Teen Burglar Part 2 by MaleFiles

Teen Burglar Part 2



“That tongue looks good on my cock, boy! Lick that nasty precum off my big fat prick!” Mark had a slight smile on his face as he watched Tommy’s tongue at work on his fuck rod. It was obvious from Tommy’s expression that he didn’t like licking up precum. That expression just turned Mark on that much more. He’d seen that look on straight boy’s faces before.

Tommy could almost feel body heat radiating from the huge slab of steel hard man meat. He wasn’t sure which was the worst, the slimy texture or the bitter taste. It was all he could do not to vomit as he licked up the man’s ball goo.

“Yeah, you pretty little dick licker. Eat that precum. Fill that flat little teen stomach up with my goo. There’s plenty more where that came from. I’m a heavy leaker, boy. My big nuts produce, boy!” Mark was enjoying taunting his cute little burglar. Humiliation was an important lesson for sexy arrogant straight boys to learn.

“Don’t worry, boy, you’ll get used to the taste. That’s just my precum, wait until I blow a nice hot fresh juicy load into that mouth. There will be millions of sperm cells swimming in your mouth and all over that hot wet tongue.” Mark grinned. “Now, why don’t cha get that wiggling tongue inside of my foreskin? Lick out all that goo and get that insides of that skin all nice and clean.”

Tommy gagged as he placed the tip of his tongue inside the thick foreskin. The skin dangled from the end of the oversized prick, its puckered opening oozed out glistening ball honey. The teen’s tongue disappeared into the hood covered cock. He slurped up the ball ooze and did his best to keep his gagging to a minimum. It was the nastiest sexual experienced that the cute young stud had ever experienced.

“Yeah, gag on my ball honey, straight boy. Gag on that sweet ball slime. You don’t like the taste of another man’s ball juice, do you straight boy?” Mark laughed.

Tommy peeled the foreskin down to show Mark he had licked away all of the precum. “It’s pretty gross tasting.”

“Well, next you’ll get to taste the real thing. You get to suck my cock now, straight boy. You get to have some nice hard ex-con cock right inside of your sweet little mouth.” Mark grinned evilly.

Tommy’s disgusted expression changed to horror. Licking on the cock had been bad enough, but sucking it seemed even worse. “I don’t know how!” he replied.

“Sure you do, boy!” Mark said. “You’re a cute young straight stud, I know a few slutty teen bitches have sucked your cock, haven’t they?”

“Yeah,” Tommy answered.

“Well, you know what felt good when they sucked you, so you know how to suck a cock. See, that’s the good thing about punking a straight boy. Straight boys know what makes their dicks feel good so they know how to please another man. Young horny straight boys make the best punks. Now, you just kneel down there like a good little cocksucker and make my dick feel good, boy.” Mark was having a good time watching the expression on Tommy’s handsome young face.

Tommy knelt and just stared at the large male organ inches from his mouth. “It’s too big,” he commented. He looked up to see Mark glaring down and the teen burglar felt fear. He opened his mouth as wide as he could and stretched his lips over the thick uncut dick head. It was blunt and so big around. He forced his mouth to open as wide as he could and managed to take in about three inches of the fuck monster before he gagged and choked.

Mark grinned happily. “Damn, my dick looks good in that mouth. Wrap both your hands around the base, boy. My pricks a little bigger than you can handle for your first time so just wrap those fingers around the base and bob that head back and forth on the part that you can handle. Keep your tongue flat against the bottom of your mouth and you won’t gag so much.”

Tommy followed instructions, his eyes watered as he bobbed his head back and forth. In a minute or two, his jaws began to ache, his mouth wasn’t meant to be opened so wide. He choked as he sucked on less than half of Mark’s endowment. He tried to keep his tongue flat, he tried to keep his teeth covered and away from the thick pole. He sputtered and gagged each time he went down on the hard dick.

Mark had worse head jobs but he could only think of one or two that were worse than this cute little unskilled straight boy. However, just seeing how miserable Tommy appeared turned him on quite a bit.

Mark teased, “You sure you ain’t done this before, boy? Damn, yeah, suck my cock! Yeah, pretty boy, suck on that huge fat tube.” Mark did his best to sound convincing. He was pleased enough just seeing poor Tommy trying to handle his man meat that the kid’s lack of skill didn’t matter at all. Tommy would improve with a little practice.

He watched the teen’s bobbing head. The young studling sure was a hot little number.

“Yeah, boy, bob that head, work that dripping prick boy. Work on that hard piece of man meat! Oh yeah, you need a little practice but you’re a natural cock sucker. I bet you could making a living sucking dick. You could hustle, pretty boy.” Mark continued his taunts as he watched the handsome young man trying to handle his fuck rod.

It was hard for Tommy to keep his mouth opened so wide. He struggled to keep his teeth away from the thick hard prick. His jaws were aching. He sputtered and choked as he bobbed his head up and down about 3 or 4 inches of the leaking dripping fuck monster. His hands were still wrapped around the base of the fuck shaft, his fingers looked small in comparison to the fat hard piece of man meat. Dutifully, he kept his head bobbing, moving his mouth over the disgusting erection.

He was producing a lot of spit as he gave his very first blow job, but the saliva didn’t wash away the nastiest of the precum that oozed from Mark’s big cock.

Tommy felt like he had been sucking cock for such a long time, his sore jaws seemed proof of that, but the teen burglar had only been giving head for about 15 minute when Mark’s balls started eruption. Tommy felt a pulse and expansion in the cock but with no experience, he had no ideal of what was about to happen. It was complete surprise when the first load of cum blasted into his mouth!

