall to his feet. Once again Jaime, who had kicked off her pants in the basement, was amazed that this guy never seemed to wear any underwear! She zoomed in on Joe’s cock, desperately rubbing her twat as she inspected his shaft and the beginnings of pubic hair surrounding it. He had begun to lose his erection so she panned back and scrutinized Martin’s equipment instead. As his pants dropped, his bulging cock was pressing up against his boxers, as was the case in the classroom. Once again she pressed on the zoom and as the boy pealed his shorts away . . . his horse-sized cock became visible. Unlike his friends, there was no indication his organ would lose its firmness. Jaime’s mouth began to water, as she fantasized sticking that thing deep inside her mouth.

“Great,” said Mark examining for himself the boys’ organs. He was strictly a heterosexual male, but he had to admit these two guys had cocks that girls would love to have deep inside them in the near future. “Don’t hesitate to make yourself feel good as you watch,” said Mark as he slowly grasped his cock and hit play on the machine.

“I can’t get my hand around your weenie. It’s too big!” exclaimed the girl in the video.

“That’s alright, just hold it for now,” which she did as the first boy continued to rub his stiff cock all over her young face.

“Keep holding his COCK in your hand, and do the same thing with mine . . . there, that’s it. Now stick out that little tongue of yours and rub it all over this purple part right HERE,” he said pointing to the head. “I want you to lick this part all around and make it very wet. You can even put it inside your mouth if you want,” he said winking at his friend. Both Joe and Martin were slowly pumping their cocks as they stared at the monitor. There was something erotic about the girl and the older teenage boys that made them both excited. They were used to watching adults in movies, but doing it with someone younger suddenly seemed very arousing.

“Yuck,” she said, “isn’t that where you pee from?” she said gently squeezing both boy’s cocks.

“Don’t worry, we both had long showers a few minutes ago. Go ahead . . . lick our cocks until they both shine with your spit!” The girl wrapped her fingers as best as she could around the base of their cocks and moved them together until they touched and then began to lick and wrap her pink tongue all over both boys’ organs. The camera zoomed in and watched her mouth, lips and tongue quickly paste a layer of slippery saliva all over the heads of both boys’ cocks.

“Let me try it . . . just like you said,” she giggled as she opened up her mouth slightly and tentatively moved forward, sticking the end of one of the boys’ cocks into her mouth. She closed her lips and then quickly pulled out the bulbous head . . . making and loud popping sound and laughing.

“This is fun,” she said performing the same service on the other boy. Becoming braver, she allowed each shaft to enter her mouth a couple inches at a time before moving to the other boy.

“Now curl your lips around your teeth, and move your head up and down . . . you little COCKSUCKER”, yelled one of the boys and then for the next couple of minutes the girl bobbed her head sucking away at the boy’s cocks. Occasionally the camera would pan down to the girl’s titties, showing off their small size. All of a sudden, one of the boy’s hands was seen capturing her head and then a second cock entered the girl’s mouth. Unexpectedly the girl’s lips were stretched to the limit, as the camera panned back and both boys fucked the girl’s mouth feverishly. Mark let it run a few seconds more and then stopped the camera.

“No!” screamed Jaime from the basement as she objected to the movie stopping at this point, and then she covered her mouth realizing that everyone probably heard her upstairs. The boys were rapidly moving their hands up and down their bulging shafts and didn’t seem to care about anything, which actually was a relief to Mark.

“Ok guys . . . that was fellatio . . . and you can imagine what will probably happen next. But let’s go ahead with some premature ejaculation protection to help you with girls. Now that you are all excited . . . it’s time to get rid of some of that cum, so let’s stand over here on the wood floor . . . all three of us and place your feet on this mark.” Jaime couldn’t believe the change in action but with her middle finger stuck up her tight hole, she moved the camera to follow the guy’s behavior.

