The kitchen with mom by tonysex23


“I think I’m going to enjoy it. I love hard throbbing cocks. I think they’re so sexy

“Johnny, get your ass down here now.” Mom called from downstairs. “You know you have to help me bottle tomato’s today.”

“Be there in a minute, Mom.” I yelled back, rolling myself up in the sheet and crushing my hardon beneath me. I deserved a few more minutes of sleep, I thought, after all it was their screwing around all night that had kept me awake. The moaning and squeaky bedsprings hadn’t helped either.

I must have dozed off, cause next thing I knew, Mom was jerking on the sheet, rolling me bare-assed across the bed. I grabbed at the sheets and covered my throbbing hardon, but not before Mom got a good look at it.

“Damn it Mom,” I burst out, “I told you I’d be right down.” I held the bunched sheet over my groin, red tinting my cheeks.

“Don’t let my seeing you naked bother you, I’ve seen hard cocks before.” Mom smiled slightly, as she turned to go back downstairs. “And I’ve seen you naked many times. Now come on. We got work to do.”

“You ain’t seen me lately.” I called after her, as I rolled out of bed and slipped on the bottoms of a pair of sweats.

Slipping on my sandals, I stumbled down the stairs, following her. She stopped in the kitchen for a moment to pick up a couple of five gallon buckets, then out the back door toward the garden. As she stepped through the door into the sunlight, I saw just how thin her little sun dress really was. Her legs were silhouetted against the thin cotton, and I could plainly see the line her panties left. The dress was cut low in the back, with large arm holes and it was easy to see Mom wasn’t wearing a bra. Her nipples left little tents in the soft cotton.

My prick was starting to jump as my imagination ran wild. I followed her to the garden, where she turned and handed me one of the buckets. As she held it out to me, I could see her breast, through the large arm hole of her dress, a large, succulent globe, tipped with a large brown aureola and eraser sized nipples. The bulge in my sweats was becoming more noticeable by the second.

“You take one side of the row and I’ll take the other,” she smiled at my embarrassment. “I think these two buckets will be enough.”

I hope so, I though, as I began picking the large ripe tomato’s. I don’t know how much more of this I can stand without blowing my load right in the sweats. It took but fifteen minutes to fill the buckets, but in that time she managed to flash me three more times. Once, when she was squatted on her heals, I could look right up her dress to the white crotch of her panties. The bulge in my sweats was really noticeable as I carried the buckets back to the house. Mom opened the door and held it for me as I carried the tomatoes into the kitchen.

“Just set them on the table,” she said, smiling as she openly stared at the throbbing bulge. “We’ve got to get some water boiling so we can blanche ’em before we start peeling ’em.”

She set big pans of water on to heat, then emptied the tomatoes into the sink and began washing them. “You can start peeling as soon as the water starts to boil.” She turned toward me as she was talking. The water had splashed across the front of her dress, soaking the thin material. She may as well not had anything on and I told her so.

“Good Lord, Mom,” I blurted out, “you may as well not have a dress on. I can see through it better than those wet t-shirt contests I’ve seen.”

“Oh,” she said, smiling wickedly, “so you’ve been going to wet t-shirt contests. Where?”

“Just around,” I said quickly, ducking my head, “but you sure are making things hard on me.”

“Good choice of words,” she giggled, then, “I’m just paying you back for peaking on us last night.”

“You saw me?” My face turned crimson. “I didn’t think you could see me standing back in the dark hallway.”

“I saw you,” she said, a huge smile on her face. “Who do you think cleaned up the mess you made all over the wall and carpet. I had to get it cleaned up before your Dad saw it.”

“How longs he going to be gone for this time,” I asked, finally getting enough nerve to look at her again. “Did Sissy go with him?”

“Yeah, she went to see her friend in Denver. They won’t get back till next Saturday. Just how much did you see, anyway?”

