What I Always Wanted Ch. 01 by SilentDawn


This story will consist of multiple chapters, however, they may seem short since I have split them all up. In the future this story may contain objectionable content, seeing as I’m still writing it. You’ve been forewarned. Every character portrayed in this story is over the age of eighteen. This is my first story, and I would love and appreciate any kind of feedback that could let me know where I need improvement. With that out of the way, please enjoy “What I Always Wanted.”

The day had started just like any other day. Teenage girls eagerly gathered around, and chatted away with one another about the events of the previous day. The boys circled around each other, and began fooling around as usual, their laughs echoing throughout the room.

As more and more people began to fill into the room, the atmosphere became increasingly animated bit by bit. The classroom was lively just as it always was every morning.

And then there’s me. The sore thumb sticking out from the crowd. I awkwardly sat in the back of the classroom reading books every morning. I find reading a book to be the best way to begin the day instead of gossiping away about who did what, or wasting time playing around.

And so there I sat. Every morning, relaxed and undisturbed, at peace within the world of literature.

It wasn’t long until our instructor waltzed into the classroom, prompting everyone to return to their seats. She was light in her stride, and her aura reflected that of the lively classroom that was present just a few moments ago. Our previous instructor had retired, and she was their new replacement. She was relatively fresh to the job, and had only taught us for a few months now. A calm pervaded the classroom before someone broke the silence.

“You look excited today, Ms. Lanes. Special occasion?”

“Well, I guess you could say that. Surprise! Today you’ll be getting a new classmate, and I’ll be introducing my first transfer student!”

Ms. Lanes smiled with glee as she announced this. She quickly gave us the rundown of how a new transfer student had arrived, and the fact that they would be joining our class. Much to our surprise, she turned, and called in the mystery student without warning.

“Come in, Alyssa!”

On imaginary pins and needles, the entire class fell silent as we waited to greet our new peer. A few moments later, the doorknob turned and clicked, and the door swung open.

Wha-? Wait a minute… I know this girl!

A beautiful, brunette-haired girl wearing glasses strode towards the front desk. Her tan skin perfectly complimented her emerald green eyes as she scanned the classroom, her eyes eventually making contact with mine.

“Hi, my name is Alyssa Green. Nice to meet you.”

As soon as she finished her introduction, all the whispers circulating around the room boiled to the surface.

“Wow, she’s cute!”

“Her hair is so long and pretty…”

“We’ve got ourselves another beauty, boys…”

They were all occupied with her looks, but my thoughts were elsewhere.

Why did this girl look just like my crush from middle school, but have a different name? Did I actually know her?

I didn’t get to think about it for long until I was stunned yet again.

“Let’s see…” Ms. Lanes muttered to herself as she scanned the classroom, searching for something. “Seeing as the only seat we have available at the moment is the one next to Jesse, you’ll be sitting there for now.” She announced this as she pointed to the empty seat next to mine.

“Sounds good,” Alyssa smiled back in response.

Wha-? Next to me…

Alyssa strolled straight down the rows of desks to the seat right next to me. I pretended to read my book, acting as if I didn’t care while my eyes followed her all the way to the back of the room until she stood right next to me.

“Nice to meet you, Jesse.” Alyssa set her bag down, and pulled her chair out from under her desk to sit down.

“Nice to meet you as well…” I meagerly replied.

“And since you were wondering…” She moved her bag closer to mine, and scooted her desk a little in my direction. “No, you don’t know who I am.”

What the hell… How did she know I was thinking that?

“‘How did she know I was thinking that?’ right?” she giggled. “Well you see… I can read other people’s minds.”

For the next second, I gave her the straightest look of the century.

She must be an idiot… “You’d have to be crazy to think I’d believe that.”

I buried my head back inside my book, and went about my business.

“I’m not an idiot, and I’ll prove to you that I can read minds.” Alyssa closed her eyes, and a smile spread across her face a few moments later. “I know that all you think about every day is mentally undressing all the girls in class,” she whispered, taking amusement in her stupid joke.

“And what a load of bullshit that i—”

“Jesse, class has started! You only have a few months left before you finish high school for good, so in the meantime please don’t cause any trouble!” Ms. Lanes shouted, catching me off guard.

“Sorry; It won’t happen again.”