“We are going to have a contest gentleman . . . to see who can shoot their cum the farthest. I will click back on the movie and when you are ready, just shoot your stuff as far as you can . . . ready . . . go!” Mark clicked back on the movie and for a few more seconds, the three guys watched the two cocks move in and out of the little girl’s mouth. All of a sudden one of the boys’ cocks was dragged out and instantly an ocean of hot cum began to spray all over the girls face and all over her shiny blonde hair.

The other boy kept ramming his cock into her mouth, but soon the tell-tale dribble of his semen drooled out of her mouth and the observers realized he was shooting his cum inside her orifice as his friend continued to spray her face and body. The camera panned down and soon streaks of both boy’s semen began to cover and coat her titties. Almost simultaneously all three guys watching the flick’s hips began to buck forward and rapidly a constant spray of cum was belching out of their cocks. Jaime too had gone over the edge watching three cocks ejaculate in chorus and her body began to shake with orgasm.

None of the boys seemed too inhibited as they raised their cocks slightly higher to a different trajectory level attempting to beat off their opponents on either side of them. Jaime’s entire 60″ monitor was covered with spraying cum in all directions, almost like a Fourth of July fireworks display. As the boys finished cumming, they looked back on the screen and realized that the one boy had kept his cock in the girls’ mouth as it quickly grew back in size, but the other boy had pulled down her pants and panties and had entered her pussy from behind, which she seemed to enjoy immensely.

“And that guys . . . is what we are going to do next!”

Episode 4

“Tell you what, let’s zip up and see what Miss Wine is all about in the basement.” He said it loud enough for Jaime to hear as she desperately buttoned up her clothes and switched off the 60″ monitor formerly showing the images of three big cocks. In the background she heard the doorbell ring and was curious who it might be. She ran upstairs and looked through the peephole and saw the girl a few doors down and remembered she was supposed to watch her this afternoon . . . but had forgotten. Hmmm she thought . . . maybe she could assist in her student’s sex education tutoring by recruiting her as an assistant!

The girl was wearing a baby blue underwear tank top that showed off her bare breasts underneath and a pair of public shorts with a ribbed drawstring waistband. Her name was Amy. She had gotten into trouble recently . . . smoking some dope with some friends, but her parents trusted her with Jaime. What her parents didn’t know was that Jaime had caught her smoking weed AGAIN a few days later and she knew she could use this against the girl. About this time, the guys came upstairs in time to see Jaime open the door and let in Amy.

“Hi Miss Wine,” said Amy, suddenly turning around and looking at the two 16-year-old boys as well as Mark her boyfriend, who she secretly had a crush on.

“Come on in,” said Jaime inviting the girl into the kitchen. “I think some introductions are in order . . .Amy, this is Joe and Martin, two boys in my classes and I think you know Mark, my boyfriend.” Everyone said hi to each other, and Jaime had to cover her mouth, as she glanced downwards and became aware of three big boners that were growing inside each of the guy’s pants after looking at Amy’s outfit and fantasizing about her titties underneath. Amy kept staring at Mark as her tight little pussy began twitching with desire.

“Guys I will be right with you . . . but I need to talk to Amy for a few minutes. Mark . . . why don’t you get out some Cokes for the guys . . . and maybe a little rum as well. I need to speak with Amy alone,” she said ushering the girl into her bedroom and closing the door behind her.

“How you doin?” she asked inspecting the girl’s outfit more closely. “I love this outfit . . . very nice . . . especially at showing off this cute figure of yours underneath,” she said placing her hand over the girl’s bare shoulder, but allowing her thumb to extend down and rubbing it against her breast. Amy jumped back slightly, realizing Jaime had discovered she wasn’t wearing anything underneath.

“Thanks,” said Amy blushing, especially since that sudden contact had caused her stiff nipples to rise, which were now showcased on the front of the lycra-cotton top she was wearing. Amy knew her titties were sensitive to the touch and secretly loved watching her erect buds poke out the front of her new top. Although Amy’s titties were still developing, Jaime longed to have the girl stripped naked in front of her so that she could inspect her entire body. Amy was surprised as her neighbor’s breasts followed her lead and also stood out . . . obviously without the benefit of a bra.