“Enough. I saw you ridin’ him like a slut, working your ass to get every inch he had inside you. Your tits were bouncing with each thrust. Lord it was exciting. On second thought maybe I didn’t see enough. What did you do after I blew my load and went back to my room?

It was her turn to turn red. Looking at me from under lowered lashes, she said, “You’d really think your Mom was a slut if you’d stayed and watched. After your Dad blew his load in me, he was finished. I wanted more and tried everything I’ve ever heard about or read about, but it wasn’t any use. He left me horny and hurtin’. Guess that’s why I been teasing you all morning.”

I grinned at her. “I like your teasing.”

She smiled that crooked little smile she gets sometimes as she turned to check the water. It was boiling so she put a bunch of tomatoes in and let the stay in about a minute, then put them in a big bowl and handed them to me. I sat the bowl on my knees and started peeling the tomatoes. In just a minute she had another bowl full, brought them to a stool that was right in front of me and sat down.

“It’s easier to hold the bowl if you put it between your knees,” she said. “Here, do it like this.” She hiked up her skirt a bit, crossed her ankles and clamped the bowl between her knees. It was a big bowl, and her legs were spread plenty wide for me to see clear to her panties. A few curly locks of black hair poked from beneath the leg band of her panties and there seemed to be a growing wet spot right in the middle. All the buttons on her dress had come undone, except for the very top one, and as she moved back and forth, putting peeled tomatoes into the pot, I’d get a glimpse of first one breast then the other. She seemed to pay no attention to my stares.

I clamped the bowl between my knees and tried to peel some tomatoes, but the bowl kept slipping out.

“I works better if your skin is bare.” Mom said, giggling. “Why don’t you take off your sweats? You wouldn’t be embarrassed would you?”

I looked to see if she was serious. She was. I stood up, set the bowl on the table and hooked my thumbs in the waist band of my sweats.

“You’re sure you don’t mind?”

“I think I’m going to enjoy it. I love hard throbbing cocks. I think they’re so sexy.”

I pushed down and the sweats fell to my ankles. I kicked them off, then sat back down on the chair. I grabbed the bowl and clamped it between my knees, my cock pulsating and throbbing just inches from its edge, slapping up against my belly every once in a while.

Mom just stared. After a few minutes, with me studiously ignoring her, except for the creamy thighs and the wet spot that kept getting bigger, she quietly said, ” I think you’re bigger than your Dad. If not you’re just as big.”

Her breasts were rising and falling with her heavier breathing and she started to say something just as the water on the stove boiled over. I quickly rose and, leaning over her, turned off the heat on the water. As I did, my cock bounced and throbbed right in front of her face. Precum glistened on the large purple knob, dripping onto her naked breasts. She made a soft mewing sound, then her tongue flicked quickly across the head of my cock, circling it with soft, swift movements.

I groaned softly, then leaned forward slightly, pushing my cock lightly against her parted lips. She opened them, letting me slip gently into her hot, wet mouth. I slowly worked my hips, inserting, withdrawing, only an inch or two, then quickly withdrew and sat down. I took my saliva slick cock in hand, and slowly stroked it two or three times. Her eyes followed my every movement as if mesmerized. I reached out and retrieved my bowl of tomatoes and began peeling them again.

“We’ve got to stop this,” Mom said, haltingly, as if trying to convince herself, “it’s not right.”

“I know. But that sure felt good.” I smiled at her. “Besides I think you want me to help you, and I don’t mean with the tomatoes.”

“You can help me with the tomatoes too,” she said, starting to peel the tomatoes again.

We kept peeling the tomatoes in silence for the next half hour. Every once in a while I’d reach down and stroke myself a few times, just to keep it at attention. By the time we’d finished the pans, my cock was slick with tomato juice. She put her bowl on the table and wiped her hands clean on her dress. I put my bowl on top of hers and stood up, my cock sticking out in front of me.

