To big to handle Part 5 by Tiffany0012


I thought I knew who the father was…

Part 5
Over the next 2 weeks, our relationship became worse. What little communication we had left, was now gone. Our sex life, well it was suffering also. Brian would no longer fuck my pussy, he started me out on a butt plug until I stretched enough to accommodate his dick. A lot of our fucking involved him sitting on the couch. He loved leaning back on the couch, and me lowering my ass to his cock. The first couple of times we tried that position, I thought I was going to die. But he started making me wear the butt plug every night, so I became used to it. He had the 2 girls stimulate my breasts every night, that was one thing I looked forward to. I wasn’t allowed having anything in my pussy, not even a finger. But he did allow one of the girls to suck on my clit daily, which helped keep me relaxed. I started wondering if he was fucking either of them, I know the ass feels different than a pussy.
Saturday night we decided to stay in and watch a movie. I wasn’t feeling up to doing anything anyway. The morning sickness was becoming a daily thing, my breasts were very sore and sleeping was becoming my best friend. Brian invited the 2 girls over to watch a movie with us, it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, but I still was wondering if he was fucking them. Half way through the movie, I noticed Brian was getting restless. I asked him if everything was alright, if he needed something. He assured me everything was great and he was just getting cramped from sitting in the same position. Neither of the females paid any attention to what he was saying, which I found very odd since they were always more than willing to please him. The longer I sat there, the more I was convinced that something was going on between these 3. Either I “test” him or shut up about it. I told Brian I was tired and going to bed. He told me the girls will be in to give me my “nightcap”. I told him I was really tired an just wanted to go to sleep.
The warm shower felt so good, I could feel the tears swelling up in my eyes. I was convinced he was sleeping with them, I didnt know how to prove it to myself though. But I knew it was driving me crazy, thought it could possibly be my “hormones” spiraling out of control, but I think I was just looking for excuses.
When I got back to the bedroom, Kendra was waiting for me. She had the covers turned down, she was quieter than the other girl, but I still wondered about her. I told her I was really tired and didnt feel like doing anything tonight. She gave me a confused look, said she needed to make sure I was relaxed so I could sleep. I told her that wont be a problem, but she didnt leave the room.
I climbed in bed, thinking once she seen how tired I was, she’d leave. Once I laid down, she moved over to the edge of the bed, lifted my tshirt, massaging my left breast. It felt so good, I know Id fall asleep within minutes of it, then I felt her lips on my nipple. My breasts were sore, but she was gentle, slowly massaging it as she sucked. Then I felt her hand move down to my pussy, sliding her finger up and down my slit. I could feel myself getting so wet, I needed something inside of me. I pushed my hips against her hand, hoping she’d insert her fingers. She got up and walked around the edge of the bed, climbing up between my legs. I knew she was going to eat my pussy, I opened my legs wide for her. Once her lips touched my clit, I shuttered. I was already so close to cumming, it would only take alittle pressure and I’d explode. She had her lips working on my pussy hole, sucking on the lips, careful not to enter inside of me.
Once she moved her lips back onto my clit, I could feel my body tense up, I knew i was close. Then she started backing off, the frustration was starting to sit in, I needed to cum. I opened my eyes to see why she backed off and Brian was standing at the edge of the bed. He was naked, rock hard. His black cock looked so good, I needed to feel him in my pussy so bad, I kept my legs wide open hoping he would take me. I felt Kendra’s finger moving down toward my bum, her finger was slick, I knew she had applied lube. I knew Brian was going to fuck my ass again, anal sex was starting to turn me off. I couldnt understand why he wouldnt touch, finger, fuck my pussy. Any kind of contact with him would of been better than what i was getting.
Kendra was moving her finger in and out of my ass, working the lube in. Brian climbed on the edge of the bed, grabbed my legs and pulled me to him. I felt his cock pushing against my bum, it always hurt with the first push, I started tensing up, preparing myself for it. Kendra started working her fingers on my clit, moving it slowly. I felt Brians cock enter my ass, i kept still for a minute or so. He was careful not to hurt me, I just wanted him inside my pussy so bad. Brian was working his cock slowly in and out, while Kendra kept me distracted with massaging my clit. Her mouth found my nipple, and was sucking lightly on it. I felt my breathing getting heavier, I wanted/ needed to cum. I moved my hand slowly to my pussy, moving kendra’s out of the way. I felt my pussy was all wet, I started moving my fingers up and down the slit, each time inching toward my hole. Brian was picking up the pace, making sure to watch every stroke while he buried his cock in my ass. I slowly moved my fingers toward my hole, getting them close to the entrance, then was able to slid 2 of them in my pussy. Brian quickly seen what I was doing, and grabbed my hand and moved it away.