“I got a deal for you Amy . . . and if you go through with it, it will make me forget what I saw last week in the garage, Ok?” said Jaime.

“Okay . . . like what do I have to do?” she asked with a cute grin on her face.

“I have to teach those boys some information about sex, so that they can pass some tests. What I want you to do is to be my model, except you will be upstairs with my boyfriend, while I am watching you in the basement with the guys. You don’t mind helping out do you?”

“How are you gonna see what’s going on when I’m upstairs?” she asked.

“We got these two new IP video machines that can send images back and forth between floors . . . almost kind of like television. Wow! Now that you said that, I can see another way of using it too . . . anyway, we can talk back and forth and have everyone do stuff at the same time.”

“Uh . . . I still don’t understand Miss Wine.”

“You and Mark will be upstairs and I will be telling you to do stuff . . . and maybe you two can tell us to do things in the basement and watch us at the same time. How does that sound?”

“Kinda kinky . . . but I’m game for doing anything to keep you from telling mom and dad about me smokin weed in the garage. Sure let’s do it . . .but you aren’t gonna get all jealous because I’m with Mark are you?”

“Not a chance . . . I like watching him do sexual things with others and he digs it as well. Let’s get back and tell everyone what we’re going to do,” said Jaime as she opened up the door and walked back down the hall. That last sentence caught Amy by surprise but the thought of doing anything with Mark ignited the fire in between her legs.

Episode 5: Sucking, Touching, Licking, and Enjoying Yourself on Two Floors

The newly gathered quintet took a rum and Coke break upstairs for a half-hour or so until everyone was a little tipsy and laughing. Both groups separated and Jaime and Mark made sure both video units were working perfectly.

“Everybody . . . all ready upstairs?” asked Jaime, knowing she would love to see what was about to happen.

“Go for it,” yelled Mark as he undressed the girl with his eyes. “Amy is all set to be our model and help the guys with their homework. What should we start off doing?” he asked with a wicked grin on his face. Mark noticed Amy’s eyes were slightly bloodshot as she giggled at his remarks. Looking at the 60″ monitor in the basement, Jaime said:

“We still need to go over cunnilingus, petting and intercourse and maybe a quick review of fellatio. Let’s start with petting. Petting is very important in a relationship between couples. It also starts lovemaking for those young people who either love the other person or are just downright horny. We’re going to pretend that Mark and Amy have been going together for a while, they are in a car, and they are itching to touch each other.”

“Amy, please sit right next to Mark and as our model, I want you to just follow his lead so that the boys here can watch what petting is all about.” Jaime used the remote to zoom in on the girl’s face upstairs after listening to her instructions. You could tell she was somewhat nervous but eager to role-play her part.

The rum had begun to affect their judgement, so not objecting whatsoever, Joe and Martin sat in between Jaime on the couch in the basement enthusiastically ready to watch the action upstairs. As the trio watched on the edge of their seats, Mark placed his arm around Amy’s bare shoulders. The girl shivered with excitement as he leaned across and placed his lips on hers. No one knew that she had never been kissed before, and the man’s actions were generating a tremble of action in between her legs. For the next few minutes he used his experience to take advantage of this teen beauty. She knew her role was to follow along, and so did he . . . so he quickly captured her with his passionate physical actions.

Meanwhile in the basement . . . Joe’s big cock was already fully hard as Mark began to dip his long tongue into Amy’s inexperienced mouth. Not to be left out, Amy rubbed her tongue and lips around the advancing organ, loving the dreamy feelings she was experiencing. Martin’s horse-like cock was also urgently pressed up against his shorts as he watched Mark’s hand move up from her stomach until it had captured Amy’s left breast in his hand. Jaime zoomed in the camera on the girl’s tittie, knowing the boys would want to see what was going on.