I stared daggers at my new neighbor who was bound to be in that same spot until we graduated. Some time passed by before I spoke to her again. Our first class had just ended, and we were on our break.

“Let’s agree to not talk to each other anymore, okay?”

“But wait, I didn’t mean to—”

“Also, it’s a lie that you can read minds. Accept it. I don’t even think about undressing the girls.”

With their expensive makeup and fake eyelashes… Their sparse clothing and flirtatious laughs… They’re the ones who would be thinking about undressing people. If they’re not careful, people may think that they’re sluts. And the guys are just the same. Only thinking about ways to get into a girl’s panties… What’s the point in associating with people like that?

“So I was right after all,” Alyssa said, giggling with her head down on her desk, facing me. “I think you’re just projecting your own guilt onto others.”

“And what makes you say tha—”

“But enough arguing. It’s better to just show you,” Alyssa said, cutting me off. She picked up her bag, and whispered something into it before reaching in to pull out a pair of glasses.

“Here, put these on.”

“Ha ha. very clever,” I responded, the sarcasm slipping right off my tongue. “Are you telling me that I need glasses because I can’t see where your logic is?”

“Just put them on.”

And so I did. And like everything else that had happened this morning… What I saw took me by surprise.

“These glasses will allow you to see whatever it is that you desire. In short, you will only see the things that you want to see. Well? You believe me now?”

Although Alyssa had just provided me with her ‘evidence,’ I was in a world of my own. All around me stood naked girls going about their usual business. It was as if their clothes had just disappeared.

It was like I was seeing a part of everyone that I had never seen before. Ms. Lanes’ breasts were a lot bigger than they had looked when they weren’t being confined beneath a shirt. Her smooth round ass didn’t disappoint either. All the other girls had their special qualities as well: big breasts, small breasts, shapely asses, toned, curvy, and the list just goes on.

“Well… What do you see, Jesse?” Alyssa asked, sitting down facing my direction with a leg up on her chair, and her legs slightly parted.

I can see everything…

My eyes wandered her body. Her breasts weren’t big, but they weren’t too small either. The top of her pussy was free of hair, and her labia minora opened out like a pretty, pink flower. My eyes moved up to her clitoris, and I could see it beginning to harden.

My cock began to tug at my pants, begging to be let out.

“So you can see everything, huh… Maybe I can help you out then…”

She smiled as she took notice of the bulge around my crotch area. She whispered something into her bag once again, and pulled out two pills of some sort.

“Here, swallow this,” she said as she downed one of the pills, and handed the other to me.

I awkwardly stared at Alyssa and the pill until I realized I wasn’t exactly in any position to distrust her anymore. I swallowed the pill, and waited for something unexpected to happen. After a few moments passed, nothing happened. By this point, I had shifted the way I was sitting, so that it would be easier for me to look at Alyssa.

Without warning, Alyssa stood up from her chair, and took a kneel between my legs. Before I could protest, her deft hands had already found their way into my pants, and gripped my hard member.

“What the hell are you doing?!” I shouted in a hushed tone, breaking out of my stupor.

Ignoring my complaints, she continued to mess around with my pants until she freed my erect cock from it’s prison.

“Woah! You’re huge!” Alyssa exclaimed, her eyes lighting up at the sight of my manhood.

“We’re in the middle of a classroom! What the hell are you doing!”

“Calm down. The pill I gave you makes us virtually unnoticeable to everyone around us.”

As she said that, I looked around to see that no one seemed to care about what was going on. I felt inclined to trust her again, and decided to relax a bit. She scanned my cock as if she was observing something completely new to her.

“First one you’ve seen?” I nervously chuckled.

She didn’t answer, and instead continued to eye my member as it stood tall between her fingers. It was quite the sight to see her sit there with my manhood practically four inches from her face, splitting it down the middle.

As if tired of just looking, she began giving me a few slow strokes. I moaned as I felt her fingers tighten around me, and her strokes become more rhythmic.

I closed my eyes, and put my head back as I felt her begin to lick her way from the base of my cock all the way to the tip. Her tongue swirled around the bulbous head, and licked all around my shaft.

Fuck that feels good…

“Has anyone seen Alyssa? I’m supposed to show her around the school.”

My eyes swung open, and darted over to the direction of the voice. At that moment Lisa had just walked into the classroom.