That was it! Ive had it with him, I scooted away from him, feeling his cock slide out of my ass. I told him he can fuck Kendra, that I was leaving. He motioned to kendra to leave the room, then told me to sit down. I wasnt interested in listening to him, I didnt care what he had to say. I wanted out of there, being with him was a huge mistake and I finally realized it.
He stood in front of me while I was getting dressed, telling me to let him explain. I continued to dress while he talked. He told me he was afraid of hurting me or the baby, he couldnt guarantee he’d have full control when he fucked me. That the dr explained to him that the cervix was closed and thats what helped to hold the baby inside of me. I was shocked that he thought by having sex, he’d hurt the baby. I tried explaining to him that couples do it all the time while pregnant, an that usually theres not an issue. He felt that if i lost the baby, Id leave him. I looed in his eyes, and told him, ” if he didnt give it to me, Id go elsewhere”. I wasnt sure I meant that or not, I know I was just mad and highly frustrated. I finished dressing and went home.
Several days went by, not hearing anything from him, I thought maybe he realized I wasnt the one for him and he moved on with someone else. I was determined that I could raise this baby by myself, it would be healthier than dealing with all the stress.
By the time I was in my 5th month, my belly was showing. I had seen Brian a few times on campus, he never acknowledged me though. I still loved him, but I knew it’d never work between us. I tried focusing on my job and the baby. I felt guilty knowing my child wouldnt have a father. But i hoped it would be for the best.
By the time I reached my 7th month, I thought I was huge! The dr assured me I was in the normal range, but I didnt feel like it. I had an ultrasound an knew I was having a boy. My sex drive was definately decreasing as I got bigger. Became harder to reach my pussy, plus I was always tired. I knew I had to start shopping for baby things, i knew I had put it off long enough.
Saturday morning came, decided to get up and go shopping. The leaves were starting to fall, I always loved the fall months, thought Id stop by the park and take a walk.
Wasnt to many people at the park, I could hear the birds chirping and the leaves rustling. It was so peaceful as I sat by the water. Havent really decided on a name for the baby yet, wasnt sure if should name him after Brian or not. I was so wrapped up in my thoughts I hardly heard the sound of the leaves being walked on. I turned around to see who/ or what it was, it was Paul. Or at least I thought it was, havent seen him in little over 7 months. He walked right by me, I didnt think he reconized me. I yelled out his name, he turned around, walked back toward me. I seen the shocked look on his face when he realized I was pregnant, he couldnt even talk. I started the conversation with the normal “how ya been?” He just kept looking at my belly, finally he asked how far along I was.
I told him 7 months, was suprised that Brian didnt tell him. He told me he hasnt spoken to Brian in awhile and asked me if I was sure if Brian was the father. I was confused, shocked, of course I know who the father is! I know who Ive slept with, I reminded him that the first night was with him and Brian and that I havent been with anyone else. Then he asked me…of all things to add to my delimia. If he could possibly be the father? Umm..NO! I reminded him that he was sterile, has he forgotten that piece of information? He asked me who told me that, I reminded him that Kendra told me, and that was the only reason brian let him cum in me. He told me I had been misinformed. WHAT?? Did Brian think he was sterile, did he tell him that? Or was all this a set up ? I have this baby growing inside of me, and I dont even know who the father is? What was both of them thinking? Did either of them think before doing this? He told me I needed to calm down, lets just talk.
We walked though the park, he explained that Brian asked him to fuck me first, since it had been so long since Ive been laid. That Brian was afraid of hurting me, he wanted someone else to open me up. I asked him if he gave Brian the impression that he was sterile, he told me no. Then why would Brian let him cum in me?? He told me that Brian didnt think Id get pregnant that easily.
I was so angry…at both of them! I turned around and started walking away. Paul yelled at me and asked where I was going. I had no fucking clue!

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