The trio heard her moan and as the camera panned back, Amy suddenly opened her eyes as Mark began to gently rub tiny circles around the tips of both titties. Amy couldn’t believe things were moving so fast as she looked down and watched his experienced fingers begin to grasp her nipples . . . making sure to tweak, pinch and twist the stiff buds into further erection. She felt very warm inside knowing this was lovemaking . . . compared to what boys her own age do . . . namely grabbing her tits!

The way they were sitting, she also caught a satisfying glance of Mark’s huge cock that was lewdly sticking up inside his athletic shorts. Although she had little experience with boys, because of her parents strict rules . . . especially doing anything like this . . . her heart began to pound faster knowing that it was her body that had gotten him so horny and erect.

“Alright boys . . . this is petting. Notice how Amy’s titties are all stiff, just like your cocks . . . and don’t be embarrassed about me noticing. What I am going to have Amy do next is to use her hands to get Mark more excited . . . and while that is going on . . . I will try the same thing with both of you . . . so don’t be surprised.

“Amy (talking to her with the device) . . . keep kissing Mark . . . but normally in a situation like this, the girl would not just sit back like you are . . . so I want you to reach out and rub Mark’s 8″ LONG COCK! Don’t be bashful . . . guys love it when girls know how to get them excited . . . do go ahead.” Jaime’s instructions shocked Amy . . . especially because she would be doing this to Jaime’s own boyfriend . . . while she and the two boys were watching!

Of course Amy had no idea how absolutely turned on the older couple was . . . doing this to her students. Mark couldn’t wait to get Amy naked and spread across the couch looking up at his cock that he hoped to bury deep in her pussy. Getting up the courage, Amy nervously moved her shaking hand up the man’s muscular legs . . . closer and closer to the lewd appendage that was sticking straight out. She tentatively rubbed it, not knowing what to do. Mark sucked in his breath and the inexperienced teen began to play with his cock.

“Much better Amy . . . but one thing boys love girls to do on a date, is to slip their hand inside their boyfriend’s pants and underpants and touch their naked cock. Go ahead . . . Mark will love you for it!” These words stuck in her mind as she continued to kiss the boy and at the same time move her shaking hand against his stomach and begin to slip it down inside his shorts. Mark began to hump his hips in anticipation of feeling the girl’s fingers around his 8″ pole.

As the two boys stared at the action on the big screen, Jaime quietly unsnapped the top of their pants and pulled down their zippers. The boys were conscious of what Jaime was doing, but the way innocent Amy was slipping her hand inside Mark’s pants was equally as stimulating to the voyeurs in the basement. Soon Jaime had her fingers curled around Joe’s cock and began to stroke it with her hand. Joe moaned his satisfaction as his teacher manipulated his balls and began to stroke his shaft. Jaime knew she would probably feel a shower of cum any second, but it didn’t matter.

Next she placed her hand inside Martin’s pants and smiled to herself as the 16-year-old humped his hips as he felt Miss Wine capture his cock as well. She couldn’t get her fingers around his horse-like cock but paid special attention to its thick head and the underside, which she knew would be enough to arouse Martin. Soon she was giving a truly satisfying handjob to two young teen boys . . . something she had fantasized about often. Both boys had their eyes closed, soaking up every minute of this titillating experience. She glanced up at the screen and watched her boyfriend squirm with joy as Amy had captured his long cock inside his shorts and was duplicating her efforts, although hidden. Mark had slipped his hand up under her top and was now touching the girl’s bare titties just like he was being touched.

“You guys might want to watch what’s cumming next!” she whispered as she carefully pulled the boy’s cocks out of their pants and continued her satisfying handjob. What a feeling of power to have a cock in both hands, knowing the joy and rapture you have control of in your fingertips.

“Ok Amy . . . you are doing great. I want you to keep holding Mark’s cock in your hand, kinda tight, but not too tight. If you haven’t already done it, you should curl your hand around the thick head and begin to stroke it up and down. For a moment look at the TV screen and watch what I am doing to the two boys and follow my lead.” For the first time in several minutes, Amy separated her lips from Marks and glanced at the screen. She couldn’t believe what was staring back at her. Both boys had their legs separated, and Miss Wine had her hands around both cocks at the same time. This added to her arousal, as she began to mimic what her neighbor was doing.