“It needs cleaned too,” I said, pointing at my cock, “besides, why have you still got that dress on? It’s wet and has tomato juice all over it.” I reached out and undone the last button, pushing the straps off her shoulders. She leaned forward and began licking the length of my shaft. I stood there, hands on hips, back arched, letting her clean to her hearts content. Finally, when the tomato juice was gone, she looked up at me. My hand was on her head, and gently guided her mouth toward the head of my cock.

“We shouldn’t . . . we hadn’t ought. . . ohhhh,” her mouth engulfed my throbbing member. I watched her head bob back and forth for several minutes.

“If you don’t quit that pretty quick, it’s going to be all over.” I groaned.

She stopped, leaned back, as I sat astraddle of her legs, her dress dropping to her waist, the head of my prick pressing tightly against her belly button. I cupped a tit in each hand, letting my thumbs run over her tight hard nipples. She slipped her hand between my legs, cupped my balls and gently massaged them. Both of us were breathing heavy.

“What we got to do with these damned tomatoes now,” I asked, smiling down at her.

“We got to get them in the bottles, then cold pack them.”

“Let’s get it done then,” I said, “I can think of a lot of other things I’d rather be doing.”

She giggled like a school girl. “Me too.”

We got up and started putting the tomatoes in bottles. Her dress dropped to around her ankles, and she kicked it under the table. We stood there, side by side, her tits flopping in the breeze and my cock doing it’s own little dance. Soon we had the tomatoes in the bottles and the water boiling for the hot packing.

“How long before you take the bottles out,” I asked.

“It takes about fifteen minutes after the water starts to boil. Why?”

“I think that’ll give us plenty of time,” I said, dropping to my knees in front of her. I reached up and took hold of the waist band on her panties and tugged. Slowly they rolled down over her hips, revealing a mass of curly black hair as they went. When they’d reached her knees she kicked one foot and they joined her dress under the table. I took a cheek of her ass in either hand and pulled her close to my face. Photos I could smell the sweet, musky smell of woman. She raised on leg to the counter, spreading wide the lips of her pussy. Her clit was hard and erect, and I bent to kiss it. She shivered, then a soft moan as my tongue made fast, circular motions around it.

“Oh baby. . . ohhh, aahhh, more. Oh baby, fuck me. Put your big hard cock in Mommy’s cunt. Make me cum, baby. Make Mommy cum.”

I kept my tongue busy on her clit, but my hand found her open hole, my fingers buried themselves deep inside her. She was hot and wet, her pussy clasping and unclasping about my fingers. She was ready for fucking.

I stood up, leaving the one hand buried deep inside her. I bent down and bit a nipple, softly, but with enough force to draw a gasp.

“Ohhh . . . baby . . . what you doing to Mommy?”

“Whatever Mommy wants me to.” I grinned at her. “Does Mommy want something.”

“You know damned good and well what I want,” she smiled, “now give it to me.”

I pulled my fingers from her cunt, then grasping my cock, rubbed the head up and down her slit two or three times. I lodged it in the entrance and with a gentle push slid about four inches of hard cock into her. She was sitting on the edge of the counter in front of the sink, leaning back, braced when she wrapped both legs tightly around my waist, and I slid in clear to my balls. Her hot pussy sucked at me, clasping, unclasping, I damn near cum right then. I took a nipple in each hand, worrying them, teasing them until she was sobbing and moaning for me to fuck her.

I began long, slow strokes. Withdrawing till almost the head, then slamming it back till my balls were bouncing on her ass hole. She grunted with each thrust, twisting to meet it. My ass was jack-hammering at her, and she met each thrust with one of her own. It didn’t take too long. We’d been teasing each other for hours. She came first, with a wailing gasp, as she convulsed against me, squashing me tightly against her. I finished shortly after, pumping squirt after squirt deep into her belly. We lay there on the counter, wrapped in each others arms, and the tomatoes started to boil over.

We may have to do tomatoes again in the morning . . . but we’ll get a lot of practice in tonight.

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