“Not here, eh…?” Lisa muttered to herself. She began making her way through the aisle, heading towards us. I was still wearing those weird glasses, and I could see every bit and piece of Lisa as she shuffled her way through all the bags to make it to the back.

Alyssa could sense my arousal, and began to lick and stroke more vigorously.

Lisa’s beautiful, black hair flowed down to just below her shoulders as her dark brown eyes peered through her glasses, eyeing Alyssa’s desk. I have to admit that I’m not much of a breast guy, but when they’re the perfect size, it’s hard not to like them. They weren’t small, but they weren’t big. They appeared to have the perfect balance between fat and firmness. They protruded off of her chest proudly as she moved, mesmerizing me with each motion.

My eyes began to move down her body to her hips and ass, taking notice of her shapely figure. As she came closer, she stopped at Alyssa’s desk.

She bent over as if she was looking for something, giving me a full view of her behind.

Oh fuck… At this distance, her ass is just inches from my face.

Her ass was shaped like a heart, and her perfect thigh gap seemed to call attention to her pussy. Her mons was clear of hair, and her anus sat nice and pretty above her slit. Her inner lips were small, and barely showed themselves from between her labia majora. Her tan skin beautifully contrasted the pretty, pink of her pussy.

Out of the blue, I felt soft lips stretch over the head of my cock and close down, trapping me in a warm, wet chamber. I kept my eyes trained on Lisa’s pussy as Alyssa began to take more and more of me into her mouth. Soon I started hearing slurping noises as Alyssa began to slide my entire length in and out of her mouth.

So this is what a blowjob feels like, huh… Ah fuck. Just like that… swirl your tongue around the tip a bit.

As if she could hear my every thought, she began twisting her tongue around my glans.

So you really can read minds… If that’s so, then I want you to take my cock, lick it, and then slide the tip between your lips before slowly swallowing me whole.

Without skipping a beat, she pulls her head away from my cock before sliding her tongue from the bottom of my balls along the length of my shaft until reaching the top, and slipping the head between her lips. I then felt my cock slowly glide past her throat with ease before her soft lips kissed the base of my length. I moaned earnestly as I began to feel myself approach the point of no return.

“Not even a note or anything?” Lisa muttered as she continued her search.

I’m getting close…

“And why is her desk so close to Jesse’s?” As if on cue, Lisa bent over even further, and the lips of her pussy parted, exposing more of her insides.

I’m gonna cum!

Lost in her lust, Alyssa began to go wild, greedily guzzling my cock. The slurping noises could be heard around the entire room now, but no one seemed to notice much less even care. As she sloppily sucked and slurped on my cock, she cupped my balls in her hands, and began massaging them.


Right as I came, Alyssa slid her mouth all the way to the base of my cock, and took my full load. String after string of cum blasted out as I exploded into the back of her mouth. She slowly slid my cock out of her mouth, sucking up every last drop of me as she did so. My cock makes a popping sound as it falls out of her lips.

I look down at her as she opens her mouth, and sticks out her tongue to show me my load before closing it to savor the salty treat.

“And I guess Jesse isn’t here either…” Lisa trailed off in thought, seemingly tired of searching for a clue about Alyssa’s whereabouts. “She may just be exploring the school by herself. If I leave now, I may find her somewhere else.” Lisa then turned, and shuffled her way back through the aisle before leaving the classroom.

I hung my head back, and closed my eyes, savoring the sensation of my orgasm. I felt someone pull the glasses off my face, and the next time I opened my eyes all the girls were fully clothed.

“Just like I said — you’re more perverted than you think you are,” Alyssa laughed.

“You may be just right.” I was in no position to refute the claim after what had just happened.

“I shouldn’t hold Lisa up for too long, so I have to get going,” she said, her eyes drifting towards the hallway. “The effects of the pill I gave you should wear off in five minutes, so if I were you, I’d at least try to look like I didn’t just have an orgasm,” she giggled before beginning to walk off.

“Wait!” I called after her. “Just who are you really?”

She stopped, and turned around to face me before pausing for a few moments. “I guess you could say I’m an angel, and I’m here to help ‘relieve your stress.’”

I could see a smile line the side of her face as she turned around, and hurried out of the classroom into the hallway.

With Alyssa gone, and my cock still hanging out of my pants in a classroom full of high school students, I was left with just one thought.

Life was gonna get a lot more interesting from this point on.

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