“Can I unzip his shorts like you did and do it outside his pants?” she asked timidly. She looked down and watched Mark’s hand push out the front of her top as he continued to cup and manipulate her titties. Her pussy was on fire with all the stimulation she was receiving.

“Of course silly,” said Jaime, laughing to herself until the young girl unzipped her boyfriend’s shorts and unleashed the 8″ stallion. The boys had already seen it before, but Amy was stunned at the length and shape of Mark’s cock. The huge acorn-like head was a deep purple and the long shaft went into an ocean of hair in between his legs. Mark watched the girl’s expression and wrapped his hands around hers and placed it around the throbbing head and began to move it up and down.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh Amy . . . that’s what I like. Keep pumping your hand up and down. . . .up and down . . . oh shit that feels greaaaaaaaaaat!” Amy smiled at his remarks as she continued to curl her fingers around the man’s cockhead. The boys looked back on the screen and loved what they saw as both of their hips began to move up and down, certain they would explode any second.

“Keep jacking him off Amy and watch what fun it is when a boy or man finally shoots his cum,” said Jaime as she rapidly jerked her hands up and down, certain of the double geyser that was about to take place. Amy looked at the screen as she watched Miss Wine lean closer towards the tips of the boy’s cocks. Jaime deliberately aimed their organs towards her face and within seconds, rope after rope of hot cum shot from the tips of their cocks and began to splash against her face. Again and again continuous eruptions continued crisscrossing her cheeks and forehead with their hot slimy teen spray.

Amy paused for a moment as Jaime opened her mouth and directed the next set of spurts onto her tongue and down her throat. The teen girl gulped wondering what that must taste like doing that to a boy, but it was such a titillating exhibition she wasn’t repulsed. Mark watched her carefully, still enjoying her constant work on his cock, wondering what she was thinking about and whether he should take a chance and shove his big cock down her throat.

The exhausted boys finally stopped shooting cum and laid back semi-exhausted.

“Were gonna quickly get cleaned up down here before we go into the next lesson. Amy I want you to lose that top of yours so that we can see those delightful bare titties. I know Mark wants to see them, don’t you?” she asked.

“Uh huh, and while you’re getting topless for me, I want to roll a quick one since I hear you like token and smokin,” he said gently taking her hand off his cock that was about to explode. He quickly went into a drawer, and pulled out a bag of weed, found some papers and rolled a couple of joints. He left one on the stairs and then came back to Amy who had followed their request and had taken off her baby blue underwear tank top and was left with just her shorts on, having kicked off her shoes. She positioned herself with her sweaty chest thrust forward to expose her titties to the man. She couldn’t believe she was going to get to smoke again. She was still buzzing from the rum and Coke as Mark lit the joint and passed it to her. Just like a pro she inhaled the weed, took in an additional deep breath and passed it back to Mark.

“I think you will like this Amy . . . almost as much as I like looking at your tits . . . damn they look good!” he said sneaking another toke and giving it back to her.

“I wish they were bigger,” she said looking down at her breasts. “They’re hardly a handful,” she complained, but inhaled another long toke, quickly aware of the sensation it was having on her body. She had never had dope this powerful before . . . as sudden brief hallucinations began to attach themselves to her mind.

“I love em, just like they are,” he said reaching up and placing his hands over both small orbs. “And you’re gonna love this,” he said as he pushed her backwards over his knee and laid her gently down until her two titties were within a few inches of his mouth. In a rather awkward position she looked down her body and watched the man’s mouth capture her entire breast and immediately pucker his lips around her nipple and begin to pull away and then capture it with his teeth. Again and again he sucked her tittie causing an electrifying bolt of sexual energy to race from her nipples down to her damp pussy.