The straight boy suddenly found his mouth overfilling, for a moment, he had no clue as to what was happening. Then he tasted the thick goo, he gagged as more of the liquid pumped into his mouth. Sperm trickled from his lips as he swallowed instinctively.

Mark groaned as his full nuts began to spew, he sighed as the cum erupted and began flooding the cute teen’s mouth. “Take that cum, boy. Taste my seed, you thieving little punk!”

Tommy choked down the cum that was pumping inside his mouth, his sore jaws ached as he gulped each sperm wad down. He was swallowing as fast as he could but he could feel cum escaping and running down his chin. He gagged and swallowed over and over. Finally the hard cock stopped erupting. He wondered if his torment was over. Would Mark set him free? Or would Mark call the police?

Mark’s huge prick was still rock hard so Tommy wasn’t sure of what to do. After waiting a moment or two, he decided to pull his mouth off of the thick erection. He rubbed his aching jaws as his mouth was finally free of the cock that had overfilled it.

“You’re gonna need more practice but one day you’ll make a decent cocksucker, boy.” Mark chuckled. “Straight boys have to practice their cock sucking to ever develop real talent. The problem is the size of my dick. It’s so long and thick that a virgin dick sucker can’t handle it. I think you need some practice on a cock or two that’s more normal sized.”

Tommy’s face blanched at the thought of practicing cock sucking. He didn’t want to be a skilled dick sucker. He never wanted another dick anywhere near his body.

“Yeah, look at my big cock, boy. You only had a small part of it in that pretty mouth. See how hard it still is? I’m like a teenager, I can cum and stay hard. I can blow a nut 3 or 4 times before this piece of meat starts to go soft. Look at my nuts, their still full of cum.” Mark displayed his manly endowment with alpha male pride.

Tommy cringed and tried not to look at the large cock and the low hanging sperm makers. He couldn’t believe that thick dick had been in his mouth.

“If I had called the police, you would be in a jail tank getting gang raped at either end right now. For a few months, you would be in jail with daily gang bangs. Then, you’d go to court and be sent to prison after a few more months. Once you made it to your prison, you might get lucky and find you a convict husband, you might find you a convict pimp. After a while, you would get parole but by that time, you would know more about satisfying men then a $10 crack whore. And my guess is after a couple of months, you’d violate parole and be right back in lock up getting a daily dose of cock again.” Mark held his fuck rod as he spoke.

“Prison is supposed to be about rehabilitation, but it’s really all about punishment.” Mark commented. “I figure I can use my cock and dish out some punishment to you.” Mark grinned. “Hmm, maybe a little rehabilitation as well. If you learn to be a good little dick sucker, you’ll have a new trade. A way to make some money. There are men out there that’ll pay a pretty boy for a good blow job.”

Tommy gulped. He wished he had picked any other house to break into. He knew that this horror had just begun and that it was far from over with. He suspected that it was gonna get worse. He gave Mark a nervous glance. The man was big, powerful, and muscular. He gulped again as he saw the ex-con’s huge thick rock hard fuck organ. He couldn’t believe that he had taken even a small part of that into his mouth. He could still taste the ball juice, he could taste the remnants of those oversized sperm making orbs.

Mark caught the pretty boy’s glance and his smile got larger and somehow seemed more of a leer than a smile.

“You look a bit nervous, boy!” Mark chuckled. “Or maybe you’re worried.” He clutched his hard rod. “Don’t worry, I got more cum for you. Now come on upstairs. You need some more practice time.”

Tommy followed the muscular man up the stairs. As he walked behind the naked alpha male, he felt even more nude and humiliated. He knew that Mark would soon be forcing him to perform some other nasty perverted homo thing.

Mark climbed up on the bed and leaned against the headboard. He spread his hairy legs wide. His cock stuck up like a big torpedo. “Get on up here, boy. My nuts need sucked. Show me how good you can make these two full sperm makers feel”

Tommy didn’t hesitate. He climbed between the man’s legs. He shuddered as he lifted the large full ball bag into his hands. He opened his mouth as wide as he sore jaws allowed and took one of the large balls inside.

“Don’t be shy, boy. Suck them both at the same time!” Mark ordered.

Tommy’s mouth was full with one of the balls but he did as he was told. It was like stuffing two hard boiled eggs into his mouth. His cheeks puffed out. He began to suck gently.

“Suck them balls a little harder boy and rub that tongue against my sack. Savor that taste and make my nuts feel good. I might have just fed you one nice load but there’s a lot more cum for you, pretty boy.” Mark bragged.

Tommy looked miserable as he sucked on the man’s scrotum. The huge cock was brushing against his face as he worked on Mark’s nuts.

“That feels real good, boy. You’re a natural ball sucker.” Mark chuckled. “But you sure don’t look very straight with a mouthful of man nuts.”

Tommy was miserable as he licked and sucked. The nut sack felt like a huge leather bag inside of his mouth. The big cock was seeping precum again.

The phone beside the bed rang. Mark answered. “Hello?”

Tommy pulled away from Mark’s groin as the ex-con answered the phone.

Mark said, “Just a minute, Frank.” Then he turned to Tommy, “Get those nuts back in your mouth, boy! I didn’t tell you to stop.” As Tommy obeyed, Mark turned his attention back to the phone. “Guess what, man? I caught me a burglar last night. Yeah, sure as hell did. Guess what I got the little thieving punk doing now?”

Tommy was busy sucking on the two huge testicles but still his face reddened as he heard Mark talking about him.


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