Mark continued to feast on her little titties, switching from side to side, relishing on the moans the girl was expressing. Soon the others came upstairs and the smell of weed was filling the room. Mark lifted her back up with a glistening trail of spit all over Amy’s chest and nipples.

“I am so fucking high right now,” she said, looking at the others. She suddenly realized that Jaime, Joe and Martin had left their clothes in the basement and as she sat back down on the couch the three of them had come up very close to her. Somehow the boy’s long cocks were still hard and she was mesmerized by Jaime’s nudity. She was surprised that her neighbor’s breasts were fairly small ones, just like her own. No wonder Mark commented on her developing little orbs . . . he obviously liked tiny tits.

“Next lesson we are going to act out is cunnilingus and our model Amy is going to help us out on this one, but so are the boys. Now a little background . . . especially for you gentlemen . . . this is something girls absolutely love . . . but sometimes guys are not into doing it. So we got to get you two studs’ heads in the right places . . . right Amy?” she asked with a grin on her face.

“I am so buzzed right now . . . I don’t even know what you are talking about,” giggled the girl.

“Not a problem . . .because we’re gonna teach you what it feels like . . . but we need you to be stripped NAKED. Guys . . . pull off her panties so that we can begin the show.” Joe quickly undid the pull strings on her shorts and began to pull the fabric down. She thought about objecting, but knew she would eventually be naked anyway. He looked up at her bare titties just inches away . . .which instantly caused an even larger hard-on to pop up.

“Lift up your butt little girl and let this boy pull off your panties.”

“But . . .” said Amy as she arched her back allowing Joe to yank her panties off to her knees and then down and off past her feet.

“Hey guys . . . isn’t it great to see her little twat.”

Amy started to object, but she looked up and noticed that Mark had taken off all of his clothes and was watching her body become unveiled as he worked his cock up and down in front of everyone. The entire cast was now naked and she had become so mellow . . . she wasn’t going to fight anyone. For a moment she became hesitant about showing the others the lack of hair in between her legs, but Martin whisked them off so fast, there wasn’t much time. Jaime was the first to comment on her bare pussy.

“Very nice . . .and itss sooooo cool you haven’t got any hair down there. I have to shave mine too . . . but Mark helps me most of the time, don’t you?” she said looking at her boyfriend who was closely examining the exposed hairless pussy and the girls pink lips that were shiny with excitement.

“Uh huh,” he said salivating over the pink rose bud in between the girl’s legs.

“Okay Amy this is going to be the best part of the afternoon . . . I guarantee. All three guys are going to get you so fucking happy, you’ll have a smile on your face for a week. Sit right down here on the couch and open up your legs.” The girl moved to where Jaime was pointing and was suddenly mesmerized by the three long cocks that were all within a few feet of her. An hour ago she had never seen a boy’s cock before . . . and now she was examining three of them.

“Mark . . . get on your knees in front of her . . . Joe sit on the right side and Martin on the left. I’ll stand over her and put you guys to work. Amy . . . your gonna talk dirty to us while these boys make you scream with pleasure. Cunnilingus is very similar to fellatio which we already learned about. In fact, . . . why don’t you do a short review for us on Joe?”

“What am I supposed to do?” she asked looking at both boys fully swollen cocks, but not recognizing the term Jaime was using.

“Joe . . . tell her what she must do to you,” teased Jaime . . . knowing the girl had never had a cock in her mouth before.

“You’re gonna give me a blowjob Amy. Lean over and lick my cock until it’s all wet and then open up your mouth, curl your lips over your teeth and SUCK on my COCK!” he said with a sly grin on his face. She looked nervous but she was so high she decided to go for it and began to stroke his shaft with her hand. She really wanted to jerk him off like she saw Jaime do in the basement and put both hands around his cock, pulling Joe towards her face. He was enjoying the feel of Amy’s hands on his cock, watching as she used both hands to stroke him.

Before he could say anything more to her, she had leaned over and pushed the head into her slippery mouth. Amy was determined to fit this long cock in her mouth and was doing her best to fit the plumb sized head in her past her lips. The fact that everyone was watching her . . . was an equal turn on.

Joe inspected her method as she stretched her lips around the head of his cock and pushed the first couple of inches into her mouth. He could feel her little tongue licking and teasing the tip of his cock. Amy was slurping around that fat bulbous head, her pussy literally dripping juice onto the couch. Joe started moving his hips back and forth as Amy sucked and slurped his big cock. She watched in fascination as Joe’s balls, swayed back and forth as he shoved his cock in and out of her mouth. She had never had a cock in her mouth before and was beginning to love every inch of it.

Joe placed his hands on her head, and was slowly fucking her mouth. Amy grunted, her mouth full and her hands busily stroking up and down Joe’s thick shaft. Joe continued to fuck her mouth; enjoying how her tongue flicked all over the tip of his cock, but Jaime had seen enough and was ready to move on.

“Before we all cum watching you guys . . . let’s move forward. Cunnilingus, as I was starting to say is similar to what you just saw, except a boy or in this case man licks and sucks on a girl’s pussy. There’s nothing dirty about it . . . as you will see. Now to keep everyone feeling horny . . . Amy is going to describe exactly what is happening to her. I have already given the boys their instructions. So let’s begin, by telling us what these guys are doing to you.”

Almost like clockwork Joe leaned over and captured Amy’s closest tittie inside his mouth. At the same time Martin knelt alongside the naked preteen girl, held onto the thick shaft of his cock at the base and began to rub it all over her other tit. Mark watched for a second, but then buried his face in between the girl’s legs and began an oral assault upon her virgin twat.

“Holy shit . . . ” said Amy not believing what was going on “Uh . . . Joe is licking my boobs with his mouth . . . awwwwwwwwww wow and it feels soooooo good. He is sucking on my nipple . . .oh yes . . .and Martin, is rubbing his penis . . . I mean COCK all over my other boob.”

“Call it tittie, Amy. Martin is rubbing his huge cock all over your titties. And look at the clear juice that is oozing out of the tip of that big horse cock. That’s his precum and you can imagine what he will shoot all over your tits in a few minutes.” Go on . . .tell me more,” said Jaime as she sat on top of couch and began to finger fuck her pussy as the guys continued to exploit poor little Amy.

“Mark is licking my PUSSY and ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh damnnnnnnnnnnnnn does that feel good. Yes . . . stick your tongue up my hole . . . I love it . . .My nipples are getting all stiff especially with both guys doin their stuff. Ohhhhhhhhhh Yeahhhhhhhhh!” she said.

“Amy . . . put Martin’s cock in your mouth and get it all wet and slippery. It’s real thick but I want you to suck it for me and make it all juicy like you did Joe’s.”

Amy looked up at Martin before lowering her mouth over the head of his cock and taking him into her wet slippery mouth. Amy suddenly loved sucking cock, and wanted to make him feel good. She had his cock pointing straight out from his body, since he was too big for her to suck on him with everyone involved around them. She liked being able to look into Martin’s eyes and see the lust he had for her as she continued to slurp around the fat cock head stretching her lips.

Martin reached down and caressed Amy’s face as she sucked on his cock. He liked watching her lips stretch around his cock as she bobbed her mouth up and down over the tip. Amy moved her hand down to caress his balls and started pulling and squeezing them as her mouth and hand moved up and down the shaft. She began taking more of Martin’s cock into her mouth until she felt the tip bump against the back of her throat. She almost gagged but moved her head back slightly and that sensation soon ended.

Breathing through her nose . . . as she let her mouth and the back of her throat get used to its size, Amy suddenly saw concern in Martin’s eyes. She smiled around his cock as best she could with it being almost stretched to the limit. Seeing that he understood that she knew he might shoot his load, she continued taking more into her mouth, this time pushing the head past her throat. Amy moaned around his shaft and Martin felt the tremble run up along his shaft.

“Oh Amy, that feels sooooo great,” shouted Martin closing his eye in ecstasy. This vision turned around in her mind she slowly felt a tingle in her stomach and this began to spread over her groin and seemed to be emanating from between her legs, and more precisely, Mark’s lips and tongue that were feverishly fucking away at her pussy.

“My turn my little slut . . . Martin stand behind the couch and Joe I want you to shove that big cock of yours into my hot pussy from behind. It’s time to demonstrate intercourse or as some people call it: FUCKING!” Amy was somewhat disappointed as she slipped her lips off of Martin’s huge cock, but remained fully aroused as she watched her neighbor Jaime kneel on the couch next to her facing the back and opening up her legs.

“FUCK ME BOTH WAYS GUYS!” she shouted and like robots Joe and Martin did just that. As Amy and Mark looked over and up, Jaime had captured Martin’s huge cock in her mouth and Joe began to grind his cock into his teacher’s pussy from behind and suddenly Jaime was being satisfied in both holes at the same time. Moaning a groaning began to fill the air . . . as Amy grabbed her titties and began to pinch and squeeze them like she did late at night wishing her brother would fuck her. Her body ached for relief . . . but so did Marks. Watching his girlfriend getting fucked both ways right next to him was too much for him to handle.

“Amy . . .it’s MY time to FUCK YOUR LITTLE PUSSY!” he said standing up and examining the slippery twat that he had lubricated for the past 15 minutes. Amy continued to pinch pull and manipulate her titties as she felt the tip of the man’s 8″ cock begin to rub against the opening to her virgin hole. There was so much sexual energy in the room there was no fear in Amy’s mind as the man’s shaft began to move in more and more. Mark guided his long cock as he thrust it in and out . . . in and out. She was slick with his spit as he pushed the head further inside. Amy was awfully tight as Mark watched the head slip in further and further.

“Oh yeah, that’s it, Mark. Push that big . . . long . . . cock of yours into me real deep and FUCK me good.” Amy couldn’t believe what she was saying but reached her arms around his back, pulling him down on top of her. Mark pushed still more of his cock into Amy, until he felt he couldn’t push anymore. Amy was now thrusting her hips up trying to get the rest of Mark’s cock inside of her, but because of his length, she was able to only get a little over half of him inside of her. Amy felt stuffed.

Mark thrust in and out of Amy’s little pussy, slowly pushing more of his cock inside, feeling her pussy open more to accept his size. They were both panting and sweating, each grunting at each other as they tried to get more of Mark’s shaft deeper inside. Mark’s balls were now slapping around as Amy lifted her legs and wrapped them around his back. This seemed to give Mark better access to push more of his cock deeper. Amy felt as if her insides were being rearranged, but she was past caring. All she knew was she needed to FUCK this man, and feel him cum inside of her. She began squeezing her pussy muscles, which was a new sensation for her. Mark wondered what had happened to the young girl’s hymen, but this was hardly the time to get into that discussion.

Mark felt the increased pressure of Amy’s pussy wrapping tighter around his shaft. The rippling of her pussy and his long awaited desire to finally cum, pushed Mark over the edge. With a final thrust, he buried almost all of his cock into little Amy’s abused pussy and came so hard, cum was spurting out and filling up her fuck tunnel. Amy’s body shook with relief as well, as she felt Mark’s cum blasting against her insides.

As Amy slowly began to recuperate from her first official fuck, she watched Jaime’s body being driven from both ends and suddenly Joe and Martin yelled out and she knew their bodies were shooting steady streams of hot cum into her neighbor’s mouth and up her twitching pussy. She would definitely have to come back next Saturday when her parents had people to visit. She playfully wondered what it would be like to lick all of her juices and Mark’s cum off of his cock that was almost within reach. Guess it’s worth a try; she said to herself as the little vixen leaned across and inserted the spent cock into her mouth as she stuffed her fingers into her pussy and longed to cum one more time.

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